Love violence

Hello! My name is Andrew, I'm 19 years old, I'm brunette, tall. I want to share my istoriey.E name is Masha and I love her very much, it happened a year ago, I was a student of the 11th grade, I saw it by chance. Masha my best friend sestry.Ya embarrassed to meet her and talk and generally tried to ignore it does not, because she was only 16 years old! It is the green-eyed, with rounded formami.Ne girl and charm of some sort!
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It happened as I say sluchayno.Nashi parents are very good friends since working together, they were going to leave,
komandirovka.Mashu they have left us, my sister was very happy and I, too, something that Masha will have 2 weeks to live with us when she came, I tried not to pay attention to her, she looked at me with those beautiful eyes and I just melted when it was close.
I went into the shower and overheard a conversation of Masha and little sister:
-Like you wanted to be with my little brother!
-Anya, he pays no attention to me, I did not wonder ...
-Oh you, you were coming down on him scrip, is not it !?
-So what? I love him but I was too small for him.
-Well guys it is just and necessary ... (laughing sister)
-Uh-huh ...
-Yeah What?
-Oh, nothing ... I can not give him that what he needed, which is why I did not wonder ...
In my mind flashed a spark of happiness! Is this angel loves me too! I could not believe my usham.Da and in the truth she could not give me what I hochu.Ot the thought that I could hurt Masha, I felt zhudko. But I could not restrain ...
After a shower, I went into the room, I called the boys and invited to walk, but I refused ... He said that the mood herovoe.Moya sister gathered too little walk and called Masha, but that is not what! Anya ushla.Ya lying on the bed, and only later, half an hour before I realized that we were left alone with her! in the body of the excitement has gone, there were plans in my head ...
I could not do it! So got up went to the computer is turned on porn pulled out his penis and began drochit.Tak lasted a long time but I could not finish, then I rushed towards dveri.Kogda I came into the room Masha slept She was like angelok! I leaned over her and kissed her gubki.Chlen became stake ... I myself did not expect, the hand fell lower and lower, I began to caress her, her lovely breasts and sweet pussy, stuck his finger inside the vagina narrow and kissed suhoe.Ya all her body! And suddenly SHOCK! Masha woke up ... I thought it was a crash ...
-Andrey! What are you doing? (Sleepy and pale almost in a whisper she said)
-Yayayaya ... I ... Well, I ... (Fearfully I stuttered)
-What are you? (Quiet with a grin said Masha)
-I want you !!! (I said loudly)
-Go ... (whispered)
-And what if not?
-And that would be bad ...
-What will you do to me? (I almost laughed)
She said nothing, but only looked fearfully at me, I gently leaned to her and kissed her filled up!
She began to fight back! But I was resolute, Masha something lowed up on me and kicked, pushed, I do not otpuskal.Ona cried and kicked a confused and whispered that to.Ya began to feel her body and began to kiss down all below and finally I got to her cunt and began to lick her, she was quite suhoy.Masha not given, when I felt that she was wildly excited again I went up to her and whispered:
-I will be very gentle! I love ...
I clutched her that would not vyrvalas.Ne having to say anything she just arched her back and gasped, and began to flow out of the vagina krov.Masha grabbed me from behind and hugged, I began to fuck her, she just was unusual twitching, Masha so hard pressed to me that it was painful to breathe.
I sped up and her grip relaxed I was so pleased that I had the pleasure rolls his eyes and I groaned! After some time, began to moan and Masha, and then I still uskorilsya.Dumal broke that bed! After she began to moan and ... That moment when I felt that we are over I took a cock and splashed her body spermoy.Naklonilsya and kissed her, sat beside ryadom.Ona rested suddenly jumped up and ran from the room, I heard the water in the shower ran ... I, too, stood up and took off bloody clothes ... came closer and heard the water turn off.
When I opened the door I saw Masha, she sat on the floor in a towel and went plakala.Ya took her in his arms and carried her into komnatu.My to talk to her! Now vstrechaemsya.Ya really love her!
During the week I had it in every possible way, Masha could not do anything against me! But she never shed slz.A after she did not leave me a single step. To be continued!