In fact, I increasingly began to think about having sex with a guy, probably not surprising. A huge number of men who consider themselves heterosexual, at least once in his life had something similar to homosexual contact. And those who had often secretly fantasized about it.
I, of course, also fantasized and masturbated five times a day. But this I became a little. I wanted to really know "boyish love". Moreover, it was boyish, but not men. In my fantasy I place my partner all the time held some youth leaving age. Taboo such thoughts only added to the severity of my orgasms.
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I was lucky that I was able to live up to the Internet era. My father and grandfather would have been much more difficult in this situation. Several ads on niche sites and forums and and I've already picked out a number of proposals. There was a lot of garbage: all sorts of elderly people who insist that I sucked them in their car (some even money offered), the same as I - zhenatiki reshivshiesya on gay contact any Virtuals, describing how it would be cool if I fuck them in the ass (but not thrown off the phone), etc. But one letter interested me: the guy just wrote his name, age (Eugene, 19 years) and a telephone. And nothing more.
Imagination immediately drew me unearthly handsome, slender, feminine, sophisticated blond, a little campy, with a neat little ass-nut. The reality was more proizaichnoy: at the metro I was waiting for a lean teenager on the floor above my head, with tousled brown hair. Not to say that I was disappointed, but the blood in the veins of calmed down a bit.
As they walked into the apartment, shot me in advance for this case, talking. He told me that the gay experience it has more than four years. When he was fifteen, he seduced a cousin who came to visit from out of town. True then he acted in an active role, as the brother was convinced liability. But over time, he himself beginning to like more than "lower" position and he changed it only with people pleasant in all respects. I was quite happy.
Opening the door to our "sinful refuge"I missed my young friend and forth, having given him a towel, sent him to the shower. The very same charge in the dvd-player disc with porn and started to cover the makeshift table. He opened the wine, got snacks ...
At this point, the bathroom door opened and left my future lover with a towel on his hips. I even caught his breath with excitement. Until then it was nice to look at his wet torso. To offer him a seat, I'll quickly flew into the shower, along the way trying to calm the excitement.
Just three minutes later, we were sitting together on the sofa with a glass in his hand. What did I say at the same time I do not remember. Probably drank acquaintance. Once again, I felt like a virgin, not knowing how to approach a girl.
But his hands were doing what was embarrassed to do the brain. I do not even look at the TV, the screen is full fucked a couple of cute guys. I threw him a towel and wrapped his hand around his penis (centimeters longer than my four), he began to gently masturbate. He was daring me (due to experience), and a moment later, sitting on my lap, hot whispered in my ear some nice obscene, prompting excited abut my cock into his thighs ...
To be continued.