Holiday adventures

Dear reader, I propose to your attention another story about our trip with her husband to the sea to a distant foreign country.
Everyone knows that in a foreign country, people with similar interests converge, as happened to us when we are lying on the beach, got to know from our city woman, with whom, as it turned out, we arrived at the resort and flew home to one and the day. We moved our beds under one umbrella and started a conversation about anything, if only in their native language. Her name was Tatiana, and she was thirty-two years.
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I noticed that my husband Jack looks at Tanya with interest. Indeed, it was quite good: a slender figure, the second breast size, a pretty face. She was dressed in a pretty pink swimsuit with a bra that barely covered her breasts and panties, which completely covered her ass, so it was almost completely open.
- This is to make it as little white spots - she joked.
- And then you get bored? Entertainment a few, - I asked.
- Natasha, what are you talking nonsense? Lonely pretty lady in a hotel away from home really can spend time without entertainment? - Half-jokingly said Zhenya.
- I'm not really lonely, - he retorted Tanya - we are here together with a daughter have a rest, her husband to come with us but could not.
- And where is my daughter? - I asked - apparently it should be five years, do you have left her alone in the children's club?
- In fact, it is already fifteen, she started the company and currently sits somewhere in the pool.
My eyes widened, Tanya was a young mother. In appearance I would never have thought.
- Well, fifteen years - it is quite a separate age - with obvious relief added her husband, was upset at first, that Tanya was not entirely free.
- And, by the way, that's my little girl - Tanya said, pointing at the approaching shore at the girl.
- Look, it's - Lena, Lena, meet this wife Natasha and Eugene - introduced us to each other Tatyana, - they are of our city.
At the sight of this type of Lena girls in the head, according to her husband, as soon as there is the phrase: "I would vdul". Although in this case, of course, unacceptable to the underage daughter of our friend.
- Tan, and you go to a disco in the evenings? - Eugene did not cease.
- No, it's all worn Lenka there hoping to meet some prince on a white horse, and I'm sitting in the room and read or watch TV. Lenka I have such a fool again, like he knows everything about guys, but sometimes ask me silly questions about sex, but such that the hair stand on end. I still want her to spend an educational conversation, but did not dare, it is necessary as any visual aid - busily said Tanya, watching her daughter look.
I followed her gaze and my husband. I must say that it was really beautiful: slim athletic figure, excellent posture, pretty face, in general, everything is in place and in the right quantity.
- And what my husband and I hesitate to arrange a lesson? - I was joking.
- Bullied? I discussed it with him, but he is absolutely adamant shake off the problem to me. He said to think of something myself.
- We want to invite you today to a disco, cute hold time, and do not begin to make excuses, you still get bored at home, - a tone that brooked no objection said Eugene.
Tanya turned to me and said, with a laugh: "Are not you afraid that her husband taken away for the whole night?"
- And I'm not really greedy. Frankly, we praktikuyuem things like that - I said - and let's move on already on the "you", how can the formalities?
It has been seen as the face of Tanya appeared surprisingly, mixing both with curiosity and desire. It turns out, it is not easy without protorchat two weeks in a row member, when you walk around the beach around nice guys in batches.
After thinking a moment, Tatiana agreed to join us, but without any obligation on the coming night. She informed us of his decision, and we all went together to bathe.
Rumbled music, spotlights played light, the atmosphere was some permissiveness and licentiousness, and subdued lighting tables gave a little sex environment.
We took a table, sat behind him, talked and danced. Lena immediately warned us that does not want to sit at the table for a long time, so fell and disappeared into the dancing crowd, so for the next dance, we went dancing threesome.
In the fast rhythm of the dance, we surrounded Tanya, I spit her hips in front of her, putting his hands on her shoulders, and Jack was behind our friend. I was perfectly visible, as he clung to her and began to rub his advantage openly about Tanya's ass, depicting probably some Latin-American dance. His hands were laid on Tannins hips and pressed them to her. I approached a friend close so that my leg was caught between the spaced legs of our partner. We started to rub against each other out of the inner parts of the thighs, and since we were in short skirts, the legs were bare, which gave piquancy to the situation. First Tanya hugged my neck, then took her hand and led them behind his back, and rubbed her palms prichindal my husband, who leaned over to Tanya's neck and began to kiss her.
