Women's Day 2

I woke up by a phone call. "What a bastard rings at half past five?" - I become angry. Bastard was my boss Svetlana Igorevna. You see, she was to work today will not come, because feeling is bad, so I have an hour to bring the three papers to her home.
- So I'll wait for you, Katya, - weary voice cooed Svetlana and hung up without waiting for my answer.
I swore and nearly phone against the wall not shvarknula. It is to shove through the city two hours to listen to this nonsense women, and then through the cork crawl back. Yeah, she got sick ... on booze and peretraha. Well, no, it is necessary a "present" early in the morning! The mood was spoiled for the day at all.
Knowing that now will not go to sleep, I got up and wandered into the kitchen for coffee. What I saw made me furious. Yesterday sister arranged gatherings with her friends and left the dishes are not washed. Like a whirlwind burst into her room and tore the blanket:
- Get up, bitch!
Blond angel in a little sexual nochnuzhke yawned and asked in bewilderment:
- Kate, what are you doing ?!
- What? - I grabbed her sister by the hair and pulled off onto the floor. - What, you ask? Now you will see!
Not giving up, I dragged her to the kitchen. Sister barely keep up with me, crying and asking for release. However, I dovolokla her into the kitchen and threw it forward:
- What is it, bitch? Why the dirt? Why the dishes are not washed? Who of you will have to clean up, blyadina?
- Kate…
- I know my name! - I interrupted her. - And you can see, you need a good lesson! - I took the skimmer, sat down and patted his knee: - Get down!
- Katya, do not! - Tears streamed down his sister with renewed vigor. - I ask…
- How many times have I told you to clean up after themselves? - I was relentless. - You, apparently, talking to no avail! Get down!
With doomed views pulled Alena nightgown and lay down on my knees. I began to spank her ass reading the morals on compliance with the order and cleanliness. When I finished, my sister's ass was purple, and sister hoarse with sobs. Only it was not the end of what she knew. By putting it on my knees, I got dressed their favorite red strap and came back. Alain began to cry with pain more power, but obediently took the strap in his mouth and began to suck and lick. And I looked from bottom to top, besides suffering unfairly punished eyes of the dog. But I knew very well what she is the porch and did not pay her any attention kind of suffering. Finally, I took out a member of his mouth Alena, put it on his stomach on a table and began to fuck in the ass. At first she was bolnovato, but soon turned to groans moans of pleasure. So as not to shout, sister shoved into his mouth napkin. I fucked her roughly, goading her ass, knowing that a sex she does not like. Today, however, the goal was not to meet, and to punish the sloth.
Finally, satisfied, I stopped and took a strap. Alenka dutifully licked it. It was felt that a repeat of this morning, she did not want.
- So, my dear, - I said. - Now I'm in the shower, and you uber¸shsya here and make me breakfast. Clear?
Normally, breakfast itself I cook, but when I'm in such a mood with me better than to argue. So sister just nodded. When I came out of the shower, the kitchen is already shining, breakfast was ready, and Alain stood next to the table on his knees, his head bowed in repentance.
- You can also, especially when you "stimuliruesh" - I said, sitting down at the table.
Sister just sobbed, not daring to speak. I stroked her head and opened her legs, allowing to lick pussy. Alain clung elated. This meant forgiveness. However, incomplete. As an additional punishment, I wore panties Alyona with a vibrator in the ass, and snapped the padlock. For better memory, so to speak. Sister plaintive sigh, but he did not dare to object. I tried only! As a consolation, I let her after lectures to call me at work, so I took them off. little cheerful girl. Still, it is not necessary to wait until the evening at home, and I could and stay.
Parenting sister took away a lot of time. I had to work in the Institute of Alyona. Planting sister, good range of small, I started to move off, I was undermined another machine, for which the wheel was a cute brunette. As I pulled away, I will not crashing and without hurting anybody - I do not know. A brunette and even slowed down, showed me a «fuck» and rushed on. To say that I was furious - it does not say anything. Alain, in front of which it happened, was sitting beside him. I tore after him.
