A guilty right?

A guilty right?
Dedicated to Cyril.
All the events described in the story are fictitious, any coincidences are casual.
My chief's wife, Tanya, works something like the Secretary, strict woman. And he, well, not that that would deadhead, but soft so ... Here it is him then or whether to say, offensive, or there is a sharp, but he would say nothing ... well, in general, is not our business, just in my opinion not correct this, a man in a host family it should be. Although the woman, she is very beautiful, my 30 does not look in any way. So that it can be understood. And in general he's a man of the world, so little things the staff just do not touch. By Cyril have so much respect that his Tanya, we as a woman did not even look, well, just watched, but only a very peripheral vision, to the same person I was a little afraid of her)))
We are in this day gathered men's team in the bath, we do often to walk, sometimes with the girls ... I do spirits do not like, but the warm up and the girls I like it))) And today a major partner came to us at our office at he tied flooring business ...
By lunchtime Kirill gave Oleg, my colleague, the job is to bring to the office of the vendor, can not remember exactly, it seems, Semen Aleksandrovich name. Oleg went to the hotel, and we plunged into the work. Cyril in his office, Tanya everywhere but not with him. So quarrel in the morning, they usually do not swear, all the more in the team. Then came the supplier of such well, uncle 50 years, tum, gray-haired, balding ... with such lordly manners ... and immediately came to the chief's office. After some time, we went with the boys to smoke, I do not really smoke, but for the company ... Then out pops bosses office Tatiana, eyes burning, all red ...
Just in case I braked her: "What happened?" -sprashivayu. Here, let me then it can pass by Cyril had to cool off, and before you know it would not have happened ... But I called her, she stopped going to say something ..
And then Cyril jumped out of the cabinet. In the corridor I stood Stas, Oleg and his wife.
-Oh, you bitch, what are you doing, - he shouted.
-A place that would scream, think of me, you're my husband, - she said.
-Husband? at work I'm your boss, you ... you know what she had done,
Cyril yelling, not appeased.
-And that I should behave like a whore? - Tanya is already screaming.
The situation is heating up, and Stas Oleg, looks at them and afraid to move.
-Will, you'll be a whore, if you say you clearly a bitch.
-Fuck you, - in the voice of Tanya screamed.
-This ... now go to the bath, I'll show you a bitch, you're dicks
suck if I tell you, I realized - we guys just fell into the sediment.
-Come on, who do worse? Tatiana said quietly.
He ran out into the yard, got into his car and drove home.
Tanya turned and left the office. Where is this Simon A. I did not even notice. Tanya the way to evening and stayed locked up at night in silence and went out.
Before leaving, we cracked his fellows on that Cyril - (!) As a man Tatiana put into place ... and immediately decided to go to the bath. We're here, take a steam bath, rest the men drank and I did offer to order the girls. Here Oleg says that girls do not need that today we do not need slut. Here we come to torture him for that application? He says only lybitsya ... And here before me and it was to realize that the secrecy ... It seems Cyril was not joking ... and seriously going to bring in bath wife ... After this conjecture, I, unlike the fool Oleg is not happy, said the same thing: husband and wife, one of Satan. If we are here for you ... Tanya m, Cyril pouvolnyali as we have in Figure ... of course, he may divorce his wife, but this is unlikely.
And there is in my mind the idea get out of here quick, because Tatiana me by anyone, in which case, do not save. And who am I, that would save another man's wife? And maybe I would still decided to escape, but then the basement provider, Semyon Alexandrovich, and for some reason began to actively chat is with me. Painfully, he was surprised that I do not drink. In short, I did not have time to leave ...
A little later, Kirill arrived, and did not come alone (((when Tanya came in, in a robe over his naked body in the room, do not know how the others, but I still just stood on end ... From surprise all but Oleg ceased, and he as if nothing had happened, one word- Judas)).
-That is, yes, of itself -vydavil Andryuha.
-What are you Kirill said to me that this is your wife, boomed Semen
Aleksandrovich. "Well, sit down, do not stand the whole evening." Here before me was the dawn hike this uncle, which made -That insulting in relation to Tanya, and she did, too, see what is said here Cyril and get into a fuss.
He took his wife by the hand and led her to the table.
Our guys quickly fuss, freeing the best places.
Tanya did not utter a word.
Semen Aleksandrovich, aristocratic movement spilled over the vodka. This Razi instead of juice I drank sorokogradusnoy.
-And what will be the lady to drink? he asked.
-Nothing, I want a cool head, which would then in detail, tell it to my wife - she sehidnichela. Well, obviously, Tanya was not thrilled with the Blessed plans.
For ten minutes, the guys without me) drank somewhere 3 bottles of vodka, trying to fill
awkward pause. While the men were filled, I quickly analyze events, and quickly becoming drunk in my brain pictured the following picture.
Drunk and emboldened Kirill said something in the spirit of: "Well, guys, drank? It's time e.at whores. "Sd¸rnet with Tanya robe krutan¸t her a couple of times that we all have seen, evaluated before it is empty circle. Who cares, out of it after even a woman like Tanya, adult, mature, strong, not only breast and ass, but also the whole organism as a whole, fucked 7 men at once, it is the former would not like. And God forbid if the bruises and scratches remain only on slender legs, but looking at the harried Tanya think today she added here and bruised soul. And then Cyril presumably publicly give it in her mouth, but not just as cynical, to the point of suffocation. And what I saw at a surly Cyril hurry that he just gets drunk for courage. Now further understood but that after his wife Tanya perform suction, immediately connect Semen
Aleksandrovich, how do I proceed according to seniority ... poor girl, if she is not a great mistress doing blowjob, then she has blisters on the lips appear. Although there lips, their saliva to lubricate though she can, but moisten the perineum for so many men, it's just for whores with great experience. Although it again because now the sperm splattered from head to toe, so wet, it certainly will. Incidentally always wondered why traces of someone else's semen on the woman excite? It is believed that excites not the sperm and the woman she watered, it becomes, as it were sexier. Fucking kind of a strange woman introduced in my mind.
