Sexual family row

The company where my father worked for went bankrupt and he lost his job. Find new did not work, sometimes he was able to get a temporary and low-paid jobs. Mom earlier dismissed reduction. I was sixteen years old, I was in the tenth grade and help with something parents could not. Some savings that could make my parents coming to an end. We switched to austerity.

Not one we ended up in this position. Our neighbors have lost even more. Husband of our neighbor Olga Andreevna was a successful businessman, but got into a car accident and died. She herself did not work, the twenty-year daughter was studying at the institute. Accumulation was not much, because a lot of money spent on the car, which is not subject to restoration, and construction of a country house, with whom Olga Andreyevna did not want to leave.

One evening she came to us when we were all at home. We talked about the weather, then Olga Andreevna went to talk, for which she came.
- Guys, you know that we are not sweet and daughter live. You also unenviable position, and no one will not help us, it is helpful to climb. We have a two bedroom apartment, and I decided to make it. I've pasted the ad on an hourly delivery rooms and the provision of additional services of an intimate nature. The couple have nowhere to retreat, so they come to me. I'm cheaper than a hotel, and the full guarantee of secrecy. On Friday and the weekend is such a rush that the rooms do not have enough.

I could send someone to you. This is money. Additional services are in the service of individuals, the selection of their partners, men, women, girls, boys. I already have a small data base wanting to earn some money this way. I invite you all to participate in this project. Having sex will be for my own pleasure when get rich. But the extras are not limited. Healthy and wealthy men can go to a brothel, but there are sick and suffering from various sexual deviations. There are the rich old ladies, who want them to lick the clitoris or anus. There are even some that no matter what is not capable of, and pay money for it, to see a man masturbating as he splashes of semen. Perverts complete. If you do not disdain some of their wishes, you can earn good money. There is one not yet old lady, who after car accident confined to a wheelchair. Family rich are willing to pay large sums of money to those who appease it. She wants to lick her slit a young boy. Sasha, have you ever girls licking clit?
- No, - I answered.
- Thank you, Olga A. for your suggestion. We will discuss it, and I come to you in forty minutes. We will take part in your project, the question of just how full our family will participate in it.

Olga A. gone, and we began to discuss heard. My mother wondered if I should draw these things. But in the end, we decided to participate as a family that we did not have the division into good and bad. Mom went to Olga Andreyevna and returned half an hour later.
- Sasha, you're the first to begin to earn money. Tomorrow after school you go to the very woman in a wheelchair and polizhesh her crotch. To do all that she asks.
- He does not know how to lick, and I, frankly, have never done - Dad said.
- Now I'll teach you. Now not to the stupid conventions.

Mom went to the bath, substitution, entered the room naked and sat in a chair with his feet on the armrests calves.
- Sasha and Sergei, go here. You, Sasha, kneel between my legs. Here, the top is the clitoris. This bump, touch it with your finger. This is the most sensitive spot in a woman. It needs to be carefully stroking his fingers and licking tongue. You can drive along the language gap, thrust it into the vagina. If it is to continue long enough, a woman can have an orgasm. Tomorrow you will have an exam for this part. Sergei, you also have to provide such services. Now lick my clit.

I began to lick her mother's crotch. At first, my mother guided my actions, then stopped, and after a while softly moaned, and her vagina got wet.
- Good for you, Sasha. If you also polizhesh tomorrow, we will earn the first money. Yes, about the money you do not say to a client, we do get from Olga Andreyevna.

The next day after school, I went to the specified address to me. The door opened a middle-aged woman. As it turned out, it was the housekeeper. She invited me to undress, I pereobulsya in slippers and we went deep into the apartment. There were four or five rooms. In one of them in a wheelchair was a woman of about fifty, quite pretty and not fat.
- Hello, Sasha, - she said. - My name is Elena.
- Good afternoon.
- You do not mind what you have to do. You used to do it to women?
- He did - cheerfully answered me.
- Now you and Dasha will help me move a little forward to the crotch was on the edge of the carriage, otherwise you can not get to it.