Apparently, these cases went before the brunette with the hands. However, not at this time. Popetlyat the streets, brunette came to the pool. Apparently, morning bathing, massage and other procedures for raising the mold. Our sister was a constant subscription, so we missed without talking. Brunette was found in the locker room, where it is, of course, changed clothes, humming something terribly off-key at the same time. Without saying a word, I loaded up her eyes. Brunette flew into the corner, something squealing. One jump Alain was near, wrung her hands behind her back and snapped the handcuffs. I walked over and squeezed his fingers More cheeks:
- What blyadina, like risky driving? And more «fuck» show at the same time? And the fact that you otfakayut not expect to complete? and will now!
- Hto you? - I croaked brunette.
- And you do not care? - I asked and took strappon out of the bag. - Suck!
- Yeah, you know ... - beginning brunette.
Several strong slap forced her to shut up and take a cock in her mouth. Dissatisfied, she sucks, I grabbed her by the hair and began to fuck a brunette in her mouth, spitted on dildo. After a few minutes, I just-returned brunette and putting ass up, began to fuck in the ass. Then he forced to suck and then fuck again. Former women in the locker room, crowding loudly commented on what is happening, mainly in extremely unpleasant brunette expressions, but did not intervene. Finally, after about an hour, I finished execution. Taking the handcuffs, we left. Following flew brunette somehow napyalennoy clothes. Jumping to his "Opel", she shook my fist and sped away. It is unlikely that she is now here will ever again ...
Finally, I got to work. The authorities, as we know, is not late, it delayed. And, since I was the boss, no one I dared not specify. I walked around the office, suggesting the rustle. They all pretended to work. View Rabotnicki only increased my anger somewhat ul¸gshuyusya after the pool, but not unyavshuyusya. I walked into his office, nodding secretary Lena and throwing:
- Erokhin me.
According to the office already flashed the news that "Ekaterina in rage and fury", ready to do anything extreme, so Erokhina rushed five seconds. Red-haired lass, a little older than me, was an independent view, ready to start otgavkivatsya. The motley was arrogant, his words did not climb. A couple of races, I have already cursed it, those clashes, in essence, ended in a draw, so now Erokhina ready to continue, but I was not going to spend time on hot air. It was necessary to punish such a way that will long be remembered. I turned and went to her:
- You blyadina cheap! You how much came today?
- Catherine…
- I know my name! - I stepped on it until it pressed against the wall. - I ask, how much did you come ?! -
- And you…
- C-bitch! - With great pleasure I slapped her a slap in the face. - You will still point me ?! Slut! - I have a few more times she kicked well.
Erokhin cry and jerked away, but I caught her by the collar and threw it to the table:
- Where, bitch ?! I have not started your education! - Then he looked to the reception: - Lenusik, not to let anyone! I'm busy.
Sekretutka smiled knowingly. She has several times held such "educational process", so that it is understood exactly what I'll do. By the way, on the Lena is quite beneficial impact .... It generally happy sex with me. He winked at her, I slammed the door and wing-it with a key.
Erokhin meanwhile stood up and straightened clothes. This is nothing ventured. Without saying a word, I grabbed her by the throat and squeezed a bit, threw it on the table, and then pulled hard after him. Riding a red, I leaned toward her face, hissed:
- How long it will last, eh? I'll pay for that money, a cow? For the fact that you're here my ass twisted? So? - Several times I hit her in the face. - No, blyadina, I'll teach you to work!
Grabbing her by the hair, I threw it on the floor and hit several times boots, then ordered:
- Take off your clothes!
- What?! - Amazed Erokhin.
- Undress, suchara! - I opened the cupboard and pulled out a whip. - Well!
- No, you do not dare!
The blow on the shoulder ozh¸g it:
- I do not dare ?! - Another blow. - You're going to strip ?! Or should I continue?
Each word is accompanied by a whip. Erokhin cried and began to undress. All ambition flew off the red at one point. Pulling out of the closet a few gentle cords, I laid Erokhin on the coffee table and tied her hands and feet to the legs. Then she began to whip the ass, explaining that she was a bad girl, always late, does not work well, and even argue with the boss. After the first shock Erokhina began screaming, then I picked up her panties and stuffed it in his mouth, tying it on top of the bra, not to spit. It remains only to mumble.
If red hoped that all will end flogging, it is deeply mistaken. In her eyes, full of horror, I took off my clothes and dressed up strappon. Not slowly undid her bra and panties pulled. Erokhin dutifully took the dildo in her mouth and began to suck and lick. And then it was time to asses fucked. However, I was not going to fuck her for a long time. To explain who she is, humble and all. Therefore, all the punishment subsided just half an hour. In conclusion, I took her by the cheeks and fingers, gently squeezing, he said:
- You're all clear, bitch?
