The history of the Lady Olga

My name is Mrs. Olga, I am 28 years old, live with two lower juvenile. I love to flog men, to fight in the ass, to walk like dogs.
But it was not always so. When I was 18, I was offered a job ... Secretary to the intima. A little sexual experience at the time I already had, and still have a mouth took his stepfather (certainly better than going with a torn ass). Besides, I guarantee that serve multiple men do not have.
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For "demonstration" made blowjob swallow cum ... it was enough for the reception.
The work was not difficult: to answer calls, take the letter from the courier for the boss. Oral sex, and sometimes give in the ass. boss pussy was shaved, and because it was not so disgusting.
At work always (except for critical days) went without underwear (a dress).
Over time, I realized that he loves most when I caress his pisyun at the base, and respond well to affection eggs. So, I usually do ejaculate quite quickly. When he was working on some sort of a boring routine, I caressed a large head and side, so to prolong the process.
The priest was always hurt, take a shower there was no place. But this was the work of ...
Once we had left to nature. There were other chiefs bellied young sekretutka, the same as I do. Our goal was to go naked and enjoy life, and they - to relax, chat and have us. Then I realized that the taste of pussy, which I usually serve, not the worst, and I (so to speak) was lucky. And then I got the first lesbian experience.
In general, all the staff knew, and because it was very unpleasant.
There was one important meeting in the boss ... I had to serve tea and coffee ... naked ... wearing a collar. At the end, they played cards and enjoyed the winning me. I finished three times, one in each hole, a little scratched his chest beard, and was generally tolerated.
the boss's family went to the south, and I half weeks moved toward him. In the morning, I got out of bed, went into the shower, then put on his naked body apron and went to cook. He went into the kitchen later ... not rare at a time when I bent down for something ... and fucked me. Breakfast ... sometimes I sat on his lap and fed him. Sometimes accidentally dropped her slice of strawberry on his chest and he licked her.
One day, he stood on the balcony and saw the sunset. I crept up unnoticed and sdržnula pants, then gave him a deep blowjob right in front of everyone.