A winding path. Part 1

- Cute! I now Oleg tweaked for the ass!

If the wife told me a month ago, I would not hesitate to face filled her boss and forced her to resign. The wife of a month had complained that he was her nedałt aisle, holding dirty jokes in her address, but dissolved the hands for the first time. I learned a bastard, that the company where I worked, and I was reduced to the free bread, and even with a small daughter. Damn credit for furniture, leaving us money only for food from her salary. Well, I could tell my wife? She did everything perfectly understood.
- And he said that I was the first to take off to reduce. What should I do?

I pressed her to him, kissing the little plump lips and stroking the long hair, so loved it.
- My friend ran to attach to itself. The chauffeur. Soon all will be adjusted, and you're fired from there to hell.

I was lying. Nobody called me nowhere. And these friends, I never had got. There were suggestions for trips by train. But where I will throw her on a two to three months with a small child?
- Dad! The teacher said that the need to pass on 500r on holiday. Mama! And you are torn pantyhose!

He broke the kiss daughter ran. Rastroilas wife saw a huge arrow on the back of tights. A month ago, they introduced a dress code, and it was the last tights. Anya, was the name of my wife, with a sigh, opened her purse. After careful calculation there were only 563 rubles.
- Here you are! For the bread is enough for us, pasta with barley still there.

She handed her daughter 500r. Trying to find a less whole tights failed.
- Okay, it is necessary to go in stockings!

With a sigh, Anya said, pulling out of the nest egg stockings, which sometimes pleased me, putting before sex, knowing how I love it. In the evening, after putting her daughter to bed, I'm going to the bedroom, he found his wife lying on the bed in her stocking feet and fingers to play with pussy.
- Honey, I'm tired of waiting for you! What took so long? I am ready!

Anne licked her finger, who was in her predatory smile. As soon as I took off pants and lay down on the bed as she sat on my chest and sing to me, he bowed and took cock in her mouth. I do not know why guys complain, but my wife just loved oral sex. Her hand stroked my testicles and tongue head. Even though my penis was not small in size, but Anya periodically swallowed it, so she kissed my lips groin.

I have never stayed in a long time, and my tongue was licking her pussy and penetrated inside at full length. I sucked her lips pea, slightly squeezing it. Anne purred and pressed her ass down, letting him know that I had it to do. It was her most sensitive spot. When I licked her ring, attempting to climb a tongue in it, she even stopped to do blowjob. Sometimes, when I lead up to her orgasm. We have made more than once attempted to do anal sex, but because of a sore left them.
- Well, enough, enough! And then I'll finish! And I will sleep! And you did not lie to fuck!

Anya began to pull away, and I saw a huge bruise left by her boss. I swept the anger, which passed quickly, as soon as his wife back to me straddled me. It was her fad! I do not have nothing left, as soon as the surrender to feelings. Clutching the wall of the vagina, she decided, when fully absorb it into itself, and when to let only the head, immediately releasing it. Typically, such a long time I could not bear the torment, here and now in less than two minutes later, I felt that my sperm rushes up. His wife continued to move like a pump, pulling it out of me.

It is not finished, but I knew that I did not leave it. I do not remember when it happened the first time, but I almost always did. Anna lay on her back and threw her legs in stockings on my back. I started kissing her pussy, licking the cocktail of sperm and her juices flowing from her. This resulted in her delight and that happened, and ending, as now, she presses her feet me myself that I was suffocating.
- I love you! You simply charm!

Kissing me, she licked the face of the remnants of the cocktail. Rolling over on his side and pressed me, Anya put my hand on his chest. She liked it when I easily squeezed her hand and played with the nipple. Morning.
- Well, everything is nice, I went! Take the child to the garden, I seem to be late today after work. So I do not know when I come to cook dinner.

Then the woman came as early as ten o'clock in the evening, obviously drunk.
- Sorry, today had a little to drink. It turns out today Oleg Vladimirovich birthday. I could not refuse. Look, even the advance given for the occasion!

Anya took and showed me the money.
- Kiss Me? I bathe and sleep. Tired.

Having laid her daughter to sleep, I'm shaving, I saw stocking dragged along next to the laundry basket. Looking up, I wanted to put it in the cart, but my attention was drawn to a spot on the gum. It was a spot which began to dry up the sperm. Trying not to wake up, I threw a blanket with his wife. Even with the light of a lamp was evident that she had recently had sex. And it dawned on me what a strange taste was on her lips when I kissed them.

Realizing that awaken and organize the questioning is now useless, I lay down beside him. The whole night went on my thinking.
- What now?

Continued: A winding path. Part 2