Oda Masturbation

Brave way to communicate with the world,
Oh, how was right, Jean-Jacques Rousseau,
Do you want to learn his idol,
Close your eyes and behold the face.
You want to fuck Sharon Stone,
Close your eyes and do not have problems,
Or Sign a harem,
Here you're a hero, and you want the clown.
The neighbor you want, no problem,
She was sucking your cock.
His penis is a little rub the hand,
Oh! What fun.
Lie down quietly on the bed,
And begins to caress.
Will leave shyness and fear,
And you are already in heaven.
I confess to you. I, too, am a sinner,
I like a bit of a jerk,
Although I am not in this crazy,
It's nice that I say.
In a perfect virtual world,
I can lyuboyu to sleep,
And in his unpretentious apartment
Belles passionate caress.
But that's twice as nice to me,
Beloved faithful to my wife.