We moved the Dasha and her little wheelchair to the edge. Dasha undid her gown, and appeared in front of me her crotch.
- Sasha, I can not widely open your legs, so you do not be shy, Spreads her lips with your fingers to make you feel comfortable.

I got between her legs and began to repeat yesterday's lesson. Pretty soon Elena breathed heavily and finished.
- Sasha, I made arrangements with Olga Andreevna only kuingulise. But if you manage to me now to have sex, I'll pay separately.
- I'm ready - I replied.
- Dasha, you hold your wheelchair, but I do not turn over or on the floor eaten.

Dasha stood at the back of the carriage and grabbed her hands. I bared bottom and protruding member moved to Elena Nikolaevna.
- What a handsome man, - she said. - You will be uncomfortable, but you try.

I got between her legs and sent a member of the vagina. He easily entered it to failure. I put his hands on the wheelchair and began to move backwards.
- Great. Slightly less often, I'll tell you when you need to be faster - led Elena. - Dasha, you rise up the side and Tickle my clit.

Together, we have ensured that it is pulled down.
- Elena and I can pull you in? - I asked.
- Well, of course, possible. What a fool I am, I had to warn you once. Move as you want. Yeah, twitching. Get down, get down, my boy. Dasha, you bring some water and a towel.

I took still hard cock and stood up. We moved the Dasha Elena Nikolaevna the back of the carriage.
- Sasha, you honorably fulfilled his assignment is not in simple terms. I am well thank you. Now Dasha wash and wipe your process and my martyr. I was with you very well. I'm afraid to ask about your impressions. You agree even come to me?
- I am happy to do it.
- I'll call Olga A. and arrange a time. Again, I'll talk to her only kuingulise. Everything else is our secret with you. Dasha, you betray us?
- Say too - reacted Dasha, toweling my cock.
- Dasha, give me my purse - asked Elena.

She opened and began to look for something in her purse, and Dasha at this time rubbing her crotch.
- That's you, Sasha, material equivalent of my gratitude, - said Elena, holding out the money. - I'll be happy to wait for a meeting with you.

I got dressed and accompanied by Dasha left their apartment. I came home, took lessons, and in the evening, when they returned parents, we have become the dinner to share experiences. The busiest day was Mom. In the morning, she visited a family in which seventeen-year-son crashed on a motorcycle. As a result of fractures of both arms, legs and spine injury. He can not get up, he is at home, fed him with a spoon. His mother says that every day rubs his body with a damp cloth, and he is a member of all time. She did not know what to do, she does not dare to masturbate him. Mom made the guy a blowjob and he begged her to come to him twice a day. His mother said it was too expensive for them. We agreed on the fact that my mother will come a day in the evening, that he came down and quietly fell asleep.

Then my mother was a woman who was a hermaphrodite. Lovely, lovely woman, and she had a huge cock between her legs. She said she does not like to communicate with men, because they require anal sex, and she did not suffer. She and her mother made each other blowjobs and then fuck this woman was my mother.
- It turns out to women who are actually men, it is much nicer. We agreed to meet the next day.

Then the two friends sat in a restaurant and they wanted women. They came to Olga Andreyevna with snacks and drinks, she invited her mother, and they turn them gratified.

Dad was a senior lecturer at the local university, who was gay. They made each other a blowjob and parted pleased with each other. Then dad went to some lady, whose husband is away on a business trip.

We dumped on the table all the money and realized that we were on the right track.
- If things go on like this, we will stand on their feet - said the mother. - I already have regular clientele, and Sasha is such a demand that even dropping out of school.
- Maybe it's true I have a break in their studies, as well as get rich, go back to study - I suggested.
- It's not even as a joke is not necessary. We earn money, including on your studies, first at school, then in college. And the fact that in this way, we are not to blame.