Natasha. Part 1

Natasha turned the next page of the story, and licked his dry lips with excitement once again delved into reading. Natasha loved to read love stories and novels, but over time it gradually turned to stories about the love story with a frank strawberry. She had not bought the book in stores it to download them from the Internet, printed out and read avidly, while incredibly excited. She liked to feel like the nipples of her full breasts swelling and hardening, rub against the cloth robe and pussy while wet so that the lubricant emerging from the swollen genital lips dripping down to the anal hole.

At thirty-four years, I never worked Natasha, and her whole job was raising children and maintaining home comfort. At the same time it has maintained a good shape, despite the fact that she gave birth to and raised two sons 13 and 15 years. If before the birth she was too thin brittle, then after the birth of her second son, she nalilas femininity, her breasts grew to the size of the fifth, there was a light belly and hips are wider, and the ass at all was her pride, appetizing and elastic. Natasha lying on the couch and read the next story often massaged pussy finger dipped in her back hole. Feeling finger penetrating into the hole anus even more exciting and Natasha vtalkivaya finger his ass roughly finished, presenting itself in place once the story of the heroine. Masturbation Natasha brings relief, though short-term, especially since her husband though Natasha fucked in the mouth and pussy, anal sex is not love, that Natasha had to fuck his ass myself. And the more the more she liked to fuck your ass than necessary. The sensation of orgasm by fucking in the ass every time only intensified.

Husband Natasha good money, but in recent times often drunk with friends and came home in a state of extreme intoxication, undressed and showered sleep. That these evenings Natasha expecting particularly strong. Put the kids to bed she was in the bath, washed, greased anal lubricant its elastic hole, and then came into the bedroom bedside lamp lit, turned the snoring husband in the back to pull off his pants and stood over him on all fours sticking out his ass at the same time began sucking flaccid penis. Natasha was able to suck and loved so almost immediately after the member was in a dense ringlet her wet lips he began to harden and grow in size, as Natasha polished head lips members taking his tongue poddrachivaya eggs with hand barrel. The husband in this case continued to snore sometimes smacking his lips in a dream. Once Natasha riotous sense of a member and testicles in his mouth, she sat on top of the number of sticking his ass luxurious.

Feeling the drop of the anus to the head size to force it so that Natasha groaned as bursting out of my chest jerk sat fully on the dick of her husband, feeling a pleasant pain in the unfolding toward member ass and began to jump on the penis while being careful not to sit at him all the weight so as not to wake him . She finished with groans clutching her breasts, twisting her nipples. When he finished, she get off with a drunken husband, he pulled back his pants and fell asleep with a pleasant itch in the ass. But on the morning after Natasha usually wake up on pushes in pussy and opening his eyes with pleasure looked through the eyelids on ebuschego her husband. Husband fuck her in the pussy and moved above taking the hair began to fuck her in the mouth taking the same direction and calling her a whore. Natasha took pleasure in her mouth swallowing her husband's semen. Her husband finished his, kissed his wife on the cheek, said thank you and went to work. Natasha is twisting in the head evening fuck in the ass and being raised too got up and went to collect their children to school.

PS. This is my first experience of writing these stories.