Slave Anya waiting for the Lord

The next day I ordered Mr. inserted into pussy and ass on the phallus, and so to pass the whole day. The next day I woke up, had breakfast and caressed her pussy introduced the phallus. It was something !!! I just moves them achieving grease lubricated ass and began to enter another phallus in the ass. It was tight. I pushed harder and I almost cried, because it was very painful. Nevertheless, I put the phallus in the ass. Then he put on her panties, bra, skirt and blouse, and went to college. There I came several times. I liked especially the toilet. I barely doterpela before him. She jumped into the booth, closed it, lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties which were wet and began to furiously fuck their holes phallus. After a while I caught a powerful orgasm. After graduation, I went home, undressed again had finished and left the network to tell my Lord how was your day. But he was not on the network. I'm not upset, we often spoke with him not only the day but also at night. In the evening I pulled my phallus holes were slightly developed, and went into the net. He was not there. I was upset and turned off the computer. After a while, I went to bed. The next day it was not too in your network. I was upset and decided to insert a dildo in pussy. Briefly move it there pulled it out and hang on clothespins nipples, then began to fondle her breasts, paying no attention to the pegs. Then I spread her legs and sat there.

After some time I touched the pussy between my legs I have flowed. Then again put the phallus in her pussy and roughly finished. As time went on Mr. network did not appear. Gradually I started to get depressed. Changes noticed and my parents. I used to be a cheerful and sociable, and happiness in the world, and now like to turn off a light bulb in me. It's summer. My parents decided to take me to the village. I did not mind. In the village I took the toys that are sent to me by my Lord. I put in the ass and pussy for the phallus wore a white lace bra, white lace panties, a black skirt to the knees, shirt with short sleeves and high-heeled shoes (9cm), as I wore stockings in a grid and I'm in this outfit has gone to village. When it came to the village I met a cousin Tanya. During the trip, I was very excited and just flowed. Panties were very wet.
- Hello Anya!!! I have not seen you for a long time!!! You became very beautiful ... I almost did not listen to her chatter. And I wanted to go and relax in the room, or rather fuck yourself.
- Sorry Tanya, I was very tired and want to rest.

I went to my room, closed, undressed and lay on the bed. Just lay there and then wore a collar with an inscription start and legs apart a little peck themselves phallus. Gradually, I was excited and began furiously fuck yourself in the holes. After a while I shook the powerful orgasm. And I fell asleep. I woke up from the noise in the courtyard. I got up and noticed that slept with phallus into the hole. I pulled out and licked them. Then he took off the collar and looked out the window. Noise picked up my girlfriend Sveta and Olya. They shouted that I went out and my grandmother they reasoned, saying that they have given me to sleep. I dressed quickly, slipped phalluses in the holes, had breakfast and went with her friends to the beach. With us he went to Tanya. On the beach, we undressed and began to swim. After bathing, we have to sunbathe. The girls asked me about city life, I have them on the countryside. After a while we heard the cry:

- About bitches !! They undressed !!
The owner of this voice was a slender, beautiful girl. I looked at my friends. And I noticed a sharp change. They quickly undressed and looked down at the ground. We were approached this girl
- From so would just filth! And this is why not share?
- Sorry Madam is brand new recently arrived to the city. replied Tanya
- And how does this brand new name?
- Anya - I had the
- Very nice Alain, and it is my bitch. Ltd. yes I see you techesh like a bitch !!
I blushed and looked down between the legs. In shorts blurred treacherous spot.
- Undress pulls phalluses and come with us. There was nothing I took swimsuit pulled phalluses at the sight of whom girlfriends eyes lit up. I convey all this lady and we set off. We walked through the woods naked. One was Ms. clothing.
- Tell me Anh what you feel when you enter such long phalluses his holes. Our Lady introduces us too but they are not long and thick - asked Tanya

I wanted to answer but all of a sudden
- Silent bitch !!! I did not give you permission to get you talking.
We were not long in the forest. Soon we came to the house which was surrounded by a high fence. Madame led us inside. In the courtyard, I saw a post which had been hooked irons. I asked Tanya's why all this. Tanya said that I would soon find out. After that, Ms. Tanya asked to show me the house. The tour we started with the basement. In the basement was a large cage and lay there three mattress with a thin blanket. Tanya told me that in the cell they spend the night. Sometimes for the offense sleep without mattresses or sleeping on the floor without mattresses, too, for the cell.
- A winter like? - I asked
- In winter we are with Lady leave the city, or spend the night by the stove - Tanya said.
Then Tanya has got me in a small circular room with a moving platform. In this round the room were made small round holes.
- And what is this hole?

