Veronica an hour walking through the mall. Still so many things you need to buy before you go! She already chose a stunning her short white dress. It is beautifully emphasized her breasts, small, only the second dimension, but the ideal form, enveloped in soft folds and hip at the same time put on public display and incredibly sexy long legs. The tone of the dress was bought by a dark brown hat with a wide brim and strap. The packages, which carried her son is already waiting in the wings tiny bikinis, thongs, 2 brilliant stamp, sunblock, wraparound skirt, a necklace in the style of ethnic and many other little things so necessary for a beautiful woman at the spa.
- I can not wait when I plunge into the refreshing water - said his son Nick, a high sixteen guy. -Dushny Metropolis just kills me: dust, dirt, heat from the asphalt.
Ma patience, already tomorrow evening we will meet in a boarding house. We walk on the beach, like all men will always look after you and jealous of me taking over your lover.

Veronica smiled to herself. She had reason to be proud. In its 37 years, she looked almost the same age as my son. Often, in the bars of her taken for a minor, the documents asked. In her appearance it was not surprising. On a small, doll little face flashed huge green eyes, neat coral lips and slightly upturned nose gave him a touch of innocence and purity. Elegant and petite figure, short stature (165 cm), very successfully complement the image of a teenager sneaking. The girls have not yet turned into a woman. Young and beautiful Lolita. Angel of the fabulous dreams.
Not surprisingly, the husband is not looked for in the damsels of the soul, I was ready to carry her in his arms, paid for the most expensive beauty salons. This time, he could not go with them on vacation because of urgent business trip to Germany. His construction company has entered into an agreement on the use of German technology for the construction of small cottage houses. Of course, her husband told her the name of the project and the exact purpose of the trip, but remember it that way. Veronica rarely interested in the work of her husband, preferring to deal with them, their little son, pamper it. At the time, she abandoned a career manager in order to give the child the best, give him all my love. Now she does not sorry about it. Artem doted on his mother and was happy to keep her company in all matters. How, for example, a shopping trip or upcoming trip to the sea.


Pension has surpassed all expectations. On the terraces grow magnolia, the room was spacious and comfortable, with a clean beach and fine sand is just 100 meters away. Not far away is the bar, immediately attracted the attention of the mother and son of an unusual design. The building has been styled with old fort, enveloped in all sorts of ropes and nets. It simply lured by its mystery and exoticism.
It is there with Veronica Artemka and went as soon as unpacked items.
The bar was dim inside, he turned out to be quite small, and all the seats were occupied by vacationers. Artem went to the counter to ask if you can take a kebab takeaway and wine, sit on the beach and Nick continued to look around. On the ceiling she saw forged lamps, in the corner of an old wheel.
- Hey girl - suddenly called out to her - take her boyfriend and sit down with us.
Veronica turned around.
At a table in the corner of the two young women sat. She remembered that she had seen them today in the lobby of the hotel when the porter took the keys. A friendly smile, Nick thanked the unexpected saviors and sat at their table.
My name is Olga, - she presented one of them, light-blond, with a stunning long braid and dark eyebrows. And I am Inga, - he smiled the second, brunette with a bright, somewhat predatory features, perfect make-up and an outstanding bust upholstered in coral topom strapless. The fourth dimension - offhand figured Veronica.
Meanwhile, Artem returned to them, and brought the fragrant skewers with meat, struck up a casual conversation.
Olya first time here so close, could see her so hated by Nick, the wife of her boss. It was hard to breathe, memories rolled one by one.


Here they are with Vladimir left alone in an empty office. Up in the morning you need to prepare a report to the board. She is secretary brings him to sign the paper. Head throws plates on the table and suddenly looming over her. This tall, so strong. From fear and lust Olga breath. She babbles something like an apology, but he pulls her to him, kissing passionately, his hands stroking her elastic ass. He pulls her skirt up, and the men's fingers are in her panties. She wet as the last whore. Olga wants to Head fuck her right here on this table. Vladimir caresses the clitoris with your fingers of one hand, the other undoes her bra and began to pull at her nipples, kissing her neck. She groans under his touch. It's good that no one hears.
Boss puts it into the vagina, first one finger, then it is joined by a second. He moves into her hard, rhythmically, but a second before orgasm removes his hand, forcing suffer from unsatisfied desire.
Now suck me, be a good girl - says Vladimir.
She unzips his trousers belt, gently hugs lips huge hard dick and stops at a loss. Before that Olya had never made a blowjob.

