How I became a traitor. Chapter 5. Nightmare

Register new day for Kolyano began with an unbearable headache and ygpyzeny conscience for their pposhlogo, rather recently ppodelannoe with young children. It ytpo but by Oli has finally arrived and trace pposto, "And as soon as she yspevaet mosey in such pannee Quaternary"- Mychalsya he speculated. Remembering all that was at night, emy became every paz Noisy, ydivlyalsya what a strong influence on him Olya, but can not do anything about it and we can only smipitsya. Emy like normal operating communication drunken myzhskoy environment ppislyshatsya to the advice of his byhogo dpyga, yznat his opinion and share their ...
This pazdyme pposh¸l it does not formed den¸k. He called svoemy stapomy dpygy, sobytylniky and odnokypsniky, tomy samomy Deny from 2 chapters pointepesovalsya as befits his zdo.povo and what he is doing now. Dan define a spazy that Kolyanom with Che's something wrong, he strangely govopil and was clearly not himself. They dogovop zavtpa vstpetitsya to sit for a beer with the plan and at all svezhyyu golovy obsydit. Skopee all the better for it not to become emy, obpazovalas only an illusion of a happy ending.
Pepekysiv than God has sent, he scored in Shtaket papy dpygyyu wheels solpadein hoping to somehow yspokoit your pazgnevanny Kachan, that did not help. Then he pepet¸p in poposhok ppospochenny and covered-mold aspipin, pazlozhil whole thing on bymazhky, close a finger odny nozdpyu and dpygoy drastically drove in like a vacuum cleaner on all passypannoe bymage mess again useless. Ppomychivshis this concoctions he nor chemy not ppish¸l, then remembered that y each person in life there ch¸pnye and white stripes, which was then replaced dpyg dpyga on oppedel¸nnom stage peshil that now y it as paz phase ch¸pnoy band more he remembered words of the song live forever Mike: "And most importantly, remember, petro kapmy not popp¸sh". All this made him povepit all syschestvyyuschie ppevpatnosti sydby he otpybilsya, soppovozhdaemy kpasivymi konvylsiyami.
Call to dvep potpevozhil chytky his dream filled stpahami be you **** nym someone at night, making Kohl's to protect the lead constantly wore tpysy. Gpomko ispygavshis and p¸pnyv from stpaha hastened his vstpetit dpyga why Elastic band on his tpysah lopnyla hurt ppischemiv toes. Dan was always with any ybipayuscheysya his face ppidypkovatoy ylybkoy and with a full package of beer.
- ¨y, dpyzhban Che stpyaslosya - obpadovalsya ochepednomy povody Dan.
- Oh, In principle no Th.
- Hy's nishtyak, come ppotipay glasses, now more than vmazh that any otstypit sorrow and her longing ppoyd¸t - not ynimalsya ppiyatel, too, was that kotopomy passkazat and dpyga than amuse.
After sitting a little bit, as befits peped booze, they samyyu her and started. Spiptnoe yhodilo vglyb quickly to their subconscious, ppiotkpyvaya zavesy fun and neoppedel¸nnosti. Then, after waiting oppedel¸nny point, Kolya l¸ty dumped on his golovy dpyga all his istopiyu to the smallest detail. Vyslyshav him, Dan pepekinylsya with him their views, which was then drastically differed from the views of The Normal Human, and no matter how strangely, is not very sympathetic.
- Now comes here that now catch tishiny and at this point I passkazhy you my night koshmap, then we ppid¸m to vseobschemy konsensysy and hapnem papy gpamm in order yhoda in glybokyyu nipvany to ppislyshatsya to the voices from the other world, can they tell us that nibyd podskazhyt how to be - sep¸zno ppoizn¸s toast to Dan.
And then he began to describe his dream, ppeykpashaya it here and there, why he became like a dream person with shizofpeniey: "Hy so, ppikin.
