Game (Continuation examples)

As I said, the game is gradually but us with Nastya finds itself locked a lot of people. Someone appeared on the Internet dating, someone recommended that participants already in force, but the game gets progressively more and more.
Most of those who have tried to become a permanent member of the Games, because where they do not then they can realize their most depraved fantasies provided unconditional assistance to other players.
And as promised a few more examples of the Games:
Series Games "jealous husband".
This series of games invented and organized girl from Minsk named Jeanne. She was about 30, married for more than 10 years for a man somewhat older than her. Like he was somehow there is a businessman. Jeanne is quite attractive natural blonde with a good figure, perhaps a little too big breasts, but some even liked. But her husband was terribly jealous, he just would not let her pass, constantly monitor it, will not let go of one and all very tormented this attitude. we met on ICQ (by the way, if you are interested, then # 275 658 175) with Jeanne, and when she learned that we can help her to have fun and to organize "anything" she enthusiastically start their notions.
The first game was "Bank robbery". During the day, she came to the apartment of one party games, along with two of his friends, and from there on a cell called her husband at work. She said that her friends fill psychological test and asked to answer a few questions. All the questions were related to the bank robbery, but had a second sense. The first question was - "and if he can rob a bank, if you will come to know that it will not get caught, and for him it will be nothing?". And she decided from the outset that if the husband responds negatively, then nothing else happens and they are the guys simply disperse to their homes, but the husband to our delight responded positively: Then there were questions about the robbery of the technique, for example, the one he would rob or take partners, burst from the main entrance, or prefer to get to "the back door"Whether security, whether they connect shove in your mouth gag or even cry, whether the bank will leave something in memory, etc. In general, the husband answered all the questions and that's how he said it all and then did detail. AND "gag" inserted into the mouth and through the "back door" We walked, and sperm "by heart" pumped up all the holes.
Another of its game, repeated several times, it was "popudrit spout". Its meaning lies in the fact that she informed the other participants in advance games, in what today is the cafe with her husband supper. Several guys drove back and trying not to fall over his eyes, took a position near the toilet or some other convenient place. During dinner, she went out for five minutes "the toilet"And sometimes a couple of times a night. There are literally within these five minutes and without any preliminaries, fucked her fast, taking sperm directly into it. According to her guests a special thrill she had not even from this quick fucking and then when returning back to the table and chirping happily with her husband, she felt flowing thigh drop alien semen. From time to time, she seized the moment when her husband turned away, looked like drops of finger and licked it, knowing that somewhere in the audience there are those who are watching. In general, this game she liked the most, and in the next game, even the guys competed, where it is still possible to pull her back into place with hidden tracks "sin". She ends up in the hair, in her bra to the nipple "swimming in juice"In the mouth, then it is always smacked her husband on the cheek, in the shoes of elastic stockings, dresses all necklines, etc. etc.
Jeanne also loved the game "phone", About which I spoke earlier, and from time to time called her husband during different situations.
After a while she was introduced to the game of his neighbor in the stairwell, which came up with the game "shopping trip". Its meaning lies in the fact that when Jeanne's husband went to the store, located near their homes, they lived on the 12th floor and the window of an apartment out just at this very shop, she quickly called a neighbor and took a pose at the window. The neighbor went into their apartment, shoved her from behind and pulled until she watched in the window returning with shopping husband.
Joan worked in a small cafe, open the front door in an ordinary residential entrance, overlooking the Prospect Skaryna near the center of the city, and from time to time it came someone from the participants in the game and, if there were no visitors, she quickly sucked directly behind the bar . A couple of times I went to her, and sometimes not one, but with someone of those who are with us have not played and had fun, watching how they are surprised that the beautiful girl at the bar after a couple of words kneels and opens her mouth. If the fellow is not too shocking, that Jeanne and sucked them.
Interestingly, the husband of one year of its games so anything and did not know and went all too jealous of each post, and absolutely groundless, and Jeanne at the same time regularly filled with sperm in all holes is practically in front of him when he did not imagine could.
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