Dew Splashes tickled his face. Dumpty occasion. In damp earth gave a muffled dawn forest - tight PLUNK hooves. From the ground up the smell, he tickled the nostrils, making his way deeper into the throat, the lungs, the lungs were filled with the smell of rotten ground, matted black foliage, muddy mushroom caps. At the top of the wind sometimes accumulates on top of the big oaks, tightly closes the top tier of the old forests, but underneath it was quiet, only PLUNK, PLUNK, PLUNK hooves on the wet ground.
He overweight soft body fatigue flowed from a sleepless night and a long transition, she aggravating circumstances eyelids trickle ran down, it accumulates in the waist area, lapped in narrow socket joint leather boots. His head was thoughtlessness fatigue, only the sound of hooves grimly pushed his way through the head bone, sounded remotely and lonely ...
The brigade stretched him not long chain. All were silent as silent everything in nature at this hour between night and the sun, when he sleeps all should sleep all, only people in the eternal vanity and chasing ghosts violates sometimes this hour of rest, but he feels in the depths of his wrong, he because numb and stiffens at this hour of silence and immutable calm ...
In the forest moving squad. The sound quickly died down after him, but the swaying branches for a long time ringing in their wake, scattering in all directions thin dew dust.
To him rode a pop.
- Soon more? - Without turning and breaking his posture relaxed, he quit.
- It must close.
- And surely say that yazychnichayut in Dubrischah?
- Believe prince word. Confused people there the old Sage Yarila, they bring the victim vile idol Perun, Horsa, and praise, undermine faith and sow distrust Princely power and princes as an apostate from the old faith.
- Coley's true these things - bad they be able to punish the prince sternly suprotivnikov faith in Christ, - he answered, and relapsed into slumber. Approached them senior Tiuna Dryga filed his voice.
- They say in Yarily daughter - the most beautiful woman in all the land dryagovichey.
No one answered, and the voice was silent.
Suddenly the forest parted.
A narrow strip of molten metal toward the rising sun shone. The sun and the air, saturated with them transparently, blinded the eyes of riders after the semi-darkness of the forest deaf. Gradually, when the eyes of people have adapted to the new world, their vision appeared a narrow picture of the river, gently meandering amid the soft green meadows, and in the distance near the sprawling oak could see a large crowd of people - men, women and children in motley dresses and white shirts. They slowly moved rhythmically around a decorated tree and festive song of a wide fan spending in height, only the corner brings to their ears. It was an old pagan hymn to the sun.
Vely Horse
Vely Horse
Give presents we love you
Give presents us you beasts
Give presents you stomachs
Older, I could not hear a child words, the old, familiar from childhood melody grandfathers and ancestors did not respond in the hearts of all these people, even if they received the new faith, brought from Luxuriously shores of the Bosphorus, even if they drowned the sacred grandfather Perun in the waters of the Dnieper but not themselves be undone at once, not all at once threw away his memory ... She woke memories of childhood and warm, soft hands of the mother, mumbled Hovorka lohmatoborodogo grandfather telling tales and old legends about Rurik, Svyatoslav and campaigns against Constantinople, funny popevki and praise Boyana. The new faith was cold and harsh, she went to the expanses of fields, from the gloomy forests of comfort, withdrew in stone cells dazzling white lifeless churches, where a person with anger and reproach looked slanted faces vengeful patriarchs, and even the look of the Virgin was not the kindness and comfort, and the baby had never smiled on her hands ...
He looked at the satellite swept their eyes tightened face veil memories under his gaze they shrinks as if resorts to something unforgivable and put his horse forward.
The brigade screaming and shouting ahead of him, scattered across the field, surrounding the Gentiles, who at the sight of them fled to the forest, but when he saw that the path is cut off, gathered around tall old man in white, and with a long white beard expanding.
- The water them, drive them into the water! - Excitedly yelled pop, rady that so successfully caught yazychnichayuschih.
- Riders and horses, spears began to drive people into the water.
- Prince, that he Yarila chief horovodchik - pop cried, jumping to the prince.
- Seize and bind.
Some time - and the whole crowd was driven into the water. Frightened, they stood chest-deep in the water, close to each other, the women raised children, they loudly crying with fright.
Several warriors, glittering axes and white cut chips, began to cut the sacred oak, and pop, and stood on the shore, waving his cross, throwing angry words.
Oh, steeped in sin Gentiles. For you to death he received a divine son Jesus Christ, and you worship oaks and chumps. Let there be no other god except you triune in nature - God the Father, God the Son, God - the Holy Ghost ... otherwise his wrath will be on you in the sky and the Revenge of Prince of Peace on this earth. Do not sacrifice to any Perun or Horse or other Baals, tokmo is one tenth of works and trades on your holy church. Let it be so on this and forever. Amen! - Flourish and waved twice in the air a dark crucifix. Then have a businesslike tone. - Suitable for one to be baptized by the Holy Cross.
