Beautiful story

Marina setting the table, and Vick was leaning against the doorframe.
- Oh, Mariska - making terrible eyes, Vicky said, - thrown over your husband at night and rape, because between us will not be your heroic body!
Marina has been a long-standing friend of Vicki. Their friendship was pure and unalloyed. Guys from each other they are not repelled, envy was not, were both beautiful slim blonde. And when Mariska met Sasha, Vick was happy for her - was painfully good guy.
Broad-shouldered, handsome, suave. In any company, he immediately became the center of attention, jokes rolling in, not going beyond the limits of decency and caring for beautiful ladies, not passing that trait again when his companion began to feel uneasy. And in bed, according to Mariska, he was tireless and varied; then rushed at her like an animal, he was gentle to shyness.
Easy eroticism emanating from Sasha, did not leave indifferent and Vick. She enjoys flirting with him, constantly feeling his attention, and do not worry, when it was a male gaze slid, for example, in her slender legs. However, it never went beyond a joke, and, apparently satisfied with all three. And being a witness at the wedding of Mariska Sasha and Vika, seeing the happy newlyweds, I was terribly happy for her friend. On that day, as often before, Wick remained the couple to spend the night ...
- I'm not afraid - seriously Mariska said, then smiled. - In general, I'm tired of sleeping in the middle. Though our sofa and seems huge, three on it closely.
- Have not noticed.
- Yes? You did not sleep in the middle of ...
- But decency ... - she raised her eyebrows, turned Vick.
In response Mariska also raised her eyebrows, reducing the eye to the nose. Her friends laughed.
- No, I feel like I'll have to buy you a sofa in the kitchen ...
- No sofas in the kitchen! ..
Sasha came out of the back and Vickie arm around her slender waist. Vick did not deny myself the pleasure to also pull over to his strong body.
- You - my second wife, and on the status must be in my bed.
And he pulled her even closer to him Vick.
- Fool. - Gentleness said Mariska. - Okay, hero-lover, sit down at the table.
Vic could not sleep. The presence of a number of strong beautiful male body did not give relax. Previously, there was nothing like that. Sasha remained a friend, and an underlying eroticism never excited her to the point. In addition, (you have to be so stupid) it, holding Sasha, she settled completely naked - Woman always tormented pathological insomnia if her body did not feel complete freedom. "I'll have to go to Igor, a bit to unwind" - thought Vick.
Gradually she began to fall asleep. And then she felt her elastic ass something touched. Sleep flew from it. She froze. All of her erotic thoughts flooded with renewed vigor. She could not help myself, imagining that she could touch her buttocks. What was her consternation when hot man's hand, making his way under the sheet, confidence fell to a hip bend. At the same moment she was powerfully attracted to the male body. Thoughts, like a flock of fish, flew off somewhere. The nights have only a sense of solid pulsing masculinity nestled between her firm buttocks. But Sasha did not stop there, put his other arm between the bed and the woman's body, he gave the victory and went on the offensive. Hand lying on top, began to leisurely study. She slipped from the hip, confidently stroking a flat stomach. Fingers gently ran about a circle around the navel, and then crawled up and lay down under the breast, lifting it slightly, as if weighing. Vick felt the appraising crumples sure hand of its high elastic chest. And then Sasha with unexpected force his fingers. She felt a surge of voluptuous, tender pain, experiencing a series of aftershocks in the abdomen.
"Toy orgasm," as she called these feelings Vick, a little sobered her, but Sasha did not give her time to recover. He completely captured the chiseled chest swelled painfully missing nipple between your fingers, lightly squeezed. New attack voluptuousness forced Vick to issue muffled groan, and Sasha continued to gently tear the nipple. She was completely in his power, and when he pushed his knee between her legs, she dutifully bent one by pushing away the knee to the side. Sasha immediately went down a little, and turned his manhood against her wet cunt. Pussy love appeared completely helpless before the powerful aggressive beast ready to surrender to the winner. This vision again forced to moan softly Woman.
