On a rest

All I will tell you right now happened to the set a little more than a year ago, when I was still a student of one of Dnepropetrovsk universities.
Everyone's favorite and respected holiday on May 9th (Victory Day), my friends and I decided to spend odnogrupnikamy me at my dacha. But TEENS with our group for some reason, everyone decided to spend the holiday with his family, and go only male team special intuziazma nebylo, and this is something I have even nepomnyu who suggested preglasit devch¸nonok from the second year, which for their stedenchestvo More neuspeli work up and we thought we neotkazhut and we neoshiblis but them with us went to my best friend Natasha. And the long-awaited day of departure, we all gathered in the F A train station, 6 boys and 5 common potential preklyucheny (sophomore) + Natasha okotoroy nobody even nemechtal. So we stand waiting for the train, in backpacks shaft alcohol and snacks. Our train arrived, we kompeniey noisy and mood was excellent, piled into a crowded car and settled down in the vestibule near the window decided it was time to have a drink "to leap". After drinking one, I noticed that we were approaching. They went out on a small platform, we had more proiti 1.5 km distance, time passed quickly and daughters in style 40 minutes we went to the courtyard of my garden. All the way, I warned in advance that this year more deche anybody nebylo and there will have to be tidied up. While TEENS Uberall in the house the boys set about cooking barbecue. When all the meat has been zamarenovano - TEENS just finished cleaning, we went into the house, there was really very clean, they even kakieto flowers in the corners razstavili.
After a hearty dinner, and we Nena drank it, we decided to go oigrat volleyball, then ktto redlozhil swim, supported this idea I alone, we swam, then went back to the cottage, ate barbecue, when it was dark - all were already pretty drunk, Natasha came to her boyfriend and she kudato gone, loud music played all tanzevali, I withdrew to the house and sat down on the large rocking chairs, and chemto thought, then BR approached Julia and Sprawl there Mezhuyev me and Natasha, I did get by said dryly, that nothing between us but friendship does not have and never nebylo, then she's asked me why I'm here sizhe one, I said that the mood was gone, she pointerisovaalas what happened and I told him the first thing pishlo in mind that after how pokupassya in the river then took off his wet TRUS and Sach in jeans walking impossible without Otus, she laughed and kakoeto time stopped, I got tired of sitting in silence and I asked what she was thinking, she replied that nabmraetyas courage that I do say, and then it started, she blogged about me what I'm very best, beautiful, and that like me No more, well, everything like that. I enthusiastically listened to her, and only her passionately kiss could prirvat her compliments, I asked her to come into the house, she agreed. We went upstairs to my room, I turn le¸ to him and began to kiss, this time my hand was already izsledovala expanse of her ass and ofigknnoy peremeshyalas on her chest. She asked me to stop for a moment and ask what it is just sex and whether the beginning of a relationship, I replied curtly that I Do not Know and again poseloval.
I pulled the zipper on her jacket and she easily razsgegnulas and sleetla on the floor, I pulled up her T-shirt and again nevstretiv soprotevleniya smoothly it took leaving Julia in a bra, then she started to bend down to my pants, she slowly rastegnula fly and button and jeans hit the floor, she released my heroes and gently kissed the tip, I was on this already get the wind up, and then she had completely taken into the mouth and swallowed by the most eggs, and soon overexcitation I richly finished right in her mouth and she drank everything to the last drop. We fell exhausted into bed. I Do not know how much we were but when I woke up I felt that I was once again full of energy and ready to go, I turned to Julia in the back, and quickly idnim abruptly took off his pants along with a thin lace panties, sank slowly to its hollow, gently bite at clitoris and nasch¸pav kogoshinu began to suck her, Julia moaned and izvevalas in all directions until it finished right on my face. I posmortel down and saw that my dick is already standing on end, I turned to Julia on her stomach abundantly smeared his chley and her tight hole her vydileniyami and abruptly entered her, she quietly vskriknuna, but because I'm in it easily entered I realized she often substitutes a peach, I nachas about ostervineniem fuck it, I pecked her as a last whore, then completely blame a member of the sharp jerk Sagan him the most eggs, then abruptly she turned her back and walked into her already rather sweaty crack, I vdigalsya at a furious pace, but she asked me to nekonchal in it, at this time I pierced rapid ekztaz and I finished right in it, I thought that izlevalsya and etomktsu nebudet Conze, I was very impressed by how I took so much sperm.
Julia flew out from under me, turned his back on me knees tucked to her chest and I saw from her cunt follows my sperm. I embraced her tenderly kissed her lips, put a hand on his chest warm and soft and so we went to sleep. We woke up with all the worst hangover, hangover harvested beer, and again went to sleep, until all we slept with Julia fucked again, but this time I finished it in a peach.
These are are days of victory.
And thanks to our ancestors, they gave us freedom, and such a wonderful holiday.