This female orgasm

My name is Andrew. I am 21 years old. Last summer I was vacationing in the Crimea, together with his girlfriend. She is 20. The figure of her, I would say unmatched. The narrow waist, firm buttocks and a third the size of the breast. In the summer, especially in hot weather, it never wears a bra and prefers to wear white tops and T-shirts, so halos of her breasts always show through clothes. The first week of vacation coming to an end. During this time I fucked her in all the cracks. And in her behavior, I began to notice that she slowly tried to avoid another orgy. I'm the kind of person that enjoy when my partner beats orgasms.
At the beginning of our orgies I lick my pussy girls until the first orgasm will cover it. Then I start slowly introduce a full term in her vagina juices. First, moving slowly, I give her to recover, and when she herself begins podmahivat his ass to meet my cock, I fucked it up aggressively semiconscious state. When my girlfriend to wear out no longer understands anything fun begins. I like to fuck my girl hand. I put it in the vagina, first developed three fingers, then another one and now all five fingers inside her. Slowly I push through them deeper and deeper. She starts to moan: my hand with difficulty, but still the whole is inside. She starts to rebound, trying to break free, but it's too late, my hand deep inside her: little posoprotivlyatsya she resigns himself to the role of whores caught: During the attempt she gets punished resistance. Without taking his hands from her crotch, I spit grease hole it popochki and jerky enter into it as a member. When her body is exhausted once again beat in orgasm I finish with it in her ass: And finally, I will take pictures of your exhaust girlfriend lying on a bed with flowing cum from her ass. And after a week of rest, she began to get tired of this fucking.
And what we've found a way out of this situation, I will tell you in the next story. To do or have comments please write me an email [email protected] I'd love to know the opinion of the girls.