She grabbed the tide of sensuality throbbing rod of love. He was big, but not huge, and very solid. Under her thin delicate fingers he started, and Vic for a moment feared that Sasha will pour their juice ahead of time, but the only muffled growl. Check it out, Vic smoothly pulled the skin from the tops to the ground. Under her fingers with manicured nails I felt the steel on which gently slid the most delicate velvet. No longer able to tolerate the sweet flour, she sent a spear of love in his quivering trap, feeling pressed Sashka fingers into her hips, and his body drives his unbridled beast farther into submissive to his new master cave. The orgasm shook her body, and she buried her face in the pillow, drowning out the groans of rushing from the bottle. She expected that the partner is also available on its own juice, but it imperiously pulling her hips to her, continued strongly and steadily impale their prey. Vick admitted to herself that her traitorous body responsible Sasha. Her back sagged, as if to helpfully as possible submit a cave aggressor, her hips too lived their lives, meeting every thrust oncoming traffic. Her little foot, pulling the fingers, began to caress the male thigh. A few minutes later Sasha could not resist. A powerful piston is hosted in the cave of love, suddenly he stopped. She felt as he filled the whole of her, and then exploded. Hot jet hit Vick from the inside, like a burning, and a long lingering orgasm forced heyday night rainbow colors ...
When the girl returned to the ability to think, she realized that she would never be able to condemn himself for his cowardice. So what happened was delightful. However, Vick vowed, never again will not happen again. Mariska She loved like a sister, and her husband should stay by her husband. "I know how much they love each other. And I never saw that he looked at another woman with greater desire than to his wife. " Sasha moved and whispered a gentle tickling her ear:
- Listen…
- I do not say anything - it turned to Vick. - Let's just agree that this wonderful night we just had a dream. Everything will be the same.
She did not see how Sasha shook his head, turning to Mariska ... The mood was not. Night adventure does not go out of my head. On top of Vic forgot Mariska have their makeup. We'll have to work today after a call in to him. Vika had their keys to their apartment, and she hoped, after leaving early from work, pick up her makeup ...
Opening the door, Wick went into the hallway and froze, rooted to the spot. In the half-open door, she saw Mariska and Sasha, making love. It was a delightful sight. Vick openly looked at the pair. Mariska, prognuv tanned back, standing in the classic pose ass partner. Her buttocks were shaking to the beat elastic movements Sasha.
And the growling of undisguised passion, dug his fingers into the thigh of his wife and pushed his staff love further and further. They were so beautiful in their unbridled passion, not hearing and not seeing anything around ...
Vicki's hand involuntarily crept to the edge of the narrow short skirt. Probably, it would look a little silly with battened down skirt in the middle of a small hallway, and even surreptitiously peeping ... for the intimate lives of their best friends. her panties were damp, and she hurried to run his hand to her eager pussy, demanding to swellable bud. Sweet languor pierced her whole being when nogotochki, tsarapnuv on delicate petals, framing a wet cunt, clenched concentrated pleasure. Biting her lip, not to moan, she pressed her fingers. The whole world is for Vicki curled into a small bud of passion. A wave of pleasure swept over her, forced to lean against the door jamb. Her back arched, rounded breasts rose high, touching the nipples of the blouse. Still holding on the edge of orgasm, Vic suddenly saw Sasha paused for a moment, and then rang his triumphant roar with woven into the sound lingering feminine groan. Memories of Sashka's wand, it fills the whole inside, and the subsequent impact of scalding juice was so fresh that orgasm shook Vick. Her muffled cry merged with the voices of lovers and they had not heard. She hurried down yubchonku. She managed to silently open the door and slip out onto the landing. Leaning on the outside, Vick tried to calm the heart to jump out of his chest. As soon calmed down a little, she lifted a graceful hand to the bell button ...
Referring to fatigue and asking Vic Sasha cook dinner, Mariska went into the room. Vic was alone with Sasha. She was trying to deal with him still, but now the joke sounded too ambiguous. "No, what insolent, well, how can you be so erotic" - thought the girl, breathing in the smell of tobacco graceful spout mixture of water and a good toilet has something aggressive provotsirueschego inherent in him alone.