- Yes, Madam, - said the redhead.
- Okay, - I nodded - wear.
As she frantically dressed (shorts, I did not give her to humiliate), I poured a glass of brandy and said:
- Have a drink and wash. Or so you will go? Helen will help you. Can you help it?
- Of course, Catherine A. - which became the secretary smiled.
Erokhin realized that the secretary to keep up with what's going on here, but will not tell anyone. She, however, did not know that the aid not only in the washing and make-up is. Sekretutka more and fuck with it makes. And this time it happened. By the way, Helen and later the victims of his fingers did not release.
I got dressed and took finally work. It is certainly for me no one will do. I had to work without lunch to catch up. Twice to me looked into Helen: "You can, Catherine A.?" After receiving my goodness, she locks the door, she climbed under the table and licked me. That same insatiable whore!
By two o'clock, when I deal with all the cases, said Alain.
- But tell me, dear, when you have finished the lecture? - I asked, taking a slice of pizza that prines¬a Alena. Sister blushed, but said nothing. - Since there is no response, we will assume that you lied. And for this you will be punished, my dear. Take off everything and dress it. - I threw her things.
While sister changing her clothes in the rest room, I folded the paper into the desired folder and call a friend:
- Zoyatchka, a thousand kisses! I'm sorry, dear, now will not work. Your Albertik free? That's fine, there are processing for it. I'll stop after half an hour.
Then came Alena. Hmm, I did not expect that kind of a fucking turn: transparent blouse, through which could see her breasts, red mini skirt barely covering her ass and easily guess the lack of panties, white stockings and red shoes on huge heels. He chuckled, nodded and walked to the exit.
Helen saw Alain, licked her lips and slipped her a note. My staff did not even think to pretend that work, all looked at Alain lustful glances. But she had a sister did not even think to be embarrassed. Hardened and eksbitsionistka nudists. To recall the history of the summer ... But it somehow then. In parting, Alain and more spun, showing their charms.
- You can be seen, like when you're being punished? - I asked, sitting down in the car.
- And there was nothing to give this outfit - sister retorted.
Well, that's my fault. I know the goddamned nature of his sister, why was encouraged. But, nevertheless, the last word was supposed to stay behind me.
- Today we have a Thursday? - I said. - Be patient, until tomorrow evening.
- And what will be there? - Alenka asked suspiciously.
- Remember Clara? - Sister nodded. - She went abroad for six months on a business trip, and let me live in her country house. Here there tomorrow and we'll go. On-ve-lo-lim-Xia!
Sister felt sad. When I say ass and other parts of the body sisters were expecting a serious test. It is not always true, but often enough.
- By the way, what you there for Malyava was from Lena?
- She offered a date tomorrow - smiled sister.
- Agree - I smiled. - Fun to be.
Snorting, Alain took me a cigarette and lit it. I just glanced. Against I had nothing to smoke, she sinned. We stopped to Zoe. Alenka ran and brought a large black dog.
- Zoe asked to return it today or, at least, tomorrow - said the sister, planting a dog in the back seat.
Passers-by in amazement glances toward al¸nkinoy ass ...
Fifteen minutes later we were on the ground and entered the gate of the house Svetlana Igorevna, my boss. The three of us got out of the car and went into the house, carrying a large bag. Svetlana's husband, Paul, an artist from the word "bad" type of consumptive bespectacled, instantly evaporated. Once, when I was with Svetsik make love, I told him popularly explained, who is who, since he prefers to avoid any contact with me. The mistress sat at the kindled fire, wrapped in a blanket. Depicting the patient. Oh well…
- Cheer, so ... - I stopped the chair and patted on the head, Svetlana.
- Yeah, sick ... - Svetlana Igorevna nervous, because I knew very well: such a weasel face big trouble.
As sung in an old cartoon "Premonitions not deceived him." Svetlana Igorevna grabbed by the hair and I pulled her out of the chair, rug, and then tore and a bathrobe, and has set itself. Y-yes, everyone would be so hurt. Before us was hol¸naya woman in the juice, only the shadows under his eyes betrayed a certain fatigue.
- Cheer, so ... - I repeated, suffused with righteous anger.
- Colds, Katya, - coughed a couple of times, unctuous voice said Svetlana Igorevna.
