Learning Russian. Lesson two.

Yeah, have fun with this perspektivka patsanchik I opened good. Not to say that I had no idea. But here's something that readers planted, so that the second scenario is the lesson drew exciting. But, as the saying goes, if fortunate, share it with a friend. And so I'm calling his late best friend Nastya, telling how it happened, and invite to the feast. At that already caught the spirit of delight. But the thing. She was eight tomorrow sister Katya sit. Nothing, I say, take your sister. It is necessary to develop the child. But do not tell what will happen. A young child comes only later that I could handle the client. After some discussion, they chuckled and parted until tomorrow.
The next day, I deliberately dressed stricter, in a suit with a skirt below the knee. Neither give nor take teacher pigweed Ivanna. Never mind, let the entourage will. In due time the doorbell. Came my Vanka. Eyes to the floor, all have red. Remembers, you see, yesterday's humiliation. Ah, Vanya, that you still have to!
I look at it strictly command to undress and go to my room. As at that time I did not give the sneakers. I sit down at a table and order the book to give me a job. He clearly trembling with fear, hands. It seems even paler.
- So so - I declare - for every missing comma two stroke belt by the pope. For spelling - five.
He shivers, but, with a sigh, nodding. Broken down, you see, already. I kind of emollient.
- Well, Vanya, much much got yesterday?
He nods and sighs again. On the face of the world's grief.
- Come on, show me - I command.
He blushes have a boiled rock, but the debate is no longer addressed. He turns back to me, unbuttons his pants and lower a little with shorts, so that the buttocks were visible. Bruises there is certainly noticeable. I strongly it yesterday. I do not deny myself the pleasure to hold his hand over his naked buttocks. He withholds his hand on her ass to feel like he was trembling shiver. Kaif, as a kid in the paint to drive. I say thoughtfully:
- Yes, perhaps you today is no longer nadoyu - After waiting a sigh of relief. I let enjoy the idea that the punishment will not be, and adds: - But no punishment can not leave you too. - I feel like he stiffened. Again, I catch a buzz from the authorities over the kid. - To do so. For every mistake shoot himself with something of their clothing. Then redo the job in the form in which find yourself when I finish the test. Well, if again there will be errors ... it will surprise you. Which, while I will not say. But I advise you not to find out. Come on, pull up the ports for the time being.
Easy to clap him on the ass, but exactly for bruises, so that he gasped and jumped. Super! He turns to me and quickly pulls his pants. On the whole range of feelings face. Of course he was ashamed to undress in front of me again. But flogging is not. It scared him happy. Oh, do not rejoice, Vanya, ahead of time. I delve into reading, and immediately the first victory. I declare:
- Expecting comma. Down Sweater.
He pulls a sweater and freezes explicitly excitement.
- And here it was necessary to select a comma. So two. The shirt and socks.
He seems to want to argue that this is a mistake, but not solved, and dutifully removes all that I showed.
- Here "about", but not "e"- I frown. - Pants.
Corner of my eye watching him, obviously embarrassed, removes trousers and keep checking.
- Solid sign - I strongly I mark with a red pencil mistake. - Mike.
And now he was standing next to me in shorts and with a clear sinking heart waiting if again have to undress completely. But I do know that it is necessary. And here under.
- And the fact that the quotation in quotation marks should we remember? Panties Down.
He's quick movement pulls panties immediately rectified, covering his farm and steps over the last piece of clothing. Eyes lowered. Shame on him! Well, then there still will be. Quickly I mark two more errors and turn to him.
- So ten hot even after you when Polly depart. I remembered where the error? Here's a blank sheet of paper and tutorial. Sit down and redone.
I move away from the table, passing victoriously viewing it from head to toe. He looked forward to a notebook in my hands.
- And it is possible to alter her?
- Those guys. Do it all over again. I and so all the bugs you tagged. And remember about my surprise. It is better you do not know about it. Come on, sit down, write.
He crimson as cancer, sits at the table. Hands have to put on his face, but his legs kept tightly and clamped between his pisyun. It's funny, really. All the same, because look, when I want. Slowly I pick up his clothes, locked in a closet and put in a jacket pocket. He watches my manipulations with longing, but afraid to object. I sit down on the bed and start to look at it in the open. Feeling my opinion, it is clearly nervous and in a hurry. I can imagine how many errors now!
