Very heavy morning

It was a summer Saturday afternoon. I was at the club. Fun, drinking, dancing, and ETC. At the bar, I met two guys, they were cute. Their names Igor and Maxim. They treated me drink until I'm not a good drunk!

Maxim - And went to the apartment?

I - well, let's go!

I was quite drunk, and therefore easily accepted. They took another bottle, and we got into a taxi. I dimly remember how we went to the apartment. But remember at the apartment, we began to drink more. Then we moved into the bedroom, they stripped me immediately, and I started to have sex with the two of them. I climbed on top of the Maxima, and Igor zade joined up, and they began to have me in two holes at the same time. I was terribly drunk, and I did exactly what they did to me. I alone know what I'm insatiable little if any vypevshaya. Then they switched places and continued in the same vein. I ended up probably every 2 minutes.

I - I want you raped me!

Igor - And now that you are not satisfied?

I - Tie me tight! Very hard! That I could not escape from you nowhere!

Maxim - Well, if you want it!

They tied me to the four corners of the bed. I was quartered!

I - Stronger knit me!

They tightened still grieve, and stretched me stronger. After I was completely immobilized and defenseless, they continued their work. And I just screamed.

I - Fuck me harder! I want to be your bitch!

Igor - What got mad!

Maxim - she had not even tired, and I exhaled slowly!

Igor - I too)))

I was drunk at the time is gone. Allow to tie the perfect stranger paryam I know a few hours, and wear out. And then I have beaten off the memory.

I woke up in a room that is still tied to the bed, completely naked. The whole body ached terribly, arms and legs numb from the ropes. His head ached from the alcohol. For me it was not even a blanket, and I slept all the time naked and bound! I looked around, the room was empty. I remember that there were two men, their names I definitely could not remember. I even their faces barely remember. The room was definitely female, as there were women's clothes. At one apartment, I did not even represented at what address. I was afraid to call the guys. I did not mean that they have such a saw. Although it is they stripped me and tied up, but today I would sober them shy. I was scared, which I do? Why do I contact? I started trying to break free on their own, but it was useless. I myself screaming to me tightly linked. I tried the hands and feet, as there is nothing to not work again. And I began to think. Decide if I call someone or whether or not. Come so be it, I will call! I unleash, I immediately run away and get dressed, and more will not interfere with them.

I - who be come to me! Please who may be! I am here on a bed in any room.

Nobody answered. Even I could not hear even a rustle in a quart. Either everyone was asleep and did not hear me. Now I really was very frightening. I started to scream, twitch, turn to cry, but it was useless. Connectedness, I was very hard, I would not have got out unaided. 5 minutes later I heard a door open somewhere in the apartment. Probably input. I was delighted, and was withdrew. Now they will see me again so, and suddenly begin to rape again. And suddenly enters the room the girl with a guy. The guy was definitely not one of those, I would have remembered.

Girl - Oh, you whore!

I swallowed tongue. I do not even know what to say.

Girl - Maxim leads back to my room any hos. Glory to leave the room.

I understood that it was a sister of Maxim and Slava her boyfriend!

I - I do not remember nothing, I do not even know who the Maxim. Girl untie me.

Light - the First is not a girl, and Light! And secondly, I for such a whore will not even touch.

I - I'm not a whore, I just went through yesterday.

Light - You're a real slut! Lying immediately associated with his hole in the show, the entire abdomen, breasts, face in sperm, zatrahanaya on my bed! Even obosala it! Creature!

I - Light Please untie me and I'll go home, see me again!

Light - I to you I will not even touch, I told you! Suppose you unties Max, he's had you.

I - Well, call me Maxim.

Light - he is lying asleep drunk, pray to wake up as early as possible.

I - Oh, please untie, I can not.

Light - Oh, you beast obrygala my stuff!

I - I do not remember nothing.

Light - on the internet a place for you! Thank Carry camera.

I - Why are you doing.

Glory - Brought! Th You have not yet untied?

Light - I wanted this bitch right now, and let down to the 'Net.

Praise - As though her name?

I - I'm Marina! Do not throw in the 'Net, I beg you.

Light - You should not have to piss on my bed, and burp at things!

Glory - ahahahaha!

I was so ashamed. She turned on the camera and started to take off, and comment.

Light - I came home and went to my room and saw a picture here. On my bed is associated whore, all in the semen, and she is still pissed my bed, and obrygala things. I show you her red zatr¸pannuyu pussy closeup.

I - Enough!

I started to roar, to twitch. Vid I really looked like a whore, lying naked with by a pussy on display, in front of two strangers.

Light - See how she suddenly felt ashamed, even he cried, trying to cover her pussy, but can not!

Glory - The light can be enough to scoff?

Light - If I could, I would beat her and scratched straight right now.

I - Light I froze! I can not, I beg you.

Light - Suck my leg, I thought then)))

I wanted very much to get out of there and was ready to do whatever was in my power.

I - I suck, suck!

She took off her stockings and stuffed me his foot in his mouth, and continued to shoot at the camera. I was so disgusted that I almost threw up again.

Light - Suck, lick every finger!

Glory - ahahaha! This is not your lucky Marina)))

I - the tub! kkk!

Light - let's Suck!

After 5 minutes, she pulled out a foot out of my mouth! And start shooting the second stocking.

Light - Now the second leg!

I did not mind, and began to lick the second leg. After the second got out of Light he said.

Light - I went into the shower, glory not only to untie her, even laugh)))

I - well, please Slav though you untie me!

Glory - Why do I need this? What's in it for me?

I - I can lick your feet.

Glory - ahaha! I am not interested. Tell us how you ended up in this situation?

I - I do not remember nothing, I got drunk and came here with some two guys asked them to bind themselves, and here I am!

I immediately noticed that I was very excited Slavik in a way related and helpless! And I decided, so maybe convince him!

I - Glory climbs and fuck me, but I will not say nothing to the Light if you untie me then.

Glory - Just do not tell?

I - Yes! Fuck me fast and untie!

He abruptly sprinted pants and entered me. My vagina is very ill after yesterday, and I was already exhausted all. And the glory spared me, he fucked me very hard, I have time before the arrival of Amy. I wanted to grab the back of his nails, but connected at the corners of my hands prevented to do so. And then I realized that the sober sex that much better! I would like to me, and I left untied, and at the same time, I wanted to fuck me Slavik continued as tough as fuck.

I - OOOO! Yeah!

Thank - You finished?

I - And how! Please continue!

I just Pearl of buzz! This sex I had ever had. Although I was like the last whore, all wear out many times, but I would like to continue this act!

Glory - AAAA! Yeah!

I - You finished?

Glory - And how?

I - keep doing this to me!

And he put me two fingers in her pussy and began to fuck me them. It seemed to me that I am right now, I will tear the rope from the buzz, I would shrink into a ball. But I could not. He did not stop.

Glory - All the World is coming!

I lay exhausted, unable to even say the word. I forgot that Slavik had promised to untie me.

Light - What a whore will do with you?

I - What do you want then!

Light - Okay, I'll untie you!

Light untied my hands and feet. I was not very familiar after so many hours to move his arms and legs. I dressed out of the room, and saw two guys sleeping on the floor. I recognized them, Max and Igor. I went to the front door and saw his shoes. Light them all ripped. But I have confused and went barefoot. When I came out of the house, it turned out that I was only a few yards from his home.

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