The guards, drove into the water on horses, spears began to push people, they one by one came to the cross, and standing in front of the priest combatant with his head dipped suitable in warm milk is water under the loud cries and laughter standing on the beach, cleaning them with water from the contamination of the demonic errors of the pagan faith.
Pop gave the Gentiles to kiss the cross, baptizing them in the air, continuing to say some terrible speech about hell, eternal torment and harsh prophets.
Yarila was bound under a tree. He rode up to him.
- Mail, old, old-fashioned pobaskami embarrassing, that turn them from the faith in which we are all told to believe?
Yarila cocked his head. In the eyes had no fear.
- Sedition and discord sow on Russian soil, the prince. With this faith, our grandfathers fastened Russia, beat the Greeks, Bulgars and Pechenegs, and Russia was strengthened.
- That was all before. A former faith was a folly and stupidity, insensitive worshiped idols. Today a new faith in Jesus Christ and how it is said, and it is necessary to believe stinks.
- Avenge the old gods - furiously hissed the old man why the prince was not alone - oh, bitterly More avenge insult and reproach Kiev Perun, many tears spilled Russia, bloody tears Feeds, red water wells pozalivaet Christ your not Russian god, Greeks invented it, and fools of you.
- Put him to death, the prince - jumped pop - unforgivable blasphemy is the son of man.
The fear of this man bound himself suggested.
- ...For your suprotivstvo bitter death I commend you, man, that was a lesson for all. Tied to a tree.
In three vigilantes smartly get off on standing next to a birch, bent tops and disputes tied to him by the feet Yarily. Several people held off the trees, so they never stood. Cleaned and christened people in wet dirty clothes miserable crowd was crowded around.
- So it will be with anyone who suprotivitsya churches and princes, - he preached pop. - Blow in your hearts to the penalty, and remember it.
Choke the word ass, shouting loudly Yarila.
- Be solid in the old faith, Russian people, it is true.
He wanted to order the old man shut his mouth, but then changed his mind - let the screams die all the better with a shout.
- Everyone looked at him, waiting for a signal. He raised his hand.
At this point, there was a cry, to keep her from falling.
- Vaughn Jadwiga, daughter Yarily.
Not dropping, he turned and saw leave the woods on a horse young woman hesitated Odal. Should really beautiful, he thought, looking at her figure, confidently and freely sitting on his shaggy ridge - and lowered his hand.
At once tops have been omitted and the two white-red half of what was still only one body of the old mages and soared straight into the depth of the sky, sprinkling the blood splatter all standing and enveloping everything around smelling pair of human flesh. The breath of horror and fear burst like from one breast. Women wailed, wept children ...
Inner strength again forced him to turn back toward the daughter torn Incanter. She sat motionless on his horse, apparently before it came the terrible significance of what happened, her shoulders slumped, hands gripping a reason limply fell to the horse's mane.
Hot whispered in his ear Dryga.
- The girl - the most beautiful woman in all the land dryagovichey.
Unconscious movement he pushed his horse towards the woman, looking at her relentlessly. Her face has grown, it began to appear separate features.
She woke up, sharply turned his horse and rode into the forest.
Spur, he flew after her. Branches whipped his face, he evaded them mechanically, staring at the flickering in front of the back, which is either approaching, but not moving away, no matter how hot it is a horse, nor his spurred boots forged. Its strong point was, you see, is hardy and fast.
Thirst chase captured him, woke hunting passion. They rode already far cries subsided after Empty retainers, and he still could not get closer to racing without looking directly through the thicket woman. The horse began to tire, his face flushed from the gushing twigs.
And suddenly the horse stumbled under the woman, she flew up and having made a wide arc, fell to the ground.
He jumped from his horse.
Scattered on the ground, there was a woman who lost her from hitting the ground unconscious. Matted hair covered her face. He sat down beside her and suddenly emerged timidly parted hair. Before him there was a vision of a strikingly beautiful woman's face. It was beautiful ... his every line, every essay that person had their final and complete form, and they are all merged into one indissoluble unity of beauty - the very beauty, some features of which he watched sometimes on the icons, brought from Byzantium, but there it was all scattered, each artist has caught only one of the perfection of lines, but here before him, it was a full and final expression.
The girl was still alive. It was clear from her breathing ... He gently held her face with his fingertips like a blind man. The girl did not move. He bent down, as if for a final certificate referred to kiss her lips.
She trembled and opened her eyes. He relentlessly looked at them and saw them slowly into memory arises.
- What is your name?
She shivered and apparently under the sound of his voice came into her memory permanently.
- Go away, go away ...
She wanted to shout, but his voice rose to a dry whisper.
She made a move to jump, but he stopped, force nalegshi on her shoulders.
- Let me go, monster, blank ubivits, ubivits ... - all the same dry whisper she said, wriggling under the power of his hands.
