New friends

I sat at the bar, where a man came. A moment ago, psihanuv, he flew out of the institution.
-You can gin? - I stopped going past the waitress. She nodded, and a moment later I was sipping a drink.
I can not drink, but decided that I drink a little bit and go back home, I saw with a clear conscience.
-can? - Addicted to me two young men.
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I shook my head.
-why? - I laughed one - two dogs! - He asked the waitress.
-and though I have time - I'm in one gulp drank the remnants of gin, and stood up.
I went outside and shivered. On the street was rain.
-can ride? - There was already a familiar voice. In front of me were the same two men. I looked around their eyes. It looks decent young people, pleasant and expensively dressed. Afraid of nothing, - I decided.
-Come on, I -soglasilas.
I sat in the back seat and called address. To me in the back seat sat one of the guys.
-Sasha - he introduced himself.
-Masha, - I nodded.
The guy laughed hollowly.
I looked out the window, he felt a hand on his knee. Blinking, I decided to pretend that nothing happens. Sasha caressed my legs, lifting the edge of the skirt. I crossed her legs, but the man, ignoring the weak hints began stroking the ass, draped in silk panties. Underbelly was pulling.
Sasha moved closer.
-can you drink? - He suggested, handing me an opened bottle.
I looked at the driver. He occasionally distracted by the road, looking at us in the rearview mirror.
I picked up the bottle and took a long drink. Not calculate the forces, I coughed.
Sasha put his hand between my legs, parting. His finger gently stroked the sponge, sometimes pushing the clitoris. I groaned. Second Hand Man lay down on my chest. Caressing through the thin fabric, Sasha squeezed her nipples. I wore a bra is not to please her boyfriend, but now it pleased others.
Sasha stopped petting and, leaning back in his seat, he unzipped his fly. I leaned over to him and pulled out a dick that was already tense, and on his head was already a drop of viscous lubricant. I grabbed his lips penis and the man groaned. Not removing a member from his mouth, I began to drive the tongue on the head. I was able to swallow. By placing the entire length of the member in my throat, I took a deep breath. And then I began to work mouth, the output member of his mouth almost completely, swallowing again. Sasha was ready to finish as the car stopped.
-come, - he said hoarsely second, keeping us look. They took me to the entrance. The apartment was on the ground floor, so foreplay in the elevator was not. As soon as we entered the apartment, the guys started to undress me. Pulled off her blouse and skirt, I was left only in her panties, which were soaked through. They took me into the bedroom.
-can call a girlfriend? - I asked in horror, looking at what both guys quickly pulls off his pants.
Instead of an answer, they forced me to sit on the floor between them. After selecting one member, I started to suck, his eyes closed. The guys quickly changed, giving each other space. Finally, one of the guys picked me up. Clenching his chest, he vtalkival your tongue in my mouth. His cock pressed against my stomach. Sasha sat on the sofa, the second sat me down on his cock. I sank slowly, a member has filled me all. I moaned and leaned back. Sasha delayed and squeezed my nipples, giving pokayfovat. Finally, he got tired and he began to raise my hips and lower on his penis, again and again.
Top I do not like to be, so the guy barely stopped, I tried to jump off.
-No, that will not do, - he set me back by force, and, pressing to itself, with the force began to peck. From my cries seemed to wake up all the neighbors.
Second I masturbate, looking at us. When Sasha finally let me go immediately he jumped the second, and forced to stand on all fours on the carpet, with the power planted. I groaned.
-like when a bitch? - He hissed.
Sasha knelt in front of me and pulled her head to his penis. I licked the head and dutifully took in her mouth.
The second guy with the force slapped me on the ass. Sasha walked away and sat on the couch, waiting. When it's his turn.
The guy behind me started to moan, and making sudden movements, became a force to fuck me.
-turn around, he growled, pulling member.
I obediently turned and opened her mouth. The guy drove a member.
-swallow, swallow, - he growled. Sperm were so many and I coughed. Some sperm leaked.
-collect all - ordered the man.
I collected all the fingers from the chest and around the lips, and sent in her mouth, looking into his eyes.
-what a bitch - a feeling he blurted.
Sasha came up to me and held out his hand, held onto the couch. Putting my cancer, he began to caress my clitoris with your fingers, typing in the pussy. I groaned. Man buried in me, and I felt his tongue in my pussy, I arched into a bow. How nice. Man parted my buttocks and began to lick my second hole. I am glad that the preparation for the magical night with a guy I brought myself up. Sasha brought a finger, ass reluctantly yielded. I moaned, biting her lip.
-you're so close - praised Sasha - fucked - something in the ass?
I nodded.
-badly fucked, - said the guy with the power of introducing a second finger.
-it is not necessary - I wheezed.
But Sasha spat on his hand and rubbed the saliva on the ass and the penis, put his head to the hole. I cringed. Several times man tried to enter, but Polly did not open. Then he spit on everything, man abruptly entered into me. From the eyes streamed with tears.
-I hurt, I -zaorala.
-and fuck me - the guy replied.
I felt like a part of me fat cock. a minute later the pain receded and I started podmahivat.
-more, more, - I yelled, a strongly!
Sasha force fucked me, so much so that spanking from his testicles on my pussy were heard.
-Come on, lift it - asked the second.
Sasha picked up under my knees, got up without stopping to fuck me. The second put in pussy his cock. I screamed.
Me, about a Woman, excellent student, fuck two guys at once, while my boyfriend is waiting for me at home. These thoughts made me moan even louder.
-are you on the pill? - I heard a guy's voice.
I shook her head.
Guys cleverly put me on the floor and began to masturbate, filling my face with sperm. I just closed my eyes.
The car stopped in front of my door.
-if still any desire - Sasha handed me a business card.
Director of the leasing company - struck.
-call, do not hesitate - on shaky legs, I left and went to the house where I was waiting for the young man, carefully prepared breakfast, and a bunch of excuses.