They sat sedately in an abandoned Yakitori with laziness and ate the remains of rolls. Dark colored mass of soy sauce with chunks of something pale green, but the poisonous taste - perhaps the only thing that gave a sense of reality. Everything else - the daily routine. As if they meet a year two and mortally tired of each other. Or if the two friends, who told each other all the latest gossip and issyaknuv finally stopped for a moment empty talk. For building glass was dull rain, and the show was forever repeating the dummies on the color display. Women's boards, women, hangers, worshiped and adored that.
Suddenly, time has accelerated his rhythm and space, on the contrary, has stopped. She stopped the space, as if mesmerized by his gaze. People did not notice what is happening around, and waitresses and continued to slide on their faces, unable to find anything special about the two visitors. The usual daze, more than once described in many science fiction stories. If someone was attentive (and the people in the 90% of people think only about themselves and do not see anything beyond their own nose), they would surely have found one oddity: two remained motionless, as if gologammami while living people were somewhere not here on several levels deeper in the shadows.
Dusk. Their twilight shimmered at the edges of bright rhinestones. It kicked off with an upper part of the dress, left.
However, everything in order. All the fault of the ginger, overheated her stomach, and the blood rushed to the digestion of food, catching his gaze on her, changed her direction and hooted deep down. The uterus and vagina was rocked soft. He reached for her, something resembling a paw lone wolf; paw, bite marks seen other females in passion or injury experienced by fighting with foxes and jackals.
The vagina is reduced and was pounding in his temples. She held her breath, preparing for the inevitable jump. Battle. Hunting. He is mine. Today, he's mine. Now or never. She gently took his invitation, brought down the table to the side and sat on top, hugging his legs around his shins. Its juice dissolved part of his clothes just in the right place and his cock, freed from narrow denim, with a force entered her body had not yet warmed.
Until the middle of the elbow of her legs became cat, nails, grew out of the blue cast fingertips .. The neck has become a few centimeters long, that was especially noticeable when it is bent, pushing his cock deeper into yourself. He closed his eyes to better feel her excitement. She was silent, so as not to be distracted by moans. Moans could be heard through the gloom outsiders, such old-timers say, it happens to people. But I am sitting in front of a girl who seemed sensed something was wrong, and put aside the ice cream. The little girl felt ill at ease and want to pop a bullet in the toilet, but he remained seated as if chained to his seat. This is part of the Twilight touched her for a moment. She shuddered, took a deep breath and walked out of his stupor.
The two continued to dance. Broken plates and cups lying around on the floor of his waiters sake, as a matter of course, have carried out one by one in the sink.
He put it on the table and bowed slightly, fucked. The tip of its tail rhythmically in motion rhythm touched his buttocks. Thin high boots published melodious music background. It was not the usual creaking real patent leather, it was twilight musical echo.
At the moment of highest flight, when the initial point of reference, it should start to shudder in orgasm and emit a groan he opened his eyes and firmly pushed her away from him: "Not here". Unbearable pain of her body assigned to it by a member tip and it :. Not finished, knowing that they will have a long road in the arguments about the meaning of life to her house, only there, she returned her normal human body he could make love to her as an ordinary man with a very ordinary woman.
He had no time to dodge. It has already been disappearing nail still scratched his chest diagonally. Deep cat bloodless incision was payback for the interrupted pleasure. She regained himself and sat down in her place. "Please score, girl!".