But at last the job is done and hopefully he turns to me. I get up and go to the table. On the way, I draw the curtain. It was dark outside, it's true. But in fact it is the conditioned signal Nastya, who now plays, it's time in the yard with Katya. I sit down at the table and take in the hands of his creation. Again he stands next, covering his hands manhood and was looking forward to me. Hopes were not justified. In the second exercise, I mark error. In his eyes, the despair. In my heart rejoicing. Yahuuu, celebration continues! Quickly I note another error heels and condemning look at him.
- Yes, a severe case. We'll have to work hard with you.
He sighs heavily.
- Well, where is your surprise there?
- Wait, you'll see - I smile.
We look at each other. I'm facing is not even the winner, and hostess positions. He's like a doomed victim. Extend the moment, you're great! But that's the doorbell. He looks around furtively and anxiously asks:
- Who is this?
- This is my girlfriend with her sister went to visit. Go and open the door.
On his face indescribable horror and despair.
- So!? Naked ?!
- That's right, - I smile mischievously. - And if you do not do what I say, now I get a spanking from both of us. And just naked in front of us resemble. So you decide. But in reserve you have three seconds. If I Nastya open, it will be worse.
- Oksana, well, please! - He whines hopefully.
I pause as strongly rise and walk to the door.
- Well as you know.
- Wait - he overtakes me. - I will do.
I grin triumphantly and then sit down on the bed, so to see the front door.
- Well, then go ahead.
Drooping slowly and deliberately he trudges to vzodnoy door. It sounds a new call and a guy flinches, as if getting hit whip. Slowly coming to the door, he takes up the castle, turning back to me, so I could not see his pussy and stopped in indecision.
- Come on! - I command him.
He pauses for a few moments, then abruptly opens the lock, pushes the door and immediately jumps again covering his palms jewelry. And then from behind the door came the voice of Katia's:
- Oh, Nastya, there is a naked boy.
- That's right, - she tells her sister. - His name is Ivan. He punished. And we are with you Oksana invited to look at him. Come on.
They come in a corridor and cover the door. Vanya is in front of them downcast, burning with shame and disgrace covering palms. Anastasia looks at him with a sneer. Her face plays a mocking smile. Kate sees a naked boy with wide eyes, his mouth open in amazement. I get up and go out into the corridor.
- Well how are you not living - I say to Van. - Come on hands zo head. Show the younger generation than the rich.
Vanya second range, but it seems not quite ready to resist. It performs my order, it seems ready to sink into the ground with shame.
- Oh, Nastya, what is it? - Quite woozy Kate pointing at Vanina pussy.
- This boys such pisya, - says Nastya gradually. - ... That's why they have so arranged, they pee standing up, does not like girls. Touch, do not be shy.
After standing for a few seconds in indecision, Kate approaches the stunned Van and gently takes his pussy.
- Oh, and it hardens! - She cries.
- This is when the boys are ashamed, they have that thing hardens - Nastia explains.
- And he was ashamed ?! - Exclaimed Kate. - That's great! - And then her eyes is another entertaining thing. - And what's that? - She was quite a businesslike enough guy for testicles.
I can see how Vanya surprise drawn to attention and even standing on tiptoe. It seems his breath. Nastia seems to want to continue the explanation, but I take the initiative.
- But let him tell. Well, Vanya, what have you got the balls for it hang?
Man swallows convulsively for breath and could not utter a word.
- Come on, say it - it seems, rolling several times pulled Vanya for eggs.
- This testicles - he managed.
Kate broke into a shrill laugh.
- Well, just like chicken. It is ridiculous. And why are they his?
- And he will tell us soon - predatory grin Nastya. - In the meantime, pick it from all sides. Can you feel. When still so naked man can command. Look how else can.
Nastya went to Van and pulled the skin on his penis, exposing the head.
- Wow, what! - Kate cried.
