In the evening in the park

Until now, all the details I remember that day. All valilos from my hands, things were going badly, failure followed failure. I do not know, probably it happens. Or is payback for what happened then ... To somehow dispel the sadness I went to the park, hoping to drink a beer there. Of course it was scary to go, all the same bad day, and cops can rake in, but I was so tired I did not want to even think about such a possibility. On the way to the park, I ran into the shop and took a jar of light. Getting drunk is not my style, just relaxing by a small dose of alcohol. I opened the jar and smell of malt lifted my spirits. On a happy note, I went to the park, and only took a step I saw her.
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For all my life I have never seen such beautiful girls: long reddish hair, small breasts ideal form, thin hoists I lovely, maddening ass. I closed my eyes and pictured her naked. Yes ... From such a picture before my eyes I'm pretty much excited, and finishing his beer and emboldened I ran to get acquainted
- Girl, wait a minute! - I shouted. She spun around, causing thereby lifted her skirt, slightly opened that little strip of her panties. - Girl, you know, once I saw you in my heart that it started, and I wanted to meet you ..
- Young man, you know ... - at this point she considered me. I would not say that I strongly what that handsome, ordinary body, except the last 3 years in the fitness and sports category make the shirt a little ridge of muscles under pressure. Yes, and a mixture of blue eyes and dark skin make me attractive, but I am afraid only a lover ... - ... I see you decided to agree with you for a walk. My name is Alina, and you? Apparently I was lucky, and I liked it. Yet as that whirled whirled we exchanged compliments, I began timidly to touch her hands and began to slowly undress her eyes. As imperceptibly we came to a deserted lake, located on the edge of the park.
- Alina, you know, with every second I like you more and more
- Noticeably - she said, and prysknula in cam - Since the start of our walk your hump in the pants has increased markedly in size. She winked at me
I did not know what to do with one hand, I was a bit confused on the other hand I really wanted to have sex with a new friend, but that's where ...
- I see you want me to do - Alina interrupted my thoughts - So what are you standing there, take me right here
it was a complete surprise for me. At the time I was even taken aback, but he decided not to get lost and smooth movement laid it on the lawn. I covered her face, neck kisses her lips, she tried to answer me, but I would not let her take the initiative. I began to undress her, to investigate the arms body. Touching his lips to his chest, I started to drive around the halo tongue papillae, occasionally sucking them. Alina more and more excited, she, too, had removed her panties, while not removing the skirt.
- Yeah fuck you have me! - Alina's words, full of passion swept away the last hurdle and I went into it, causing a deep groan fly from her lips. Many more moans I had a chance to hear that evening, when I had sex with a stranger in the park.
If you want - I will continue this story. But only if you ask :)