How do I become a favorite boy his master 2

Ever since I started to have sex with his boss took six months, Yura had me 2-3 days per week, depending on his mood, I was an obedient boy or not, or what some of his customer, he likes hard sex, first, I do not is not liked me but then it's even more exciting, and I asked him to play a variety of games!

My career grew, I grew up during those six months from machine operator to a deputy. for production, received 2 salaries and all sorts of gifts from the Jura, everything was super, Jura wanted me to have sex with him somehow a good friend, a long time I did not agree but then with the help of money and gifts and agreed to wait. When we with Yura went to something I immediately in the car he sucked. But then one day he called me this morning and said that I was not going to work and waited for him, I did so. Jura came to me at 9 am as usual, I got into the car and started to suck his cock, when we went to his dacha, he said, so I took a shower and put things that were there.

After a shower, I opened the package and found there a nurse costume 2mirovoy times of war, skirt, blouse, shoes, forage cap and a wig, wearing all that and a bit on the beautiful eyes, lips went into the living room. They sat at the table Jura and two men of 50-60 years, at first I was scared, but the Jura called me said that it was his good friends, and he would like that I would have done it well, as we agreed, I sat next to Yura then we drank men began to talk to him in German, it was the Germans, I was beginning to excite, I sat between them. They started kissing me and hugging meanwhile Yura sat on the opposite and watched, I began rastrevivat fly one, then a second and took out their members began to masturbate them.

The Germans had already removed from me all I stayed in a beautiful female panties, wearing a wig and a forage cap on his head, I knelt down, they took off their suits and pants, and stood up, too, I began to suck it in turn, is trying to two members at once, their speech is driving me crazy, a member of one of them was of normal size I liked it very much that that is necessary, the other was more than that of the Jura, and thicker. Then they put me on the couch, on your back, first I tried to get one which was a normal penis enters it into me for about 5 minutes, while the second is very loud cursed and shoved in my mouth his cock which as does not like having to put in my mouth .

Yuri said that the Germans and he pulled out of my mouth a member, put it to me on the lips, I began to lick and try to suck the head. And then to me entered the second German, he threw my legs over his shoulders, I was pleased he introduced me gently, then increasing the tempo told me that it probably cursing, but it was great, I felt that he was captured by the Germans and they told me raped, I was all excited.

The second standing near my face do not stop trying to shove his cock into my mouth as I sucked his head and licked his huge eggs, but it did not work neither of which he strongly criticized. It took about 10 minutes and the first German in me finished, the second like a madman ran up the back pulled up to me first and still finished in me, turned me putting cancer and started me to enter his monster, I was uncomfortable and not much hurt, we have not yet started the mad jumps, had my second 30 minutes changing constantly poses a lot of swearing, Jura stood beside him and looked at me, I was all excited, I finished maybe 5 times, until I had a second German, then Jura could not bear took off his trousers pulled out his penis and he came up to me, I silently grabbed his buttocks and began to suck, and then the German finished with me!

Then I went into the shower, an hour later all was continued, and now I had all but Troy queue. This lasted until the morning, in the morning I did all three blow, and we said good-bye Yura drove me home, when we arrived at my house, he handed me an envelope and said thank you and left until tomorrow, in the envelope was money. The next day at work, I again saw those Germans. They sold my host machine with a big discount, in the evening we all four of the matter and I noted again that the Germans surrendered himself at work on the table and on the sofa!

How I would like to have sex
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I go to his hotel room. Denis opened the door for me and said, Come in, he stands in a robe, I go into the living room, sit down on the sofa, next to which stands a table with brandy and fruit. We drink of love, then he sits closer we continue to talk, then he puts my hand on his groin, I feel that a member of Dennis already is, it includes porn that I had relaxed a bit in the meantime I untie his robe and starting is easy to masturbate him member,

then kneel and begin to kiss his little round belly down lower and lower, I begin to lick a member of the trunk, turn on its large eggs, then the whole head of his cock and start to suck his head, and then a beautiful smooth and big penis, it is becoming more and more his cock barely fits in my mouth and then Denis gets up from the sofa and begins to slowly and carefully to have me in the mouth.

After 5 minutes, he pulls out his penis and commands that I got cancer, I carry his team and getting cancer, Denis stands in front of my face and puts me his dick back in her mouth, I immediately begin to suck it until it develops my ass before as long as he does not freely puts his two thumbs. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, he came up to me from behind and begins to put your big cock, it hurts his cock barely enters me I I spin but Denis firmly holding my waist, I feel like his head is on Georgia at me and then he starts me have a very fast and hard, I cry out in pain, but he does not pay attention to it continues to have me, then I start to feel all the things I wanted to test my beloved, the beauty of sex with a man,

5 minutes later I was lying on my back and watch this wild look, his eyes staring at me and tell me that I was the last whore, it is constantly changing posture, and after 15minutes he cums in me. We lay in bed he was stroking my cock and then takes it in her mouth. I'm going to wash through 5min we stand alone in my soul, and each other, I take him in my mouth and I can not tear myself away from this item
relestnogo and wonderful member, he puts me face to the wall, bends me and introduces his cock through 20 min again he cums in me. we wash each other, he said that I would put the things that he had prepared, and leaves the room. After opening the package, I saw clothes schoolgirl Soviet times, and thong.

Wearing things I get in the room and we are starting to play a strict teacher and schoolgirl, it now takes me really hard, yelling at me, a little slap, but it excites me even more, his cock is now everywhere in the ass then in her mouth between my rolls and between the breasts, it makes me he orders I carry out, call him master. So something like this, or I want to have sex with you.