- Ah, the cold ... - I pulled, looking at it and taking off his jacket. - I understand: a cold, whiskey, fireplace ... - and continues to undress.
This is the beginning of a tightening effect is worse than spanking. Svetochka begins to tremble. She just does not know what to do: go down on his knees - like worthless, she's still the boss, try to command - funny, and so it is clear who is in charge. And then I take Alyona folder, open and reach out to Svetlana:
- Yes, while you're in the mind, read and sign.
What is there in the mind! Svetlana Igorevna can not take my eyes off zdorovuschego red strappon that I dress and not looking to sign strike sharply in the right places. No, I'm not an animal, I do not take a firm Sveta, just now I'm in control of it, while Svetlana Igorevna remained purely representative functions. Well, more responsibility if something goes wrong.
- So, with the little things done, - I said slowly. - Now start the main action ...
Svetlana did not have time even to scream as I poured it on the carpet and sat on his back. Taking filed Alena Coy whip, I started ohazhivat Svetochka whip on the ass:
- What dick calling so early? What dick Truant work? What dick chased me ... through the city?
I have always allowed myself to different liberties during sex, but now was the apotheosis. I decided Svetlana Igorevna humiliate and trample to always remember who is the chief of our company. Svetlana struggled and screamed, but I kept spanking, remembering all of her sins, real and imaginary, for many years, until her ass does not become purple-cyanotic. On the second floor flashed and was gone skinny bespectacled face is her husband, decided to find out why their cry. It is a pity that did not dare to intervene, I would have him too happy to pour lashes ...
Getting up, I sat in a chair, and Svetochka set a lap. She was crying, holding his ass.
- Well, what we cry? We slapped on the ass? - I patted her on the cheek. - Is not that what it was? A?
Svetlana Igorevna glanced toward Olena, filmed, and was silent. And then I gave her a few slap:
- Answer Bitch when you ask! It was for that ?!
- God was ... - mumbled Light.
- You see, my dear, she agreed ... - I smiled. - Now, take it in your mouth depraved and get to work.
Well, for Svetlana Igorevna it was customary occupation. How many times during these visits was engaged! We somehow at once so well established, it is the passive side, only the language and fingers caressed, but I did and strappon, and a vibrator, and sometimes pletochkoy with a strap. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that too, Alain puts strappon, and showed his fist.
- Well, Katya, - said offended sister, - I also want to ... Well ... not vrednichat
- Not now, - I said. - I then change you, and you try to catch all the details. And more often face the face of this whore shoot. In the porn work!
Sveta something moaned in protest, but instantly obtain on tits whip.
- Speaking of boobs ... - Alain grinned and pulled out a chain with two clamps.
Svetlana Igorevna eyes widened in horror, but she did not dare not to interrupt obsasyvanie dildo, and squeak. A sister very deftly pinned clamps on her nipples and grinning pod¸rgala:
- Good sit!
I pushed Svetka:
- Enough sucked! Cancer becomes a slut.
And Svetlana obediently stood up, his hands on his coffee table and otklyachila ass. Dog Albert's obedient stayed where they left, watching closely what is happening and waiting for the moment when he con-quires. Zoya knew how to train dogs! Sveta occasionally mown with fear and obedience toward him, knowing that he had taken it for her.
I did not delay the process, and with one blow came in her ass and began methodically to fuck. Ass Svetlana was well designed, so we engaged in anal sex. At some point, I got bored, so habitual action. I came out of Svetka and her sister nodded. She enthusiastically gave me a camera and began to fuck Svetlana Igorevna. That something squeaked in protest, but soon earned by Alena on tits, not a whip, and whip.
Alena Svetlana put back on the table and continued to fuck her in the ass, yanking the chain. And still he demanded that she sang. And not just pop music, and something classic, like "Moscow Nights." Neither one nor the other do not know the words, but Svetlana something is trying to portray, and it corrects Alena. I barely on his feet laughing resisted. What are shooting! And her husband reappeared, probably wanted to find out what still is happening here. I beckoned him with a finger. Paul went down, pale as a corpse. So he had me just scared to tremble at the knees, I realized.
- Take off! - I gave him a camera. - If the shot is bad, I'll fuck in all holes. Clear?
And this weakling began to shoot his wife fuck! Ohuet!