I clung to the girl and put her hand on her belly, slowly sinking to the bottom to the pubis, I looked at Tanya's reaction - not too my husband and I accelerated, but, seeing the expression on her face, I realized that our partner is nothing to stop . Then I opened a second hand for Tanya's ass, to understand what exactly is happening there, and really make sure that Jack rubs his instrument of her hand. I took Tanya's arm and pulled her to her husband's shorts. Tanya looked at me, full of passion and impatience, and closed her eyes and leaned her head on my husband's shoulder with a beatific smile. I pulled the elastic band of his shorts, he does not put on his pants and ran into them his hand, which was clutching palm Tatiana. I felt like a member of a friend took hubby and began gently stroking several swollen body.
Reassured that everything goes as it should, I took her hand out of his pants her husband so as not to interfere with my girlfriend, and she the other hand, which, incidentally, was already lying on the pubic Tanya crawled under her skirt to check the status of friends. I put my fingers to the strip of her panties and began to gently rub her. Tanya was already mokrenkaya, as, indeed, and I, therefore, by the end of the music, we laugh together, we decided to stay longer, and up to the room to her friend.
I must say that we Lenka never again seen, and the question of how it gets into the room, Tanya just waved, joked that she still did not come earlier in the morning.
On the way to the room Tanya as if apologizing, said she liked what hours I do with it during the dance, I smiled, patting her friend on the ass, to which she said that she had not had the experience of communion with women. I looked at her, and Tanya explained that for a long time wanted to try.
We reached the door of the hotel Tanya and Lena when she opened the door and let us in as the guests ahead, Eugene whistled because the girlfriend was two-room and much bigger than ours. Tanya joked, saying that her husband took a specially-bedroom apartment, on the case Lenka find a someone that we do not interfere with each other.
I went to a large double bed, leaned over and got one foot on it, so that from under my skirt panties were visible. I crawled on it and made a few rotational motions of her ass, inviting the owner to join.
Tanya looked at me, her eyes ablaze with passion. Behind her came up and hugged her husband so that one hand on Tanya's chest, and the other sliding on the thigh got under her skirt, lifted up her, Jack pulled a strip of her panties and caressed her lips with your fingers, what Tanya said with a loud sigh.
I took off his shirt, pulled her skirt and turned to Tanya started to take off her panties. Completely naked, I took our lady by the arm and pulled her to him ... on the bed. She bent down, which immediately took Jack, pulling her with her panties mokrenkie. Tanya stood up on the bed in front of me on my knees and unzipped her skirt, which immediately dropped with it. I took off my T-shirt to a friend, who showed a juicy breast. He moved closer to Tanya and gently kissed her on the mouth, allowing the wife to throw off his shorts and T-shirt.
He climbed onto the bed and stood in front of us, his penis was in working condition. I took it and licked a few times on the wet head, and then sent it to Tanya, giving vkusnyazhku friend of my husband. Tatiana eagerly pounced on the cock, squeezing his hand, he began to furiously suck. Seeing such a passion, I mentally felt sorry Tanya, which has already suffered nearly two weeks by the male alone.
I clung to the breast of our friend, and licked her nipples, knowing how it's nice. Licking breast girlfriend, I looked up and leaned against the face of Tanya sucking dick of my husband. I took a member of the hand, drew him out of his mouth girlfriend penetrated tongue into her mouth, feeling the familiar taste of Eugene on her lips. We dug at each other on the lips, passionately kissing, when suddenly I felt like a member of her husband's attempts to squeeze between our lips fused. We both licked his penis. Our tongues touch each other when we simultaneously treated penis.
I'm all flowed, was anxious to get something in my girl to satisfy the accumulated per day passion, but I'm in no hurry, knowing that today even stronger desire to experience our new friend Tanya.
I looked up from the spouse a member, giving it to the full disposal of Tanino. I sat down on the bed, lay on her back, and her head slipped between the legs of a friend, so that her pussy was directly over my face. I began to caress her fingers, rubbing her clit, fingers introduced into Tanya. Then I took her by the hips and down to your face so that you can get to know her little girl closer.
Tanya was already on so wet that I had to first lick her all over her pussy, then I carefully licked her lips, and then entered the language in the vagina. It was just hot. After a few movements of the language in Tanya's pussy, I heard her start to moan as much as you can do with a member in the mouth.
Zhenya understood correctly, he pulled his penis out of his mouth girl, and asked her to lie down on me in a pose 69. Tanya placed his head between my legs, and I felt her lips on my clitoris.