Well, what do you like the first time - says the chief, and with the force begins to stick her head on his dick. At first, she gasps, trying to escape her suffocating spasms, but then a little getting used, even beginning to enjoy it. The girl likes to feel a toy in the hands of a strong male. In the mouth splatters hot cum. She swallows all.
That umnichka, - says her lover, Olga raises from his knees, he puts his stomach on a table and then puts it in his fingers. Once a member again comes on alert, he introduces it between the legs of the girl and starts to move slowly. Member fills the whole it seems pulls up to the uterus, and a couple of minutes Olga ends. This orgasm was most vivid in her life.
After he and the chief had not time to make love. The mission, lingering long hours in the office. One day Olga asked him:
-Why do not you leave his wife? We are together because well,
And in response I heard:
-And why should I throw it? You hold a candle to her and not fit.


Nick sat across and unsuspecting new acquaintance smiled. Aretm vengeance flirted with Inga.
Nothing - I thought Olga - smiles. I have my revenge.


Artem Inga walked along the pier. Gone already day since he fervently confessed his love for her. In response, he heard quite unexpected:
- If you want to be together with me, have to help me in the same case. By agreeing, you prove to me your feelings. Because we know so long, and I can not be a lover of the first comer. I'm not a whore.
- Ask for what you want
- I want to be your mother started to recover. You're just going to pour it into the food pills. You see, that's okay, I do not ask you. I agree?
- I need to think.
Today, Artem decided. Mom will know if any will ever know.
-Inga, I agree.


Veronica could not understand what was happening. It seemed that her appetite has increased enormously in the fresh air. Previously, she never ate after seven in the evening, it is now an evening snack in the form of sandwiches or apple gradually becomes a habit. Luckily it is almost not reflected in the figure. Only a slightly increased breast, but Nick felt that way looks more tempting.


Artemka was just delighted with his new girl. How could match his classmates, young and unspoiled creation, with an experienced and depraved Inga. She let the guy and everything seemed to him the ideal lover.
A couple walking along the seashore. It was late, all resort visitors wandered from house to house. Inga in her bikini and tied around the pore seemed guy Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam.
Then they kissed passionately, lying on the sand. Artem began pulling off Inga melting, but he remembered that he had forgotten condoms in the room. The girl, realizing what was going on, she whispered, take me back. And he knelt, resting his hands and exposing neat dark ring. Artem liberally smeared his cock with saliva and slowly began to enter it in the ass Inga. He was afraid to cause pain to his mistress, but replacing that she does not get less pleasure, began to move faster, and, after a few minutes, they both have an orgasm.
I made the right choice - thought the young man, looking at his chiseled figure charming girlfriend.

Veronica continued to gain weight. At the waist were first wrinkles, tight tops, formerly so well emphasizes the dignity, have now become enemies, shouting: you fat! Look at your belly. You're like the third month of pregnancy. Soon everyone will be staring at you and screaming followed: The fat woman!
It is necessary to lose weight - repeated itself Nick munching a carrot. But the increased appetite tormented her with terrible force, forced to bite again and again.
Probably blame the hot climate and the sea air - told herself zhenschina.- Here come to Moscow again and come back to normal. And yet - a little more walking and swimming. Yes, we must also buy a jacket roomier.

The entire company gathered in a pizzeria. Olga embarrassed, tried not to look in the direction of kissing Artem and Inga. Veronica thought with a touch of bitterness that her beloved son was quite grown up.
It seemed to take an awkward pause in the conversation Olga asked:
- Veronique you bought a new blouse? Pts beautiful. However, your shiny purple top with these jeans looked much better.
- I soiled his accident when riding on a boat - Nick lied and leaned over the plate, so that no one noticed her glowing cheeks.
- It's a pity. - Do not noticing continued Olya. - And to me he liked. You're in it was just sexy. In general, the envy of your figure. Waist you just aspen. All the guys drooling allowed.
Veronica smiled - then only visible to me superfluous centimeters - and gladly put his plate another slice of pizza with salami.
Olga inwardly rejoiced. Let this simpleton as long as you can think with her weight all right.