Onaya let go Vanina eggs, to the obvious relief of the latter and busily went around his circle, fingered her ass. Anastasia followed her, with interest looking for.
- Nothing interesting - finally snapped Kate. - Everything else like girls. Just why he had bruises on the pope?
- And it whipped, because he Losers - I explained.
- Serves him right - Kate giggled. - If Losers.
- Well, let's go into the room? - I turned to Nastya.
- Come, - she said, taking off his shoes and take off our shoes to help her sister. - By the way, Kate, you know how naughty boys lead.
- How? - Kate cried.
- But how - Nastya deftly grabbed Vania's ear, unscrew it and pulled up.
- Oh, it hurts - the howl, caving and climbing socks.
- And so it went - quickly turned him in the direction of Anastasia House.
We went to my room. Ahead of me. For me Nastya, taschivshaya the ear writhing in pain and had difficulty holding the balance naked Vanya. He brought up the rear bouncing with delight and clapping Katya.
When we entered the room, Nastya brought Vanya at the center, let go of his ear and plopped down on my bed. I sat down and Kate perched between us. It turned out that we have; Three girls are sitting as if in the theater and look at us standing in front of a naked boy. He no longer dared to hide behind, and only hand vigorously rubbing the ear, for which he was dragging Anastasia.
- So why did his testicles? - Katya asked, obviously not giving her a question of rest.
- Bad boys drochat her pussy - the beginning of her talk Nastya. - And then there is of these testicular sperm, which flies out of the pussy.
- And what is ""drochat"? - Katya was not appeased.
- But Vanya will tell us right now. After all, he knows how to masturbate, because he is poor.
His face reflected the horror of Vani. He even stopped to rub his ear and looked expectantly at me.
- Come on, show me how you do it - I leaned back and threw his legs. - And we will visit. I wonder the same.
Realizing that escape routes are cut off. He slowly put his dick right hand fingers and began to masturbate. We Nastya seemed spellbound follow the action. But soon we heard the voice of a disgruntled Katie.
- And it's all?! Boring!
- Did you help him - advised Nastia. - That's more interesting. Well, Vanek, hands behind head, feet shoulder-width apart. Now my sister will tell you the class.
On the face Vanya reflected fear. Still, he complied and took the required position. Kate got up slowly from the bed, looking at us, came up to the boy, clasped fingers of his penis and began to masturbate him quickly.
- Oh, what fun! - She cried.
In Vanya's eyes bulged and his mouth fell open. He breathed often.
- Look now to finish, - said Anastasia.
- You think so quickly? - I doubted
Groan guy summed up our conversation. Of its members in our direction I hit the white jet, but before reaching us, fell to the floor. Kate jumped back in horror, but then he laughed and clapped her hands.
- Wow, I liked it.!
Vanya stood in the middle of the room, all in the same shameful position neither alive nor dead. His cock slowly fall.
- Well, what you stand? - I shouted at him. - Rag carry it from the kitchen and wipe until withered.
The boy dashed out of the room, and we Nastyuha roared with laughter. The ecstatic joined us and Katya.
Vanka ran to the cloth fell on all fours and began vigorously to wipe his sperm from the floor. I enjoyed looking at me crawling on all fours in front of a naked boy. Nastia winked conspiratorially to me, reached into her purse, pulled out a digital camera and quickly removed her Vanka. Hearing the click of the camera, Vanka quickly sat down on his knees and stared at us, holding a rag in his hand. In this form it was immediately removed again.
- Do not! - He cried and then was photographed for the third time.
Beside himself with terror, Vanka threw a rag and darted out of the room. We rushed him. For us, with enthusiastic shouts: "Catch!" Kate rushed.
We caught up with the fugitive in the living room, knocked on the floor, twisted his hands.
- The tie him up? - Nastia gasped.
- Now I bring scotch - I said, and left the poor Vanka squirm under Nastin weight, rushed to him. When I returned, nothing has changed in the room. Only Kate sat on the foot of our captive fun screaming something triumphant. We quickly tied the boy's wrists with duct tape and put him on his feet. He trailed off and looked down.
- And where are you going to run naked? - I asked sarcastically.
He just breathed heavily, staring at the floor.
