The summer camp

=== In the summer camp !!! ===
This story happened in one of the children's summer camps. Where is basically almost all TEENS dream and fell in love with the boys a little older sebya.Vot and our heroine whose name was Sophia is very simple, just fell in love with a Man. But that's one situation, he okozalos much older and not only that. Simply, he was a senior counselor of the camp, and he was 25 years old. But the girl was 12 years old crush on the most do not want and
I missed an opportunity that he has paid attention to it.
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And so it was a typical sunny day, all the camp kids were busy with their delami.Kto something sported sports site, and someone just sitting around buildings and played quiet igry.Sofya imperceptibly from all secluded next to a small house, which was housing senior Leader lagerem.Ona saw him Tuju settled in bisedke near the footpath from the house on zhivotik.Da so that-be had a little seen her young body and rotating head smiling.
Dima was the name of the senior counselor, noticed her but did not give any of znacheniya.Ved though she was sexy but even so the girl is still quite JNA for not zdovalas nego.No Sophia and continued sobloznyat it, because she really wanted to win here once it ego.A It did it, and it happened in the woods not far from lagerya.Ona specially teretorii left the camp and did not come to obed.Ih counselors sounded the alarm and Dima had to go look for devochku.On not the first year is already working camp counselor and knows that guys escape vosnovnom to the pond in lesu.I's Sophia it was too near the pond, but she had her back to him about lying dereva.Dmitry saw her and ostalbinel, because the front was so young deva.Da More so sexy wearing a red top and short shorts are black .What they simply appetizing emphasized all the beauty of her ass.
Dima felt a strange feeling looking at the girl as if the forest feyu.Sofya said rotating head with a slight smile: Well, why do you stand, we're here alone. After his words, she turned her little ass so that Dima just sdalsya.On quickly okozalos behind the girls and
his hands were neterpilivo isledovat telo.Devochka threw back her head and closed her eyes, and her Dima eagerly loskal
rising to her tummy is not quite mature sisichkam.
Then the meat to the tummy and when he slipped one arm straight up to her under shortiki.Kak his cock stood up and ran into a heavily
ass so much so that okozalos directly between two chuzhnyh yagodichek. Sofia there also and felt startled, because she still did not expect that so proizoyd¸t.Dima has got his hand to it yet
completely without hairs pubis and said.
-Yes to you and to sin is not far away.
After he walked away from the girl and called back to teretorii lagerya.Oni walked silently beside him and here it was night. Dima was lying in his house and taking out a member of his pants gently masturbate him predstovlyaya he gets in the ass young Sofi.A Sophia slept so sweetly, and her hand was right between the legs at night pisi.Tak flew and entered a new den.Vse children went to RANS nearest sightseeing, there was a factory of confectionery and kanfet.Tolko Sophia hid and did not go sovsemi children, she did not want rastovatsya Dima for a second.
Sophia tossed a note to him on the windowsill and knocked heavily on the tinny podokoniku.A very quickly disappeared into the thick bushes, the counselor went to the window and took collapsed listok.Zatem look around unfolded it and read the text.
"-Mily Dima, if you are not indifferent to my slovam.To come an hour to the spring in the woods. I'll be with you impatiently
Niemi wait on an old bench. "
He pondered this text and decided to see who it was because he napisal.Sobravshis he went along the old path to the spring, and when he approached the nemu.To saw Sophia sitting on the bench and strange odetoy.Da yes, she was in a black tank top with a butterfly pattern and sunflowers and orange plyvochkah of leotard.
-And it's you babe.
-Yes I am, and what are you not happy?
And she quickly with the words "-Here I am as I can ...", stood on lavachku.Zatem bent and her posture was very seksualnoy.Pered Lietz Dima okozalos charm of its beauty and places for sex in his SHTON member quickly got up as the count.
-Oh, you make me som sved¸sh ....
Tuju said Dima and prelnul a young rosy and tender slits pisyulki.Pri he pushed her panties aside privately, and became all vylizovat millimeters secluded villages pizd¸nki.Sofya breathed and started postanovat from such a pleasant feeling and getting stronger and stronger excitation orgazm.U even her feet Dima slightly buckled and pinned her in the position she was.
Sophie was happy from the very first in the life of the orgasm received from a loved cheloveka.I do not need to become a full sexual intercourse to orgasm, it is the most iskustno and do not forget oschuschene.Ona learned that from Cooney Soul Plane naslozhdene.I they have become almost daily loskat each other, Sophia sucked him, and he licked her pisyulku.
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Such was this story !!!!!