- It's for you chained to the platform and you have planted a pussy on a member without using their hands. Each member is given three minutes. If you do not have time to get the current rank. I was told what I can lose consciousness but I have not seen this. In the next room, I saw two handrail and three balls with spikes. As told Tanya, delinquent girl tied her hands to the top railing, and she had to push to the maximum leg. Pussy hung on one of the balls, and as such it should hang. Gradually tired legs and when she drove them to the receiving painful injection from the ball. Then again, she bred legs. Then Tanya showed slaves room there were just mattresses on the floor and the room Lady. There was a large bed. In the evening, Anna tied to a pole in the yard and called together all the slaves to look at the spanking, and see what it was. It was 60 strokes with a whip on the back and buttocks, and smack me could not only Mrs. and a slave. By the end of whipping Anya's back and buttocks were terrible, but it is already beginning to lean toward obedience - to make it again this could not. After whipping untied me and carried into the cell. There laid on the mattress and Tanya started to caress my nipples and kissing belly. Then it was joined Light and Olga. The three of them brought me to a powerful orgasm, and I fell asleep contentedly. The next day I woke up and Tanya held out a glass of murky liquid said to drink

- What is it?
- Urine and death of the Lady. I took the glass, and after the first sip I was sick, but Tanya told me to drink, and said, if I'm going to be sick again, the Lady was forced to drink another drink, but this time from the death of all the slaves. I had no choice - I had drunk. Of course I was sick but I restrained. After I drank all that I asked
- And often are you drinking?
- Almost every day. We have become accustomed.
Then they took me to the lady and she ordered to enter items into my pussy. If I guess the thing I fucked them to orgasm if not then I get on the ass 5 hits. The first thing that I had entered a pen. I guessed it. I began to fuck her. I soon came. Then I entered the pen from the comb, I said that it is the phallus. And they took a ruler and struck me on the ass 5 hits. It was very painful blows. Then he stuck a pencil, I had guessed and richly finished. Then otlizal Madame. Then we were ordered to prepare for tomorrow. Ms. birthday tomorrow. We went swimming. After a swim, we got a maid outfit which all shone. And left in the cage. There I asked Tanya how she became a slave Alena.

- It happened quite by accident. In the new year I'm with the girls to celebrate New Year. Well, there we have a little fun. Then Alain showed a video of the new year. There I made love with girls. And that in the countryside do not know about it, I agreed to become its slave.
The next day. We wore outfits. I began to welcome guests with Tanya and Olya and light prepared in the kitchen. We met guests. It was Lady occasionally with his slaves. Then we waited for a table. After the feast we have withdrawn into the cage. Some time later withdrawn Olga. Then he called us. Olga lying naked with a blindfold on the carpet. After a moment, in the half-open mouth OL'KIN poked someone's cock. It was not an ordinary member - his head felt fuzzy, but at the tip of the foreskin was very plentiful and constantly oozing grease. Olga really did not yet understand that it is not common, but Mrs. removes the bandage and she sees: PSA !!!!!! Dog !!!! Above it, the belly hanging over his head, was a dog. Not having time to recover from the shock, she felt as Mrs. reeled her hair on her hand, forced open her mouth and force her mouth pulled Olin this member, a member of the dog !!!!!!! ! She moved her head along the dog's penis, and I look at this picture of a wildly excited. After some time a member of the dog tensed and powerful stream flowed sperm and Olga began her swallow and then the dog dragged in the direction of a Lady put her hand on her as on the clitoris, and she caressed his chest, and Olga excited, soon she had never seen anything - her eyes misted, and she came. Then Allen saw me standing and wildly CURRENT. Then they brought me to the toilet and put the cancer. I had to define who I fucked in the ass or pussy. I was very cruel otebali. No one, I did not guess. Then he was taken to a cell and I fell asleep baby bedtime. The next day I was taken to the room and chained on a moving carriage. I started to sit down on members. Somewhere in the middle of the received discharge current. And at last might not planted and received discharge current is not lost consciousness. I woke up in the cage. Tanya said that she first sees that somebody would lose consciousness. Then I was taken to the Lady. She sat on the bed and holding a collar

- You famously worked on my birthday!
- Thank you Mrs.
- And what is Mr. Dmitri?
And then I remembered about his Lord. I am a great time to get bored of it. I began to blame myself for what I forgot about it.
- Yes, I met on the Internet with the Lord. So I told her everything. She listened and said to try the collar.
- You really are the collar
- Thank you Madam!
When I left the village with the Alain gave me a translucent panties with the word "slave Anya." Then I came home and my parents noticed that I became a cheerful, sociable. In the evening, I undressed and went into the net and saw that my lord the network
- My Lord why you were not long !?
- Internet did not work missed? As the time spent?
- Highly!!! And I told him everything. He said, well done and told to wait for him to visit. To be continued. I look forward to any feedback.