It seemed, however, that sly glances at her Sasha, does not notice what's going on with her. He quickly ate cooked dinner, still rattling off jokes, and went out to smoke on the stairs. Vick sat down on a stool, looking thoughtfully out of the window. Her thoughts took something that it has never excited so easily ... corner of her eye she saw as Sasha came in and stood behind her.
- Thank you, Vic, it was very tasty. And now ... He gently but firmly took Vick's shoulder and turned to him.
- Sash ... Further the words stuck in my throat because the girl is right in front of her face stood a mighty hero that grew out of his pants unbuttoned. Anger swept Vic, what is happening is not climbed in any gate. She was about to make a squirt everything she thinks about it, but the spectacle reared before her in all its unbridled glory machismo would not let her. Gradually the anger flowed down the stomach is converted to sweet languor. Vic felt at the back of his hand, gently pulling her head to the eagerly trembling flesh. The elegantly contoured mouth opened, exposing the white straight teeth. Do not resist more than your feelings, Vicky has captured his lips gently tip of the spear. The tongue girl like tasting delicacy became lightly touch the folds around the tops.
To her delight, and solid at the same time gentle Sashka weapons echoed sweet ripple. Emboldened, Vick drew pommel deeper, causing a sigh of admiration from Sasha. Eager tongue, enjoying the salty taste, caressing the entire surface of the most delicate velvet skin he could reach. The head of the girl began to make leisurely translational motion, and her soft lips tight ringlet covered rod, trying to push the crease out of the tops. Sasha moaned softly, looking at going down the process carefully. Meanwhile, Vic, desiring even more to subdue the animal, took it into his fist and began to help tame your mouth handsome. Helm slipped from plump lips, but a magnificent beast remained in captivity gentle fingers. She held to the base of the tongue, and then began to come back, gently biting his skin, as if to put on a steel rod.
Her mouth again caught pommel, increasing the pressure, the hand slid faster. Vic looked up at Sashka's face radiated undisguised passion. Then her attention again shifted to a great love machine. Throughout her pussy action, despite the lack of attention, has not stopped the decline in the "toy" orgasm. She had never experienced anything like it. It took quite a long time, but in the end came the denouement. Sasha is already familiar froze, and delicious juice poured on rewarding tab. Vick had never attempted to try juice male, but now she was enjoying his taste, with incomparable and maddening.
Vick did not dare raise his eyes to Sasha, watching as his weapon disappears for zipper slacks. If not for the hot taste of its juice, remained on the lips and tongue, she probably would have experienced a strong disappointment. Her poor wet pussy begging for affection ... Chest heaving violently girl, she was shaking from unsatisfied desire. Never ask Sasha nor bring himself to touch her pussy with it, Vick could not. Sasha did not wait for when it will go unrealized excitement in anger. He jerked Vick, leaning against the refrigerator. She only had time to turn away her head, instinctively trying to hide her face behind a blazing wave of blond hair. However, half-open mouth sensual and trembling lashes lowered eyes easy to understand given the strength of excitation. Vick did not have time to recover, as her tight skirt slid up her thighs smooth and translucent panties pushed aside, revealing a swollen petals of the flower of love.
After an agonizing moment Sashka's hand found herself between her legs. Hardly restrain a cry, she threw her head back, arched arc. And Sasha, enjoying the sight of the girl covered with passion, slowly ran his fingers over soft petals. They were quick to respond, even wider opening the entrance to the cave. Bud of love, too, has received its share of attention. Men's fingers, feeling sensual bump, squeezed it and a little pause, began to gently pull it. Vic could not keep quiet groans, bursting out of his chest in time with the movements Sashka's hands. And his fingers for a moment frozen in the bud, as if giving a girl to feel the fullness of his power over her, and then the most nimble parted the folds at the entrance and slid into the damp depths. Not owning a Vick strained muscles her pussy to feel as much as possible inside Sasha.