Meanwhile, Jack came to my head. I took his penis in her hand and looked up from Tanya's pussy, sent it into his mouth. After a few movements inside me, entering my cock all the way down his throat, I took it and sent a hot Tanya's pussy.
Jack gently entered her and began to move into the vagina girlfriend, totally immersing his penis inside.
According to what my clitoris, no one else was doing, I realized that Tanya - on the brink. She moaned loudly, trying to muffle the moans, pressing his mouth to my girl. From my own experience I know that her husband is still a bit early to finish, therefore I proposed to change the position. Tanya got off me and lay on the bed with his feet, and my husband is placed between them and continued to fuck our friend. I got up, whispered the wife, that he had finished in the crotch-Thani, and went to her head. I stepped over and Tanya sat down on it, so that my pussy was over her face. I knew that Tanya is not up to it, so I started to caress her clitoris, watching how things are going at the husband.
A few minutes later Tanya moaned loudly. She came. Jack made a few movements inside the vagina and Tanya took cock to cum on girlfriend pubis. I quickly squeezed his cock in his hand, and he made several movements began profusely to finish. Streams of hot cum running down pubis girlfriend, draining her pussy disclosed.
When he had finished, Jack sat down, and I quickly went to Tanya's pussy and began to lick her, carefully collecting all his wife's sperm tongue in every crease Tanyushinyh sponges. I licked it and swallowed. Then I lay down next to Tanya, and we began to kiss, but soon turned that Tanya licked my lips, wet from the juice of her husband and her own secretions.
Looking at us, Jack got up and went to the bathroom.
Tanya and I lay a long time in an embrace, then kissing, stroking the naked bodies to each other. She looked at me with obvious gratitude. It took ten minutes, after which we again remembered his wife, who disappeared and in the bathroom.
Only now I noticed that the entire bathroom a good view from our bed in the reflection of the mirror, which is very well hung on the opposite wall. Going into the bathroom, I turned on the light Zhenya, and now she could see us clearly.
I called my husband, and he said that he was busy, although the water in the shower did not flow. Tanya with the words "let me help you," got up and went to his wife. Going to open the bathroom door, she paused in the doorway, with a half-open mouth and looked inside. I wondered what made her so suddenly shocked, and I also went to them.
Leaning against the Tanya in the doorway, I saw what was going on inside the bathroom. It turns Lena, Tanya's daughter, went nowhere and quickly before our arrival entered the room and hid in the bathroom, closing the door. And when we came and went to the bed, she opened it and watched us in the reflection in the mirror. And now she was sitting on the bathroom and suck dick my hubby, who again took the operation. I smiled and whispered Tanya, because that is exactly what she wanted.
Tanya came to Lena, took her hand, and with the words "need to talk" pulled into the next room. Through the door is not completely closed, we were clearly audible conversation mother with her daughter.
- You are crazy? How could you spy on his own mother? - Not too strict tone broadcast daughter Tatiana.
- What's wrong with that? You're cheating on Dad with this pair! - Echoed her Lenka.
- If my father finds out about this, you and I both do not sdobrovat, so keep your mouth shut about what she had seen, - said Tanya.
- Only on one condition: I want to join you - cheerfully tried to frighten his mother Lena. And then with a plea in his voice added: "Mom, I'd love it, you promised me she all show and explain. And these people are so nice and educated. The best case here is certainly not turned up to me. "
- Well, - said Tanya, and left the room to us.
She sat on the edge of the bed, looking at us with some expression of shame. On the other hand, if a stone fell from her shoulders.
Jack walked over to Tanya and apologized, saying that he thought that they themselves so all rigged. At Tanya she waved her hand and added: "You have something really nothing exactly to do with it. It's my fault. Although, maybe it's true for the better. How are you? Do not be against us? "
Jack quickly began to convince her that he did not mind, but I was also interested to buy a similar experience.
Lena left the room, went to the bed, lay down on her and, placing his hand under her head, with interest began to consider us with Zhenya.
- You're still my girl, - said her mother.
- Not very much, and the girl. I, by the way, all of your silicone toy tried that you hold at the far end of the shelf in the closet at home.
From the side it was obvious that Tanya blushed blushing. She obviously did not expect such a hurried from his daughter.
- Well, until the morning still far away, have time to sleep, therefore, may return to the topic of our meeting, - said Eugene fun to defuse the situation.
What happened then, dear reader, do you know of my next story.