Hi, my name is ... and other things are not important, I am 16 years old and I have a second cousin, Maria let it be, this story is real, any matches are random, the names have been changed.

It was a warm spring day I met my beloved sister from the train and we went for a walk in the city. In the afternoon, the weather deteriorated badly and went torrential rain. I asked her to go with me, just the parents went to the wedding of a friend and left me a beautiful two-storey house. On arrival home, we got warm tea and went to treat a huge house. Bypassing the one room she noticed the camera on Trinoga and said that she would like to arrange a photo session. I could not resist the charming of his sister and agreed, in response, she hugged me greatly, for a moment it seemed to me that she was ready to strangle me hugs.

I turned on the camera, lit a bright chandelier hanging on a high ceiling light room. Masha took a pose and a bright flash lit up the room, followed by another about seven or eight shutter. She came to me, leaned on my shoulder and looked at me, flipping pictures, passing yourself removing those she did not like.

After viewing the photos taken, she said that she wanted no ordinary photos and took off her blouse, defiantly throwing it in the corner of the room. Mary stayed in blue jeans and a tight black lace bra (lace love). At that time I became interested in looking at her actions and when she turned around and took a new position, I looked into her eyes and saw how they shine. Mary got ready and I pressed the shutter release and the flash lit up the room again.

Again, making a series of ten photos, she just came up and began to look through the photo, not noticing as I stared at her beautiful breasts. Without noticing it has completed the procedure of browsing photos, I continued to admire her breasts. Then I looked up and our eyes met, I was embarrassed, and she smiled softly and walked to the wall to hold another position. But I wanted to take a picture, she said - "Wait, let's continue ..." and began to unbutton his jeans.

I stood spellbound looking at a kind of striptease. Mary took off her jeans and they just proceeded to the blouse. I opened a beautiful view of the lace panties, I felt like my penis began to rise, but not the kind I'm giving back "sighted" and took photos. After the first shutter, she turned back to me, put her hands on the wall and sticking out his elastic ass, I froze, she did not understand what was happening and ordered pictures. I also made a series of photos, and in the hope that it will again come up and filter the taken photos moved away, but it stayed in place. Masha looked me in the eye and said: "and now the hottest" and she took off her lacy bra. I stood bewitched, breathing heavily and felt as a member of the tissue begins to bulge of his pants, Masha, of course, noticed it and smiled sweetly.

She said that I would do a picture that I dutifully complied, after which she went to the camera and began to view my pictures. At the same time she was in shorts before his second cousin. I did not take his eyes off of her body, slowly casting a glance the whole body, I came close to her shoulder and took a deep breath, fill your lungs completely its smell. I slowly lost my head ... Then Mary turned suddenly, looked back into my eyes, full of excitement and said: "You want to touch it?" Without waiting for my answer, she took my hand and pressed it to her breast. I felt her nipples harden and I realized that she too was not indifferent to what is happening.

Finally I lost my head sharply approached and stared at her luscious lips, she reciprocated and made a small faint moan which I took as a signal for action. With his left hand, I stroked her breasts, pulling the elastic nipple, and slid his right hand on divine ass. Masha even more closer to me and whispered: "I want you!" But I still decided "try" her with caresses. I ran right hand into her panties and slid smoothly down pubis kicked out and now my fingers reached the goal, it was very wet and very hot. I ran his fingers over her clit, which she twitched convulsively, as if I touched the contact. She was breathing heavily. My finger sank into her hot pussy, there was quite crowded, hot and slippery, I pulled out of her finger and licked it.

Performing the procedure dive I put a finger to her lips and held them in response, she took it into his mouth and looked around his tongue. My swollen to the limit member through his pants rubbed against her ass, she has not left unattended and started strongly compress it. Mary put her hand in my pants and took the hand of the hot member, the amount of which it does not upset.

I took her ass lifted, she grabbed my legs and we went into another room. When we got to my room, I put it on her double bed and abruptly took off her panties wet with juice, inhaling the smell of which I was excited even more. I was ready to break its member, but focused on the sister's feelings. Legs apart machines, I placed between them and breathed in the smell of dripping pussy, then I gently touched tongue to the swollen clitoris, in response to what she started, and the whole room there was a languid moan. My tongue began to study every crease of her bud, simultaneously collecting all the juices that for each muscle contraction of its caves, flowed out and flowed almost stream down her ass. After examining all the sisters I licked pussy ring anus, the taste of which I am very pleased.