A week later, Veronica stopped jeans fastened. Fat around the waist hung three folds. Forearm become more like men. On the angelic little face appeared cheeks and chin outlined. The hips widened, appeared breeches. Bra started crashing into the back of the cup became greatly compress the chest.
Nick spun in front of the mirror for hours, trying to draw the belly, pull the neck to the chin line again became clear.
Every day, a woman sat on a diet, and in the evening again frustrated. Physical activity also did not give the desired effect. Veronica tolstel and did not know how to deal with it.
Out of desperation, she bought some Chinese tea for weight loss and then the whole day was afraid to deviate far from the toilet. torment result was only the dark circles under the eyes.
With each passing day it became increasingly difficult to persuade myself to leave the room. It seemed that everyone pays attention to change her looks, whispering in the corners.
Yesterday Artem told her jokingly:
- Mom fasten with sandwiches, and they soon will be in the same cage with hippos.
Veronica tears ran into the corridor. Son had great difficulty to convince her that he was just joking.
New girlfriend did not seem to notice anything. They also had fun in her company and said not a word about the ongoing changes to it.
Maybe things are not so bad - Nick consoled myself - can my weight is noticeable only Artemka me. He's known me all his life. Therefore, son of all notices first.


It's great you came up with Inge, - Olga smiled. - I would never have thought of, and even more so, failed to carry out such a cunning plan. Just think, this chicken swollen by leaps and bounds, but still believes in its irresistibility. Damaging to human naivety! Well, the harder it will be eventually.
- Did you see her belly, when we went to the beach the day before yesterday? This hippopotamus lying on the sand, putting on display their charms. Even a couple of days, and bikinis will completely disappear in the folds of her immense carcass. I would place her bathing suit, shaking with fear.

Nick decided to go to the city to update your wardrobe. The day before yesterday they were resting on the beach. Its fat was put on public display. It was a nightmare. Veronica tried as much as possible motive in the water and come ashore only when the teeth start to tap dance.
Previously, it was enough to go to the beach as it began to flirt. Men spinning around her, offering to bring liomnad or ice cream. Now around in confusion they turn away from it, pretend with her all right, but the people have read loathing and disgust.
Veronica and she became disgusted with myself. Complete handle with saggy Zhirkov, blurred outlines of the figures, the second chin, the first stretch in the hips, cheeks like a hamster, puffy eyes, haunted look.
When the woman got into the bus, it was first called Auntie and asked to move. All the way she carefully considered the landscape outside the window, feeling the reproachful gaze of passengers.
On the market the first thing Nick had chosen a swimsuit, some tunics, a sundress. Going to an expensive store to buy the clothes she was ashamed. Surely in a boutique and no such sizes. There's not a cow dress up.
Here me nobody paid attention - a woman thought - I look better than the local population.
At the exit from the market was granny with weights and offered to take advantage of them in just 2 rubles. Veronica gave ten and asked the old lady did not look at the readings.
With a sinking heart was a woman on the scales and was horrified. 72 kilos! Yes, it always weighed no more than fifty-three!
Nick remembered the way back bad. I came to she was on the couch in his room. The pillow was wet with tears.
To think, I used to always wept on the breast of his gentlemen, - the woman whispered.
Suddenly, she realized that for more than two weeks has not been with a man. Desire rolled forward unexpectedly. Veronica put her hand on his chest, a little play with the nipples, and thought that, perhaps, is not a man does not want it so. Until his death, she would have the most to fondle himself. Never again in her vagina will not live, throbbing cock. Husband and probably will not look to the side of his wife, finds a lover.
Veronica's fingers touched the clitoris, and the woman strangled moan. Continuing to caress her, she lost all her subsequent life in mind, and did not find anything good in it. Slightly moving away after orgasm, Nick felt hungry and went to a nearby tray with shawarma snack ...

So quietly and walked to the end of the month at the resort. Artem tanned. His eyes sparkled at the sight of Inga. Olga prettier from the sea air and the joy of victory. Blond hair is burned and turned it into a blonde. She could not wait to meet your favorite boss. All the men with whom she had an affair in the past week, did not suit him and a candle. Now, when the opponent is resolved, it will be fine.
Veronica with horror imagined returning home. Before leaving, she was once again weighed and measured himself centimeter. Her weight was 85 kg, with volumes 130H90H120. Felt woman behaving badly, looked even worse. The whole body is flabby, with hanging folds, the once magnificent breasts stretching, belly hanging on the ass and thighs cellulite. Oval face finally broke, his eyes turned into two slits. Now, no one would have thought she had been the same age as Artem. Fragile nymph turned into a fat aunt.