Time stood still for a moment. The girl seemed to side saw herself - with upturned skirt on her hips, with half-open lips to retain the taste of fragrant nectar, a male hand, confidently staged between the long legs. And it - a little barred watching her sensuality. Immediately orgasm, like a mighty wave picked up the girl, and she fell, writhing in sweet convulsions ... Sasha's chest
As she left the apartment his friends, and how to get home, Vick later and I could not remember ...
On Sunday, the couple went to Vick. Marina occasionally looked at Sasha, confident driving the car. She loved her husband, she could not imagine life without him. However, his hypertrophied sexuality, sometimes deduced it from itself. Love Lessons every day, but still, as a rule, not once, gradually began to weigh on her. Approximately every three or four days she received a fantastic pleasure from his beloved, but in between she tried to get rid of their duties quickly. Mariska saw that Sasha suffers from an overabundance of his passion.
Once Mariska intercepted Sashka's gaze fixed on the open knees Vicki. Strangely, Mariska, terribly jealous of others, not at all jealous of her husband to his girlfriend. And arose initially thought was a very frivolous: that if Sasha would change her best friend? "I could rest a bit," - she smiled to herself. Representing the perfect body weaved his closest people ... Mariska suddenly realized that it is wildly exciting. She barely doterpela when leave Vic and seduced her husband in the kitchen. And only then, already asleep, she realized that the vision, provokes its rapid desire, even for a moment of jealousy inflamed. On the contrary, she felt some wrenching tenderness to her friend. Mariska settled, huddled close to her husband, and closed her eyes. "Yes, and Vick still can not find a normal guy - she thought. - Are we not divide Sasha? The two of us just enough to satisfy his appetite ... ".
During the week that thought tormented her. In principle, everything has already been decided. Confused Mariska only two points. Firstly, it was necessary to persuade Sasha, and secondly, how to react to all of this Vic, very meticulous in these matters. Finally, one evening, she expressed all her husband. At first, her words only laugh Sasha. Within a few days he had laughed, listening to the insinuating, then the sensible speech Mariska. She did not give up, and one day Sasha asked what would happen if he suddenly falls in love with her friend. "But it is well known that men may well love two women at once, I agree to share you with Vika, but with anyone else, you hear! Do not even think about others. " Sasha thought, and then said: "Well, let's say. And how are you going to bring us? This is not a mating purebred dogs! ". Mariska jumped up: "In doing so ...."
All evening with a concealed smile Mariska watched between her husband and his girlfriend skips sparks of passion. She herself was quite fed up with love joys, but yesterday her husband gave her a crazy night. Vick also delightfully embarrassed when Sasha, as if by chance, touched her high breasts, or gaze slid over her slender legs. However, the satisfaction was recognized currently Mariska, as he openly fingered view and its own figure, which does beat out Vick confused. Later in the afternoon Mariska pulled Vick in the bathroom, whispering in a pink ear: "Come on, I rub the back of you."
Bath in bedroom Vika khrushchovkas was small, so the girls had to undress in the crush. They almost undressed, remaining in the same semi-transparent lace panties, when suddenly their elastic breasts touched. Marina delicate skin felt hard cherry nipples girlfriend. These breasts fondled sure Sasha! His fingers squeezed the nipples ... Vic cringed, but if reading the thoughts girlfriend, was in no hurry to step back.
- Come on, I'll help you take off her panties. - Marina whispered, feeling the abdomen becomes hot. Wick and only nodded slightly leaning back, closed her eyes with thick lashes. Marina leaned slightly forward. Their breasts tightly pressed against each other. Marina, listening to the delightful sensations, slipped thumbs under the narrow ribbon panties girlfriend, her hands lay on the silky skin. Ass has what we need! Having experienced a fleeting disappointment when her breasts broke up with her gentle haven, Marina began to pull her panties with friends. Her hands, following the roundness of the buttocks, slid down, and she began to squat. When her eyes were on the level of pussy girlfriend, she froze, feeling the trembling nostrils, faint fragrance. Marina stood up and, looking mischievously at her friend and said:
- You really wet out there, so you Sasha gets?
