My first gomoopyt

I'm an ordinary guy 25 years old heterosexual
problems with sex never really had. And in my heterosexuality it was normal, but sometimes there were "backache" I dream of al that to my ass pulled on a big, strong penis. While I do not want no man's affection or love and saliva, and pure sex and nothing more. I sometimes masturbate, lay on the floor, he threw his legs and rested them in the window sill, and thus, as it were pressed to a member of his same person. It was exciting to feel a hard, purple penis so close to his lips. I took it into his mouth, licking and sucking pridrachivaya and thus, when the sensation reached the peak, I merged into his mouth and swallowed the semen. Physically, this is not the brightest orgasm (cum try to twist in three deaths) but morally .... something in this case, such a wild and dirty - but nice.
Another liked the bathroom to smear the ass with something slippery and shove something, such as cans of varnish, creams and so important, that it is something that was round and elongated as a member. Last, what could "planted" This can of shaving foam (as it is quite thick in diameter), and in that position, planted as I began to spit Masta! rbirovat s presenting it in my ass big strong cock. Orgasm was stunning, and the feelings and the number of sperm, she squirted from a fire hose. All this of course is temporarily appeased my blue impulse, but eventually wanted more, I wanted to present a member rather than its substitutes. A couple of times acquainted chats with the guys, exchanged photos, talked, but it was limited to communication, something stopped me to meet, probably fear them. The constant struggle in the shower ... and wants and prickly.
Once, I met a guy on the site for gays. Young, tall, married, - with little experience in the subject. We agreed to meet with him in Hydropark (Kiev) to walk and talk, and there- the card will fall. So ... I go up, get to know (picture I've seen it at the time) the guy pretty, modest agreeable. We decided to take a ride on a boat to begin with. They stood in line for two hours took the boat and let's go to the open sea, under the name of the Dnepr. Heat, we are alone, bathing suit, I rowed and think "and if I could have sex with him ???" I myself would not suggest, ashamed and nervous trembling, but the desire to eat. we swam in one of the numerous coves on the Dnieper River, where there is no flow, a lot of reeds and willows bowed their branches right up to the water's edge. The people were few, because weekday den..lish couple of fishermen and a few campers onlookers. We with Oleg (the name of my new friend) too "parked in the reeds opened a cold beer. As time went on, the beer flowed and soon I stopped worrying a virgin, apparently the heat and alcohol do their dirty work, I began to attend vulgar little thoughts and anticipation began to fill member. I threw a glance at Oleg melting that Drood to hide his big sausage. Why do I know about the size of his penis? all just in the process of correspondence and we exchanged photos of officers and members.
Member of him and 19cm in diameter, about 5 cm. I immediately liked his cock, strong, with a large beautiful golovkoy..ya about this dream. He apparently caught my zglyad once in his swimming trunks, and suggested (as if by chance) together! masturbate. I immediately agreed and grebanuv paddle a couple of times drove the boat into the reeds completely so that no one of us could not see. Oleg took just melting and approached me. I also took off his own and we were standing in front of each other and were aiming their guns like a duel. The truth is I do not have a rosskoshny member like him, but the truth is just 16cm beautiful. I took the hand of his already standing member and began his pridrachivat and stroking, caressing the testicles, too, he caressed my cock by hand, and then squatted down and took it in his mouth. Oral skvernenky course he did, but I tried a little experiment. I will not describe my feelings at the same time, blow me, women are constantly doing and much more professional. So I did not get a blowjob from a super fun, I wanted something new, unknown. I wanted to try to make a blow.
He rose to his feet, and I sat down on a bench in the boat and just in front of my face he found himself "husky" rozbuhshey with a large head and tip, small, shiny and sticky Capel ka lubricant spun off from the field. I took it and licked the head of his cock completely. It has brought me so much, that already dimmed in the head and heart was pounding furiously in his chest and catch your breath. It was wild, it was dirty and unnatural, but damn exciting. I began to suck and lick his penis feeling like a dirty slut, and it's incredibly exciting. I wanted it to fuck me right here to see prices, I picked up and completely pulled on his big cock. I told him this and he did not mind. I became nachetverenki on a bench in front of the boat, leaned his hands on the side of both sides, he arched his back and thrust out toward the butt member. I remembered how porn girls out there in the ass and give their anuses poured semen and I wanted it so.
Oleg pulled the Member prezik and rospechatav bag with grease coming into the load with prezikami started to spread my ass and how to push it deeper into the finger while preparing sphincter penetration something thicker than a finger. And now, finally, he touched! member to my hole, I dreamed about this for years and, behold, my desire to the point of implementation. He pressed a member to the ring of the anus, and I remember my lessons in anal masturbation rosslabil maximum point and became a member of the slowly but surely moving forward. Feeling stunned, a bit painful, but it is a pleasant pain, and when it is fully seated me in the ass, I lost control of myself, I wanted him to me dryuchil hours in different poses hard and fast, like then as in porn, so it stuck, and I there was a big round hole, stuck to back without the help of hands, that member flew me to point the way flies in pussy some broken-down whore. And he fucked me, fucked fast and pretty tough, and I meet a member podmahivat ass like a bitch and it was great.
After some time I realized he speeded up and sniff postanyvaniya that it will soon be over, and I wanted him to cum in my mouth and face. I told him about it and he agreed. After another couple of minutes anguish of my ass, he stuck strongly and took prezik, I rozvernulsya and knelt, in such a position his penis just rested against my lips. I quickly began to masturbate him, stuck out his tongue and began as if to rub in the process of masturbation and beat a member himself of yazyk.Reaktsiya was immediate, he groaned, and sprouted my mouth tight jet of sperm, then again and again. I put away the mouth and sperm began to flow to me on the face and lips. I swallowed the sperm, it was a brackish taste, sweet and a little tart. Oleg finished and stood with a blissful view, and I'm still licking his cock and drove it himself on his lips. Now I had to finish me, because of all this, my cock was purple and streaked with grease and smermy. Because in the process of swotting, probably due to stimulation of the prostate and the juice dripping from it.
Oleg clung to him and began to suck, but because he did it slowly and awkwardly, I began to masturbate in his mouth and tongue to help it. Then I told him right before orgasm, so he pursed his lips and began to fuck him in the mouth. Barely a minute later, I went down into his mouth. He also swallowed the sperm and now gently licking my trunk. Such here and had my first homosexual experience.