- Well, let's go to the photo shoot, you are our model - Nastia smiled.
She again grabbed the prisoner by the ear and dragged him into my room. There, again putting it at the center, she photographed him several times from different angles.
- Remove next to his trophy, - she said.
I eagerly went to Vanya and grabbed him by the shoulders, and then made him horns behind. Nastia has made two shots.
- Bored so, - she said.
- And this is - I'm a little bent, put her hand back, between the boy's legs, grabbed his testicles, and she with a charming smile emerged from behind his shoulder. He had with feet slightly apart.
- That's it - encouraged girlfriend and then repeatedly shot the scene. - Now, let it be in front of you on your knees.
Obviously, we finally lost the will to resist Vanya obediently knelt. I took him to the lady's position and issued a stern face. Again the camera clicked.
- Now I take off with him - asked Anastasia.
I picked up the camera, and her daughter again deftly grabbed Vanka's ear and forced to rise from his knees and stretch out on tiptoe. I filmed the process. Then, pushing the boy's neck, Nastya made him bend down, and I took them off again. Then Nastya stood for Vanka folded, pressed against his ass stomach and wrapped her arms around the hips. From the side it might seem, she fucks him.
- Let them look at the camera - she demanded.
Vanka did not have to persuade. He meekly raised his face and looked into the lens. I took pictures with several positions.
- My, my turn! - Katya jumped us.
- Well, where do without you - Nastia smiled, straightening Vanka. - As you want?
- So, - Katya decisive movement grabbed Vankin penis. We Nastya laughed, but I immediately took a few shots. - And so - Katka quickly bared head Vanina member. I took a close-up. - And so - Kate grabbed the guy behind the eggs and, obviously savoring, said: ... - Testicles. - Again, the camera clicked.
- Well, - I said, dropping the camera down - all of this?
- What more! - Nastya snorted. - For the fact that the run must be punished.
- Fight? - I asked - Yes, he has already got yesterday.
- What for? - Anastasia thought for a moment. - Do you have a candle? Long.
- Yes, - I nodded.
- Bring. And the matches.
I quickly ran to the kitchen and brought the desired result. Van pressed on his neck, she first made him get down on his knees, then pressed his head to the floor. Now it happened that he was holding up the ass. Taking me one from candles, Nastia began to get a job in his anus.
- Do not! - I squeaked guy.
- Shut up, - he shouted at Anastasia. - Oksanka, insert it a second candle in his mouth.
I quickly made the required and just in time. Nastya start screwing Van candle in the anus and he desperately moaned and clenched his teeth. However, he turn his back and did not dare to let him screw Nastyuha candle in the ass by a few centimeters. Katya never taking his eyes followed the manipulations sister.
- Take off - ordered Nastya and I quickly filmed the process of deprivation of virginity of our client.
- Now get up, - he told Nastya Van, be sure to put a candle deep enough. - And if the candle dropped, find out what's what
Very slowly, fearing to drop candles, Vanya rose slowly to his feet. It has been seen as strained his cheeks and buttocks. Nastya struck a match and lit the candles one by one.
- One, two, three, Herringbone, burn, - exclaimed Kate.
I quickly removed the guy from different angles, and then not have the strength to keep from laughing, collapsed on the bed, along with Nastyuha and Katka. Then we walked a few times with our Christmas tree dance, again burst out laughing. Then I ran to the kitchen and brewed tea. We drank it in my room and enjoy standing in the middle of naked boys with burning candles in the mouth and anus. He seems completely gave himself to our will, and stood motionless, staring straight ahead through the eyes full of tears. Only when we are sick of it, we pulled out and blew out the candles, cut and removed adhesive tape binding his hands and I threw him his clothes out of the closet.
- Now you are our slave - announced Anastasia, looking for a boy dressing. - The slightest disobedience, and the whole school will see pictures we have done today. Katya is silent. After all, what you're our slave, this is our secret.
- Of course - Kate nodded. - But if he does not do what I order, I will tell everyone.
- And tomorrow after school here. - I added. - Responsibilities for the Russian pull you to me has not been removed. For each mistake, as before, you will be punished.