How to seduce a daughter-2

A little after sitting in front of TV and after waiting for a daughter, I went to bed, turning off the lights. She came out of the bathroom in the shadows and slipped into her bedroom. I was lying and I was not myself, I felt that too far. Suddenly I heard the bedroom quiet and restrained sobs. Juliana cried.
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I do not know what to do. It is necessary to calm her, to apologize, after all, to resolve the conflict. I quietly walked to the bedroom door, light a lamp seeping from under the door, she clearly did not sleep. Anticipating difficult conversation with an explanation that was so we need both, I pushed the door of the bedroom. My humble nevestushka lay across the bed on her back ... and quietly moaning with pleasure. And it was from that moan. With both hands she play hard between her legs. Sport T-shirt rode up exposing both breasts and tummy, thong lying on the floor. Eyes closed, sensual mouth slightly open, his cheeks burning. Hearing my footsteps in the room, she opened her eyes, but did not take even attempt to hide behind. I was surprised and I asked: "You feel bad? Can I help you?". "Help!" - She said, and opened her legs invitingly.

I saw then that he had long dreamed of seeing - the pink fleshy crotch. I knelt down and gently held his tongue in her hole. Warm and soft crotch opened, and in front of me opened delicate pink petals of her labia. She stopped breathing, his chest filling with air. From her flower smelled pungent musky smell. I am deeply stuck his tongue and lips, clasped a small pink hillock. Lips compressing, language I was trying to crush her clitoris, making her let out a loud groan. It lasted just ten seconds, after which she violently threw me in the face three short streams. I sat up, wiped his face on her shirt and bent over her face. She glared at me for a long and passionate kiss. Her hands clasped me, and then began to descend lower and reached the panties she boldly slipped his hand into my pants.

My penis has long been torn out. I took off his pants. She directed my cock into her crotch. Oh my God!!! What a thrill it was !!! If I had to starve the year in terms of sex, and in return promised to have sex with my daughter, I would not hesitate to agree. After all, it was worth it. When I entered her easily, she was approaching a new eruption. As soon make a couple of deep shock, I felt a warm trickle that struck me in the testicles. Then we had a lot of different poses, then I licked her wet crotch, and she enthusiastically sucked from me the remains of seminal fluid. In total, so we spent the whole night.

In the morning I was awakened by the noise of water in the bathroom. Uliana was not there. I went to the bathroom door, the door has not been closed. And I came again seeing my daughter rushed into the fray. In general, that day neither I nor she did not go to work and give to each other with gusto the day. In the evening I took a bus and went home.