My first sex

Hello! My name is Lilith and I want to tell you a story about my first time. So. . . His first guy I met when I was 17, I liked him immediately, his name was Dennis. Typically, such an unremarkable guy. When we started to talk, to treat each other very cautiously, but then began to obaschatsya like close friends, and that's when it all started ... When we walked along he kept pawing me, for the chest, for the priest. At first I hated it incredible, but then started to excite. I caught every moment to feel the touch of his gentle hands. He wrote a very lewd SMS, for example:"I really want to fuck you" and so on. And then came the day when we started dating and were already looking for a place where to enjoy each other. In my head was unbelievable fantasy.
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And that's how the night we were walking and Denise invited me to go to him to spend the night. I agreed without hesitation, looking forward to the time of the loss of my precious virginity. And here we are at his home on the bed ... He caressed me, kissed, stroked my pussy. . . I ran down and very much wanted to, he soon entered into me. I was not thinking about the pain of anything else, but just wanted to feel his hot cock in itself. And he that moment has come! He turned me on my back and hung me. He unbuttoned my blouse and began kissing my breasts and nipples biting ... I moaned with pleasure and mentally shouted:"Come on, Denis enter me deeply, so I cried out in pain !!!". . . and meanwhile he took off my panties (I byly in a skirt, but he did not want to take it off and just lifted) he clung to me and started kissing me passionately on the lips.
And suddenly I felt his hot cock between her legs, he walked quickly, gently and carefully at the same time, I cried, I cried a pleasure because there was no pain, he fucked me faster and faster ... we left off at the same time, but nothing on this has not yet ended, he grabbed me in his arms, lifted from the couch against the wall and entered me. . . I could only moan and scream:"Yes, yes, again. . ". But then he abruptly went out, put me on the floor, he sat on the sofa and said:"Come to me paw, jump a little" I went, slowly sat down on his cock and started jumping clumsily, it hurt a little, but then the pain turned into pleasure. We fucked three hours different poses. I experienced a lot of orgasms.
At the very end of our insane sex, he put me on my knees and I caressed his cock, the taste of semen and my juices with blood was delicious and I gave him an incomparable pleasure. He came to me right on the face. Without power, we collapsed on the bed, he only managed to say:"I love you. . " and we fell asleep. . By the way, we are still together and very happy.