Trying to penetrate the tongue as deep as possible in her ass, I plunged two fingers into the vagina and began to drive them there stimulating point G. Masha spun and writhed trying to enjoy as it is possible to deeply on my tongue and fingers. And the wall of her vagina fell and covered her bright orgasm, my face irrigate its secretions. Lick her crotch, I stood up and took off his pants along with shorts. And then I got out to my erection reached the limit during caresses not small size. Masha seeing as I took off his pants immediately took his hand and held it to her lips, I could feel her breath on his huge purple head. Few admired member she ran her tongue along the bridle, which caused my moan, then she took the head in his mouth, running her tongue over her, and the next movement swallowed whole member to the ground, resting his nose in the smooth pubis.

I was surprised how well it captured the deep blowjob technique, the head was in her throat. Masha made swallowing movements than instantly brought me to orgasm first, I was a little bit away from her, pulled out a member of the half and poured all his vulgar mouth burning semen. Jet of sperm hit the sky Masha's surprise and the strength of the pressure she choked for a second, but not taken aback, she began to swallow the hot elixir. Having swallowed the contents of his mouth Masha licked her lips and looked me in the eye, pointing to the member. Looking down at my gun, she saw a drop of white thick liquid in the slot on the head of the penis, gently put her lips Masha half of the head and sucked the remains, and then she kissed member. After this blowjob she again began to flow and excited that did not go unnoticed. Masha I raised and pressed against the wall, she realized her gorgeous ass sticking out and I went into it, which I have long waited for, among other things in the summer, but this is not now.

I made two short translational motion, but Masha abruptly backed away, thereby plunging my cock to its full length. In this position, we stood for a minute, while intertwining languages. I tried to step back for the sequel, was immediately stopped by the floor stonom- floor exhale: "avast!" I did not dare to disobey, and later regretted. Masha began compress and decompress from the vaginal muscles which was very close to her cave, which could not fail to please, these actions were accompanied by small tremors in my direction - trying to push deeper, and so deep-seated, a member.

It is delivering a bunch of emotion and pleasure, that to me it was the first time. She nadrachivat me your pussy for ten minutes, and then I broke down and started hard, not afraid of the word, to fuck her as a bitch. Her moans turned into screams. These jumps minutes so lasted fifteen or twenty naturally I sometimes slow down the pace to give your muscles a rest that begins to reduce. Mary let out a loud groan, which was more like a growl and roughly finished, my legs Gulf of their grease. During orgasm, her cunt throbbing strongly, holding inside me, from what I had done struck a thick stream into the uterine wall. We collapsed on the bed.

After a short rest, I opened my eyes and saw Masha wiped his sheets drenched pussy to the brim, drooping heads for my pal, took him into her mouth she skillfully lead member in a fighting stance. She sat on top of me and stabbed himself with my number, she rode a long time ... sitting up she put her penis in her ass and began to sink. Please ring sphincter swallowed head a little getting used to the new feeling, Masha fell and touched again, wet lips of my pubis. It was very close the hole, wall tightly encircled the trunk.

She started to sit down on my penis by increasing the tempo, touch wet bud pubis caused very sexy smacking. Seeing this, I can easily put in the pussy Masha two fingers and began to squish them, five minutes later Maria learned all the charm of a jet orgasm, with a snarl on my body squeezing tasty liquid. After that took two hands for the ass Masha and began to fuck her moving it on myself, as soon as she moved away from the next orgasm, Maria took the initiative in their own hands, or rather in his ass. Masha jumped on me for a long time by changing the speed, frequency and range of motion, so that I could not resist and finished. Cum filled to the brim with her ass. She got off my piston got up and crustaceans that it was possible to see the sperm in large diameter hole.

I introduced two fingers in the ass Masha and raked the contents, and then brought her fingers to her mouth and she sucked them without words. Exhausted we went to bed and fell asleep. In the morning I tried to remember what had happened and could not believe it but on a stormy evening indicating lack of underwear and we made pictures of me. When Mary woke up, I hinted at the morning sex, kissing her and playing with nipples tongue, but we have managed only sweet blowjob since Masha had to leave his city. After breakfast we went to the station. Before planting, we have merged in a long kiss which concluded our meeting. Now I talk to her through the social. online or over the phone and every time I tell her how much I love her and wait to visit again ...