The case in the bus

I want to tell you a story that happened to me this summer.

to start itself, I am 18 years old, now a student, not to say that good-looking, but not terrible, it is a regular guy, which thousands. So, I'm in the summer, after graduating from school, he decided to earn conductor trolleybus park in our town, because of time before admission, was enough, and wander around the city do not particularly like doing nothing, and money are not redundant. In the park I settled quickly, because the eternal lack of staff, so that they took without further ado.

They put me to work with Julia, 30 years, voditelnitsy in their 30 she looks much younger, dressed pretty good, and was quite attractive: black hair, breast size 3, expressive blue eyes and a very sweet face. Julia was divorced at the time because it is tired to endure the antics of her husband, who often drank, lost not know where, and a couple of times trying to beat Julia .. Julia dressed not dissolute, of course, but not modest.

We had pretty quickly hit it off, she explained to me how "prikatyvat" passengers, how many appear before the release, and so at that time, I met the girl Katya, who was then 19 years, the fact that she was older than me I do not care deeply, she sometimes dropped in to us, but quickly ran ..

At that time, I was a virgin, Kate thought up all sorts of reasons that, when I asked her to have sex, at first I thought it was temporary, but then I began to realize that I'm Kate does not really even like me, probably it is stupid not to anyone it was to communicate, so she pretended that she likes to be with me, and I believed her fool ...

On the route I worked with pleasure, because I like to communicate with the passengers, and to hear something nice from Julia was very nice at the end of shifts, one day, when we have collected a lot of tickets, she came to, I hugged and kissed on the cheek, naturally I was very pleased with this, because I'm Julia I liked from the very beginning, the weather was hot in the summer, and Julia wore a light top and shorts, bra she somehow also not put in the end looked at her with lust all the male part of our fleet, but no one else paid attention.

At night, I often imagined naked Julia, was how we make love with her, but it was only a dream ... Meanwhile Katya began to lose interest in me, and in a week and completely abandoned, saying that she considers it beneath his dignity to meet with a guy working in the bus .. naturally to the next shift I came broken, I do not want to, even though I knew that Katya and nothing would have happened, but all the same ...

Julia is immediately noticed and asked what happened to me ?, to which I replied, saying simply dospat and that's all, but Julia knew that I was lying. I poured the tea. benefit in the bus was a kettle from the cigarette lighter, she asked: Something Katya ?, what I growled: parted yes .. Hi .. Well it stupid, Julia said, then understand what Man has lost .. What, I asked? , nuuu ... you're pretty, interesting, kind. you do not get bored, said Julia, was used to me much the same age as her, so all you have to be met, she said, and sat behind the wheel.

The change took place as usual, I obelechival passengers Muzychko listened to the phone, at times on end talking to Julia, everything, but I really wanted to press her to him, to hug her ... in the evening, we were going to go in a circle, but there was a breakdown , a small, but we lost the time and we had to stand on end, so as not to disrupt the schedule, I was sitting in the cabin, listening Muzychko when Julia came to me, he hugged me, and sat down next to me. I asked around about Kate, she suddenly asked: How often do you have sex ?, what I ofigev on this question honestly I said .: "never"She said, is because of that she is gone, you tried it ?, I said yes, she she did not admit me to her, although she also said that not a girl ...

nuuuu Said Julia, it happens .. do not worry, more will find themselves .. and after a pause said: " and you even ever been with a woman"To which I replied again: "no". she asked, but would like to? Naturally, I said, I feel like my cock stiffened. eh ..