Vick started and opened her eyes, which desperately thrashing panic. And Marina, unable to restrain myself, told her everything. Mariska, chirped, something like "Sasha will soon come out of the bathroom. Well, do not be afraid, I am with you mentally", He flew off in Vika's room and closed the door in front of her. Girl in the upset feelings sat down on the edge of the sofa bed. This couch is always sleeping wife when she was at a party ... And certainly making love! She is still fighting for pieces of shattered morale, when she heard the door open bath.
She impulsively jumped to her feet, but Sasha has already entered. When Vic realized that he was completely naked, she gasped. Her eyes, like a magnet attracted manhood, seductively swaying to the beat of the steps. Morality lost irrevocably. Sasha came over and took the girl's chin, looked searchingly into her eyes.
- If you are against, then I'm gone.
Vic blushed and mumbled under his breath, feeling the abdomen hotter flame of: - I want you.
Sasha leaned to her lips. His kiss was tender, it was not a hint of passion. Pulled away, he whispered:
- I love you and I love Mariska, whether you accept it as it is?
Vic nodded, a little puzzled, and Sasha nodded and seemed to sigh with relief. Then he groaned and pressed the girl to the cabinet, stared at her mouth with his lips. His tongue possessively squeezed between her teeth and prudently examined the entire mouth. The girl, already all in the power of desire and happiness, grabbed the baby overbearing, not inferior in its insolence more lower brother, sensual lips and started groaning with pleasure, suck it. Meanwhile, her body also was attacked. Vic felt through the thin robe, her whole do not hesitate to feel. She felt that many-armed hugs her man, as an Indian god. Confident fingers, crumpling the fabric on the elastic ass, squeezed the buttocks. Then the prisoner got her breasts. After a moment, it appeared swollen nipple is found under a thin silk and cruelly tormented until the sweet, penetrating pain. Meanwhile, something is pressed against her stomach was rapidly acquire the hardness and shape. Delicate fingers immediately grasped his weapon. Vic felt her robe strung up on the waist, and has nothing naked ass again compressed. Do not know shame hand, walked through the slits separating elastic hemisphere and slid lower. The girl, unable to resist lust, shamelessly sticking pretty zadik to her languor pussy soon fell into the power of impudent finger. And they will not hesitate to stay at least a little. Wet swollen petals found themselves at the mercy of men's fingers. Vic moaned with pleasure, with his blond head on the man's chest. In her field of vision got terribly heaved the spear of love, held her own shameless fingers.
Sasha unceremoniously turned her and bent her imperiously. Once in this position, Vic, all trembled. Barely moments as directed with a firm hand a spear of love penetrated into it, causing a languid cry.
Sasha for a long time and tasteful possessed it in such a position. His hands grasped the prisoner breasts, swaying in time with the motion of bodies, then squeezing the buttocks. Vicki's body, humble man, shaking in continuous orgasm, and she could not stop moaning, sometimes jumping up to the cry of passion. Finally, Sasha stopped, that was supposed to mean a fast shot from his weapon, and the girl, turning cold on their own courage, wriggled out of his arms, sitting in front of a mighty handsome crimson. As soon as her mouth engulfed solid pommel as Sasha groaned, he threw back his head and arched his body, sending his beast forward, deeper into the prisoner humbly awaiting discharge lips. The juice poured into a sensual mouth, on the face of a girl happily receiving a treat ...
Exhausted, lovers sat on the edge of the sofa. Vic Sasha put her head on his shoulder. No words, they were not necessary. She closed her eyes and began to stroke his thigh manicured fingers. A few minutes later Sasha started, forcing Vick to open his eyes. And then her eyes are the weapon of love, once again ready to fight.
- ABOUT! - Girl admiringly looked at Sasha, and saw in his eyes flashes of passion, slowly lowered her head to the prankster. For a while, she, moaning with pleasure, would not let him out of her mouth, caressing tongue and helping himself with his hands. Then she pulled away and stood up from the couch, planted himself on a spear ...
All night Sasha gave Vick sleep having her different poses. They fell asleep in the morning, when Vetch asked ... for mercy to his master, who directed the so unceremoniously her submissive body.