Tanya could not fully open his eyes, as prevented the sperm from the nose hanging droplet. Roth she held ajar, and from there flowed sperm with saliva. His hair was disheveled, on the neck stains fingers. From these thoughts I was right there almost did not finish.
After its good po..ut in the head, and other openings not escape his fate. There is certainly an option that still restrict the classics, if not this nice guest. His before the arrival of the chief struck a conversation and he told us how the conductor fucked in the ass. And judging by his comments I think Tanya's ass in great danger))). In front of me opened thrilling picture. What could be nicer than vye.at as the last prostitute her strict boss, according to the custom of the glorious city garden and Gamora?
By the way that's interesting to divorce Tanya Kirill after such violence against her? Principle of children they have, so they especially do not hold, although the family of course a pity. Who would have thought that Cyril ... so evil, or he just pi..r done for the sake of his wife sells dough? If so it would be better if she divorced him, and perhaps I better quit, despise those who make money selling the honor and conscience.
And so my options for action:
1) flowing downstream, well fuck and leave.
2) Wait a straight dump, and even more so to leave because I can not not men, this half-heartedness will not understand.
3) Save Tanyuha. Just I do not know how to others and I have developed a reflex to ask first whether they want to be rescued that they saved. And how to do it? If a minute later it will begin to ...? M-AH!
-And what is yours, Tanya and will not drink - suddenly asked
Semen Aleksandrovich
-Do not want to drink so let him work, I said a drunken voice. - Well, that's what I thought.
Turning, he bared her breasts, Tatiana is not resisted, just glared at all contemptuous look. That made me even more upset,
He got up, threw a dressing gown, appeared for all to see his fat hy, took Tanya's hair and roughly shoved into her mouth. The room was friendly sigh, no one but me, did not expect this.
Chef Tanya tried planting deeply, for the most eggs, she weakly tried to pull away, but to no avail, her breasts swayed to the beat of a powerful movement. Realizing that Rubicon pereyd¸n I decided to make a last attempt to save but do not interfere with conscience, honor already out of the question here.
Cyril, you Che oh.el? For you it so? - I said, just in case rising.
Continuing to move Tanya mouth Cyril croaked:
-Deserved blyadina, neh.y guests in the face to beat.
Now I began to understand everything. Dear Guest slapped Tanya in the ass, and she told him on the snout. Mdja-I. I did not think that such an asshole Kirill. Personally, I would also add a guest, even if the word. And he won Che creates. Well, actually assessing who is sitting where I left the table and stood up so that all would see.
Meanwhile, the chief fucked and fucked her in the mouth before the finish, pulled HJ and splashed it all over his face. Took a step, he looked at his wife.
Tanya's face flushed, carcasses flowed, she was breathing unevenly.
-Ai, Kirill, ah well done, which is not greedy, and Tanya you just super, -privstav said Semyon Alexandrovich. He realized that in order of seniority, and now it is his turn.
At this point, I yelled at him to "sit." He's back and sat down. I began using second pause:
-You Th opoloumeli guys, okay Kirill mind for the mind has gone, but you're the conscience of ASIC. -So far I say take a glass bottle of eyeliner in hand. Position guys stalemate and e.atsya want something and conscience who remained. Conscience is because the thing in itself, appears when he wants to, and if you forget about it, then it seems not, but who will recall may come and punch in the face, his kulakom- shame that would shame flushed face that to sweat that would be a question in your head "Che I done something?"
So guys silent that does not say, Semyon Alexandrovich, too, the type of broken only looked at me, just smelled heavy pizdyuley immediately fell silent. On the other hand, if we put our whole team chief obstruction to his plans swingers he's offended, it's hard to be the only bastard in the workplace.
Short for any last word Kiril, and he told him:
-I went nah.y g..don conscientious Come on ... - what he's going to say next, I do not know, because I stopped him in the head a bottle. I was lucky though and broke the bottle but the face of the boss is not scratched. Contrary to the laws of the genre in nakaut boss is not gone, but not very legible mats got on me. For those who rarely fought one against many, I will explain the moment of attack is often a hub during the discussion, if you do step back you definitely beat all, if forward, then there are options. I picked up the table and knocked over, turned it on Cyril, here have all jumped up.
Jumped to the head and drove into the sun on the left, grabbed Tanya, is now quite dirty, not only sperm but also a salad on the face))). I tell her that the dress would go. I turn to colleagues and say "Guys calm guy."
Going into the locker room where Tatiana was crying. rosettes put on a dressing table, and began to dress her fast, and never knows what will come running husband))). Odell, he dressed. They went out of the bath, put her in the car and go. Sam went home too.
On Monday, the work came to the dinner that would not lose time, wrote a statement at home. Say hello to Cyril, hands are not fed, gave him a statement he podmahnul, gave money, work back and everything.
Absolutely everything, she did not call me. It happens that for a good deed or who do not reward, because probably some good actions you make are not for people but for themselves. True it was nice to know that Cyril dismissed the entire company in a month)))