My first relationship

name is Mitya, I'm a student, actually all my life I was straight, but I have always pursued a terrible desire to try a man, I have created profiles on dating sites, fast enough to find a partner, but to be honest in the last stage is always retreated, fear overcame well or how the other feeling.
Then one day I got sick in the spring, in principle, I have almost recovered to that, but I needed help for uni and had to call a doctor.
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I was lying in bed in his shorts, fantasized like lying on a table and someone gently fucks me in the ass, was a member of cleaver, at that moment the doorbell rang, I shouted that the door is open. The next moment the doctor entered the room, it was a man of about 35, tall, moderately inflated, and I was stunned, I have never done that in my head as I thought melknula he prichmakivaya suck dick nalilsya more.
He told me that I got to hear that breath and here I am in front of him in his underpants with a protruding member, I noticed that he too was excited and his hump in the pants also considerably raised. He told will turn back and grabbed my ass to help turn, excitement rolls over, breathing frequent and uneven, the next moment I felt his mound rested between my buttocks and his hands were on my waist, I was a bit confused or rather a lot of it kissed my neck, I turned abruptly hung around his neck, stared at his lips, the next moment I was sitting on his lap, we kissed, and he gently stroked my back and ass, his hand went down my pants, I said to him that never done it, then he offered to take me into her mouth, excitement overrode me and I could not refuse, he leaned back in his chair.
I'm not getting down to his knees, and began to unbutton his shirt, kissing his chest, reaching the pants I undid the belt and pants and freed his huge cock, who was right in front of my face, I eagerly pounced on him and took great pleasure in trying suck (I did it for the first time), the pleasure was unspeakable, it is quite quickly reached orgasm, I asked cum on my face, he is dead powerful jet of hot, I was 7 heaven.
We agreed that he would go with me tonight. And he did not break a promise, I offered to go alone in the shower, he did not mind, in my heart, I more or less was able to cast his beautiful body, I was still shackled, he decided to help me and soaped my boyfriend, then it is a little caressed my body and sat down began to suck me, I felt dizzy I did not realize anything, I asked him not to bring me to orgasm, the output from the bathroom naked body, I threw my mother's thin gown, we went into the room, he sat in a chair . Once again, I climbed on top of him, opened the robe, he potiskad me, I sucked him, then spat into his palm and smeared ass, put his hands on the floor and offered a hot desire to point to him, he took me by the hips and slowly began to sum up his penis.
Then he began slowly to enter into me, even though I was Tselkov, but the member was going well in my head all mixed up, happiness, pleasure, a strange feeling, I imagined myself a girl and received untold pleasure, he accelerated, I nozzles and moaning then he abruptly and deeply entered into me, pause, abruptly pulled out, but not completely, re-entered, and each entry accompanied by my sweet moan.
He put me on a table with his back, spread her legs and began strong pushes to enter me, my moan did not stop, my dick hanging out, I koryabal hands on the table, he occasionally kissed my torso, and then came this sweet moment he reached orgasm , his already healthy dick swollen, my virgin ass it tightly encircled and here are a couple of movements and the hot jet from both the geyser struck me, Concha flowed along the walls, it is still several times the inertia entered into me, smearing me cum, pulled out a member of the anus just spilled over, he gave me his hot when hot cock in my mouth (I did not move), I licked the remnants of sperm, I lay there and felt like still warm sperm derived from me, it turned me on even more, but I was not powerless to anything, he kissed me on the lips and said that tomorrow is waiting for me in his office and left, and I went down.
A few minutes later I got up to go to the shower, semen poured on the buttocks and the right foot, I put a hand in the ass and there was a huge hole, oozing cum, I started to stick to the hands, and finished soon, without touching a member, I rubbed over the body of his and his sperm, and went into the shower.
The next day I could barely limped to the clinic (the pope itch), I took a turn, wait for it, and went, he asked, how are you I said that a little ache a little, he said that I had undressed, he looks, I undressed and my stood up again, we realized each other immediately, he put me with cancer and began powerfully to me go. I groaned as ever (I think people in the hallway heard) then I crawled under the table and sucked his sperm had a lot and I'm happy to swallow it, leaving the room and wiping her lips I met scornful glances)))
So spun our whirlwind romance))