Treacherous lord. Start

Night! Fog! I'm lying on the pavement, his head incomprehensible emptiness! wet pebbles road runs through my life, and the moments that bring me only pain! I can not get up! I do not remember! I only remember the bright headlights and gnashing of metal! I hear the sound! lantern sound that swings from side to side and makes a nasty creaking! I raised my head the light from the light becomes brighter and brighter! He lined up at the track! How do I want to go there and merge with this light! Stop! I can not, I have to get up! Come on! Get up! Yes! I did it ...

I woke up in a hospital room with a bandaged head and completely naked, in a certain hospital gown, his feet hurt like foot blown off! Check! Feet on the ground! Only in the crease area swollen, but oh well the main remained alive! Why is it so dark? Well, not too much, but obviously that is not the morning? Wait a minute because I had an accident !!! Stop and where my family because I was with them? And all this happened? Trying to get out of his hospital bed! Does not exceed! Creature! Feet hurt, I kind of remember when my brother told me when I was put on the bed, I was then in a state of delirium, that smoking is allowed in the toilet, he is at the end of the corridor! So it is necessary to consider kurnut and is all the same it was? A cigarette? Phew on the bedside table! Well, I get up? What is this garbage? It is understood that the damn thing with wheels, to break a leg to learn to walk! Great, so come here! There is! It remains only to climb on it! Iiiiii! Buch ... attempt to agree is not the best! Well ka for the homeland - for Stalin! Yes! Female feet hurt all the same! But I'm a hero! I climbed to this garbage! I hobble to the door! Revealing! Bright light in the eye! Well, damn how to direct the horror film! I hate this dress! So! ABOUT! And over and toilet, to my Mercedes! Quietly I hobble to the toilet in anticipation of a smoking couple sigaretok, when suddenly the door opened and a nurse comes out of there! - So this is where you're going? she says and hands on your hips supposedly cool! - According to want to smoke! I say I was surprised! - Where are you going to smoke it at 3 am? - Where a cop ... that is in the toilet! - We have a smoking room! She says she closely examines me! - Well then, would you please show me where your smoking room? - let's go to!

Go ahead ass I would class it zhahnul, but not now! We reach the smoking room, it is next to the toilet! - There is a cigarette to my surprise she asks! - There is! I give one of the two that I took! She first comes to the smoking room and waits until I'll go! Getting in! Closes at my door and podkurivaet me a cigarette which in my mouth! I sit down on the only chair and ohrenevayu of ripple in the feet! She sees my face and asks protracted! - accident? - Yes it is the most - You're okay! - Yeah damn I'll finish of these events! - You have beautiful eyes! He says she is close to me coming! And her eyes are looking in the right, the left eye! - In terms of!!? I tell her with a smile and a complete idiot oherevaniem the situation! I start to deviate! - In direct my boy! and knelt down! Che EPT for a fool! I've got a mountain, and it climbs! I would not say I'm handsome, but not ugly! But such behavior from a girl I've never met! kneels puts his palm on my knee, and the other hand under her dress and shoves grabs my cock! Starts nadrachivat! I am in full oherevanii! By the way she is a girl of 30 years, slim with a wedding ring, a cute brunette! As they say in their prime! I'm already a member of the stake, however as nature, and I gave up!

She undid the buttons on his robe and showed the chest in black bust! Hands behind your back click and bra is already next to her! her breasts but pretty average, I reached out with one hand and began to crush her! At the same time she raised my hospital robe and took his dick around his lips! Her hot mouth began to sit down on my cock, she got out his tongue and licked the head, and then proceeded to suck again, I did not last long! and throwing his head back, he closed his eyes and began to cum into her mouth! She swallowed my cum, but it was a lot, so a little bit, leaked from the corner of his mouth! graduating she sucked the sperm out of the penis remnants! Middle finger spilled semen collected from his chin and licked her finger, stood on his feet, raising his nearly dotlevshuyu cigarette, took a couple of puffs! and whispered! - I'll be yours forever my lord !!!

Continued: Treacherous lord. Mystic. Part 2