We have changed the composition. I lay, Light dropped by a pussy on strappon and Alain continued to fuck her in the ass. It seems Svetik start to finish rapidly over and over again from the excess of sensation. Finally, having finished themselves pa¬ru time we stopped Alyona. Sis collapsed in a chair and lit a cigarette. Then he called Svetlana and raz¬vela feet resting on the armrests. Svetulka crawled and began to lick her. I looked at Paul captured. Hmm, he came out even better than I or Alena. Full of passion Svetlana face, fuck her strappon, we do, but none of the frame with my face or al¸nkinym.
- Excellent, Piero - I patted him on the sch¸chke. - Continue. From now on, be my operator. To leave at short notice. Clear?
- Yes Milady! - Paul Piero even bowed.
- Well done, allow to kiss! - I held up strappon.
And he kissed and licked the head. In a freak!
Just then Alain roughly finished. Taking Svetochka hair, I took her to the middle of the hall and said:
- Albertik, it's your time!
Dog, before quietly lying at the entrance, stood up and the two jumps was beside. He looked at me, twisting ass with the stump of a tail. I smiled at him and said:
- Everything is as you trained hostess. The most complete version! Start!
Smart dog barked and went to Svetlana head. I lashed her with a whip:
- That look, bitch? Suck!
Seeded Svetlana looked at me, took the dog in his mouth cock and began to handle it, reluctantly at first, and then in ever greater zeal. Alena, looking at it, began to masturbate, using the handle of the whip. I also experienced a surge of desire. Was attached to the ass Amy, I began to fuck her. I glanced sideways at Paul, he dutifully took off everything. Dog finished very violently, his sperm Bay Svetlana whole face, chest hair. I released him a place, and he began to carefully lick Svetke crotch, trying to get into the pussy and anus. This again aroused Svetulku. She got on all fours. Dock immediately threw his front paws on her back and thrust his dick into her pussy.
Fuck it Svetlana at a furious pace, sometimes promahivayas and getting a place in the ass pussy, but nobody cared. Sveta screamed bloody murder, podmahivaya dog. I was very excited, I put the cancer sister and began to fuck her. Paul continued to shoot and began to masturbate. And again dog filled her entire ass and back with his sperm. Sveta voluntarily turned and peeling off his dick. Albert waited for the end of the procedure, and then raised his right leg and urinated on her head. Opening his mouth, Svetlana Igorevna ecstatic caught his jet.
- Well, - I said. - And now zaym¸msya cleaning. Lick everything here completely.
It has been nothing. Svetlana tried and licked all over the floor. And then questioningly stared at me all for today? I laughed:
- No, beauty, there's something else. Crawl into the yard.
Light crawled on all fours. I took the camera and Paul skimmed. Everything was filmed in the best possible way, the guy is clearly a talent for it, and it is all rubbish malyuet. Glancing at her husband have stood in the yard and my wife, I gave Paul the pants leg:
- What froze? Turn on the water and wash my damn.
He quickly carried out the order. I filmed and it is.
- Can you stand up - I allowed Svetka when convinced that it is really clean. - Today, everything. Can tomorrow evening to relax, but by five o'clock, both must be willing to travel. I will call you. Clear?
- Yes Milady! - Spouses responded in unison.
Alyonka We got dressed and went to the dog. Zoya was waiting for us at the gate. We kissed her, I gave her an envelope, and praised Albertika showed a recording of his work.
- Umnichka you mine! - Zoe patted his head.
The dog put his front paws on his shoulders and repeatedly licked her face. Saying goodbye, we left.
Frankly, today's marathon me pretty tired and I wanted to bath and bed, but Alain has not yet been satisfied. When I lay in the bath, she appeared in the doorway with strappon at the ready:
- How, sister, ready for battle?
I explained to her where to go and what to do, but it was impossible to confuse Alain. She climbed into the tub, and, thrusting his hand between my legs, I began to fuck me with your fingers first, and then put ... strappon me in the ass. During intercourse, half of the water spilled out.
- Well, Now get everything blyadina, - I said.
- For the first time, perhaps, - he snorted Alena.
This time, she decided to sleep with me.
- Cach, and what you want to arrange tomorrow? - Alain asked, looking up from my chest.
- Tomorrow you will know, - I said, putting on strappon. - What are you still damn, Alenka. You're dead and make you fuck.
- Who's the teacher! - Sister giggled, pushing the legs.