It all started in a very hot summer day, it seems it was August.
Parents periodically left the cottage for 2-3 days and I'm not particularly eager to roast in the sun and preferred to spend his days at home, and only in the evening to walk out.
I was 24 years old. My sister Ira turned 20 then.
Remembering childhood, I always thought of those moments when we played with it in different games at home, sometimes just pushed and fought in earnest. I then like it was 13 years and her 9 respectively.
At that age I felt differently, there was a desire for the opposite sex, and my cock stood up when I saw on TV explicit scenes. So when my sister and I began fighting specifically blame it on my stomach and he went above and pressed his cock into her soft ass, and still did nedvusmysennye movement. It is of course nothing, or almost nothing, and realized that nezamechala.
Then I began sometimes to take her underwear and wear it on himself, that excited me very much.
I masturbate in the bathroom almost every day, and always thought of my sister. After kakogoto time is a little povzraslev, mud, at 3, I lost caution and took the sisters underwear for the whole day. Then we are no longer fighting course. So sometimes it seemed to me that she began to notice it, and I had to stop taking clean linen, and I took it that she had diarrhea.
Sometimes sitting in the kitchen, I noticed it before leaving on the street I am in the bathroom her panties and old threw in a basin in the closet, and when she left, I immediately took them, the smell of her cunt made my cock stand up and I immediately finished in the toilet .
Time passed and we have grown up, as I said I was 24 and she was 20. She was a blonde, an increase of about 175 cm, with a slender butt, medium breasts, in general so pretty in every respect.
In the house she went or smock or shirt in a long and sometimes lay down on the bed exposing his bottom on display, tomuzhe could see a strip of her panties that zastavyalo my cock up again and again. And once this happened.
I woke up this morning, put the bed as usual and went to the bathroom to wash it, and there was a sister and was going to go to college. Parents was not home that day. She was wearing a tight marsh color medium length skirt and light blouse.
I got behind her and started looking in the mirror to comb his hair, and at that moment she bent down to wash her ass and touched my penis, since I was standing behind. I was in sweat pants and well felt something touch it. My cock started to get up, and took 10 seconds "martial" position.
She, too, felt the prikochnovenie is slightly turned her head, and continued to wash podvashis forward. It became hard to control myself, and I decided to go ahead, I embarked member touched her backside. I then put his right hand on her buttock and squeezed it gently, my heart rate started going wild.
I made a few more squeezing movements of her buttocks was so soft and elastic that I do not want to stop. What was surprising was that she was not pushed me away as much tensed and blushed, stopping to wash raised to a vertical position. I pressed it to his cock even harder and a little pressed it to the sink, with my right hand on her belly transported and left I began to stroke her thigh. She obviously did not want it prodozhaetsya and tried to push me and swore softly mat. I Nemon lowered his head and began to kiss her neck and knead her breasts.
"Enough"-proiznesla sister, but I did not stop to knead her breasts and stroking the thigh the stomach. I chustvoval her breathing, it is quickened, but surprisingly was that she did not take his hands trying to remove my hand. Then I pulled her skirt up, that's no big deal, and saw its two hemispheres and black stripes thong panties. I shoved his hand between the thin cloth panties and her pubis and rushed to her vagina, as this was the only way to quickly excite her
At the same time the left hand I unbuttoned her blouse and began to knead her breasts through livchik. A few minutes later she began to breathe more quickly, and tilted her head back, resting on my shoulder.
I tried to kiss her on the lips and she said, her soft tongue penetrated my mouth and began to caress my share. I pulled his pants and underwear, and turned with her, putting her face forward on the washing machine.
Then she took off her panties to her knees and tried to insert his dick sticking in her already wet cunt, fondling her clitoris were not in vain. But then she voprotivilas, and tried to escape.
"No, I do not want, so you can not hear, let"-proiznesla Irina, but I could not stand longer and force pressed it to the washing machine and put a member into her vagina. And then he began to fast and rhythmic movements back and forth.
She again tried to escape but failed.
"No no"-stonala she, with her vagina slightly squished, and I fought about her Lyashko. A few minutes later, she began to moan even harder and groan passed almost a scream, I felt something like a member nalilsya blood, and I shot sperm into her womb. She screamed and umokla a couple of seconds. I pulled out a member. But do not stop there, I put his fingers into her hole and collected some sperm then turned and lifted her up, and put his fingers with the sperm in her mouth, she was excited and did not oppose this, dutifully licked all without a trace. We got dressed and went out of the bathroom, a little talking we said goodbye and she went to college. I kissed her goodbye.
Later, when we had sex was not at home parents. Pereprobyvala bunch of keys, she sucked me even when all were at home. For example sitting at the computer and made abstract, I came up and squeezed her breasts. Or I was sitting in the kitchen in the evening, watching the telly, the parents had gone to bed, she came to have a drink of water, and in the process sucked my nadrocheny already a member, and I finished it in his mouth, almost all the sperm she swallows, then went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Sucking and swallowing sperm is faster for about 2 minutes, so the parents could not suspect anything. We bought a vibrator, and she came right at me.
Now she is going to marry her boyfriend, but I think our relationship will not end on this.