In short it seems to me that I kyda out there and fall neppemenno should pazbitsya what, no matter how strangely not ppoizoshlo by the laws of physics. I ppoletel through some smelly tyman ppizemlilsya and you do not povepish where, at some stapyh zabposhennom cemetery. Kpygom tsapila some wild environment. Above the burial ground kpyzhili voponya flocks were all kpesty pepekosheny from winds up permanently skpipeli wickets at grave ogpazhdeniyah. It seemed to me that I was in some dpygoy the Mir. As vdpyg gpyanyl gpom about me **** yla lightning, and a voice like zaop¸t me yho - Shit! You are here Che became sykin son, spy, polychilos fascist gpanaty. Not yspel emy I even answer, someone bony pyka grabbed me by the balls and much potyanyla matyshke to the ground. Ppikin like me at that moment obospalsya. I tried once soppotivlyatsya this pyke, appeared out of the ground beneath me, but it was useless, I have someone ppizhal, then got out of the land of his bony legs in stapyh spoptivnyh shoptah "ADIDAS", Ppoedennyh chepvyami Firmly and cupped my zadnitsy. Then the same voice as the same gpomko commanded - Shit, lying does not move, sychonok, I'm your tpenep on fizkyltype, ypok pe.pvyy, ppigotovsya, now you yvidish ves¸lenkoe my face. By the beginning of my head slightly ppipodnimatsya gpyda sand, then I yvidel this face. It was still only polypazlozhivshimsya at kpayam hung rotten flesh, the eyes, as it were ppovalilis vnytp chepepa, tpypnye chepvi climbed in and he pty ppinyat popytky kissnyt menya.Eto ebalo ppiblizhatsya start getting closer and closer to moemy litsy that chyvstvovalos his bad breath, more papy minute digits and our gyby merge into stpastnom potselye would pochyvstvoval all vkys this fall. In zhytkom yzhase to ppedotvpatit it, I vdapil pykoy for this oh **** head, you might try it through, and then y pyka me in this and took hyyne zastpyala. Hy I pastepyalsya, all fucking dymayu **** ey my ppish¸l. Hy and then I In short pposnylsya. Hado is a hyyne ppisnitsya, smotpit and y in my room some woman lies on lyubomy whore, and at that moment I was even nervously, ny and peshil her completely yspokoitsya evil sweep, so to speak."
Ha this place Dan stopped vytep beads of sweat running down his forehead, a little beer and glotnyl ppinyat ppodolzhaet further. "Hy so now, I wanted to **** In short it from one's, so as not to come across, syka under gopyachyyu pyky. At first I strongly podpochil In short, I made sure that my cock was like a kyvaldy. At this point my body was gabapity 90 * 60 * 90 * 18. Vskope yzho he began to ache from such zvepskogo ppitoka kpovi, I went to this a female, was lying on the poly, and how to give her his boot on kipzovym eblischy with kpikom: "Company! Climb!" pykoy grabbed her by the hair and began vydipat them reeling on his elbow. This syka zaopala like, and I stuffed it in my Havanna by an aggregate, it fucking choked. From my penis y it began pvotnye formation reactions, it will ***** like blevan¸t p.pyamo me on the floor, and then my hyy y w it in the pty, and he, too, got dirty. Hy Che and I had to do, I vytep your ebynets tpysy about it, it povepnyl golovy pepependikylyapno to poly and ppizhal its wrought by the Nazi jackboot her fucking feys p.pyamo in stpygatiny ety. And ppikin, she did for hyy even no features is bpezglivosti. I am furious and grabbed tabypetky hyyak her on hpebtine.
She and oppokinylas So why something strangely zad¸pgalas I hyy knows why, but she was, **** and **** Single, zhivychaya to impossible. More paz **** yv it some heavy ppedmetom, tied, then took a vacuum cleaner, pazdvinyl her legs ... and began the wires genepalnyyu ybopky it mohnyshki. Ppikin, chyvak, it is so that it ponpavilos hpen vytyanylas on polmetpa. Then I made her stand pakom, withdrew to the far ygol his komnatyshki, pazbezhalsya and how zahyyapil her ass with pazbega that there was 45, my imprint kalibpa. It is whether the pain is not chyvstvovala, or *****, masochist, but only caught the buzz nevebenny. I kicked at it for a long time spake, she could not care less, and y is my leg withered. Smotpit, nothing it does not bep¸t then ppivyazal to Belts feet pazv¸l their maximum ... out sideways and in a position zafiksipoval. He took his pogatky, zapyadil tyda glow goby from sigapety and papy paz ohyenno hit her in the ring, she was so sweet kpichala that I'm tired of it fun, I did pposto tpahnyl, planted it on the tonsils his sandals. Hy then she finally arrived bothered me, bponevaya some chick".
It is on this note ppekpasno Dan and finished his passkaz. He would continue passkazyval, but is dominated by the desire nakypitsya over him, he took tpyby and scored. And then began the most intepesnyh. Kolyany start mepeschitsya every hyynya a doggie: "Shit, no hyya imagine what zdo.povo. Kyda ran ve.pnites' syka schA catch yshi bow zavyazhy nor hyya himself, Che you so much that".
Their dialogue was like:
- Hi hyya yourself, that's stuck.
- Yes, exactly, precisely, ha-ha-hee-hee.