The first time a davalka

I had a fight with her boyfriend, and therefore missed a whole week. Oksana Call turned just in time. I was invited to sally out of the city. The company selected a cheerful. Dima and Maxim went to the same university as me Oksana, only senior years. The only stranger was Andrew, cousin Dima.

On the way we Oksana drinking beer and laughing at the jokes of the boys. The beach was fun. I have a lot of swimming and sunbathing. Dima constantly bought me ice cream and fruit. Oksanka and her boyfriend Max soon returned to the country. I enjoyed on the beach, and I stayed. Gradually beer relaxed me. Dima increasingly pestering me, I climb into the water with his hand into her panties, stroked by the pope, telling dirty jokes. Then I have not yet fully sblyadilas and felt uncomfortable. Dima, I liked, but were close to the people, and Andrew is constantly watching us. At one point, Andrew went to bathe, and we stayed. Dima has openly started to caress me, I knew how it would end, but I wanted to fuck. In the end, he pulled me into the bushes and began to pull the swimsuit. I was drunk and did not resist. Wearing a condom, Dima came into my pussy and began to fuck quickly. I stood polusognuvshis, and held on to the tree. It was a little uncomfortable, but overall I liked it. I pressed rushing lips cries. It was a shame. Near people were sunbathing. We were able to see or hear. Dima finished first, and then he brought me to orgasm with your fingers. I still have mixed feelings. On the one hand it was cool, but on the other Dima fuck me like the last bitch.

When we returned to the beach, Andrew understood. Its a shame I washed down with a beer and a bit okosela. After some time we have openly squeezed in the river, and the contact was Andrew. Boys nearly tore off my swimsuit, and it broke the clasp. I was too drunk to worry about it.

I do not remember when disconnected. The following recollection: I - in the bushes, and the boys I fucked. I was pleased, but uncomfortable. The first time I had sex with two guys. Suck, despite their requests, I could not, so the boys had to be satisfied with having my turn pussy. I have received several strong orgasms.

Before I got garden, leaning on the shoulder of Andrew.

In the evening we do drink a dry white wine. I went to sleep in the same room with Dima and Andrew. Behind the wall screaming at Oksana Maxim. Guys bred. So do I. Men behaved rougher than on the beach. They tried to plant their members deeply into my pussy and mouth. About condoms nobody thought. Thank you, though did not finish inside. It was a hard sex. I do not know where they were taken power, but they fucked me for a long time, often interchanged. Andrew led me to anal sex. At first it was painful, but gradually the pain was replaced by pleasure. I finished. Guys let down my face or on the back, a little rest, and then went on our sex marathon.

In the morning I woke up in the middle of the room on the floor next to Andrew. His cock hung lifeless inches from my lips. Dima was sleeping on the couch. I got up and washed. It was especially difficult to wash your hair. I frankly fucked as last davalku. I was very ashamed in front of him, but this shame was mixed with a deep sense of sexual satisfaction.