It's writhing body suddenly awakened in him a sharp flash of desire. Unable to resist, he threw his body on women's breasts and bit her lips to her lips, trying to keep her hands shook from side to side of head. She yelled something unintelligible into his mouth, and the flow of hot vibrating air penetrated his lung and caused all over his body wave running through a burning feeling, intermittent numbness spasms of all muscles. He frantically began to tear off her clothes, nails scratching her body, his eyes at times flooded the yellow veil, it was hard to breathe, he gasped, but can not break away, he continued to swallow her hot breath. She beat his fists on his back, writhing under him all the folds of the body, it turned into a bear impotent protest against violence ... but suddenly fell silent. Continuing to tear off her clothes, he bared her breasts, which flashed across the dazzling beauty of its whiteness. His hands eagerly pounced on these beautiful hillocks with dark spots more pristine childlike mouth nipples, incessantly moving their languid rounded surface, the crushing, the whole plane caressing hands, then rubbing the outside of the brush, mouth, cheeks, eyes and every ... movement, filled with sweet silky friction, was his sudden trembling heart tremors.
Suddenly he noticed a residue of like waved her hand and something dumb struck him in the side. He twisted her arm. It was caught a little dagger. But the woman did not have enough strength to break through chain mail.
- Uh, she-devil - he prorugalsya, and plucked the dagger, throwing it away into the bushes, he was viciously attacked methodically on her body.
The woman fell silent. her strength to finish, only in the face slowly tears flowed. He moved over it smoothly and carefully, trying to penetrate deeper and deeper, the burning sense of dazzling left his left one mechanical stubborn, fierce rasprost¸rshimsya limp body beneath it. But gradually the rhythm has become more and more fascinated him, through the cold and indifferent in his body again from time to time began to emerge and fade hot spark, he tried to catch it and stop, she came more and more frequently and have heat again took possession of his body. Suddenly, he felt for a woman's body passed light shaking, the first timid response, and then it is against his will become more and more to respond to it, became more and more to merge with it, and here they are a hedgehog become a single entity in a painful trembling under the striving to resolve their condition intolerable. His body enveloped sweet, painful pressure, it still grew, grew, has become intolerable, unbearable, more traffic and will not stand, will explode, but do not move more unbearable and impossible. The wild cry of the suffering of the flesh burst from his chest, breaking the silence of the forest, and something broke in him with such unbearable pain that he lost consciousness for a few moments ... When he awoke, he felt in his mouth warm salty taste of blood, a woman ... teeth in impotent languor tormented his lips like a hungry wolf on a piece of meat. The last time he squeezed, squeezed it all in his arms and was still stretched out ...
Then they lay side by side, looking at the sky on it tirelessly slid ghostly fluffy clouds, how much time passed, whether it was moving at all at this time, he did not know. He only felt a dull emptiness inside, as if he was aboard, from which all the honey hunter pumped ...
He turned to her.
- Will you Love Me?
- Never, never ... I hate you ... - she said, and turned to face the ground.
Burying her, she continued to sob.
- The murderer ... a murderer ...
He jumped to his feet. His tall stallion grazing peacefully beside the shaggy skate girl. He walked over to his horse.
At this time I came out of the bushes Dryga.
- Prince, a messenger rode from Kiev, said that came to Kiev Izyaslav your brother, besieged it and wants to sit on the Kiev throne instead of you.
- Where the squad?
- In the village of mead drinking, girls probe.
- Christian prayer taught them ... Urgent gather. Yes, and take the woman.
- Get up, - he said to Jadwiga, who all just lay there, his face buried in the grass.
- I will die here. I'm not going anywhere.
- Immerse it in the horse and see her in two.
He mounted his horse and rode to collect the squad.
Next was a wild ride through the forest, sutoloch battle fraternal troops banging swords, blood splatter, neighing in terror horses, joyful fatigue win entry to Kiev at modest screams of joy of the townspeople, who are increasingly becoming indifferent to these endless princely sedition for possession of gold Kiev table finally everything became blurred, dark ...
And he woke up. It was dark. The head More images seen by rushing, rushing krutovert seen scenes, but they are my heart was dull and joyless. Some sort of nonsense, he thought, and turned on the light to the touch. Illuminate hidden irradiated with ultraviolet emitters and air narrow tight chamber in which he lay. As in radio tubes, it flashed through my head. He stood up, nervously pushing food from the mouth of the hose nozzle and furiously tore off the head electrodes magnosonarnoy network. The cell was almost empty. Only lines livelihood wrapped around her walls, so a small composing Booking magnosonara enliven it.
He went out into the street. The head intrusive knocked some simple little idea - a dream a reality - a dream - a reality - a dream - a dream - a dream - a reality, she moved on some hackneyed melodic passages in the increases, the waning rhythm, finding its final and the final note. He walked around the city. Long rectangular with blind walls of the building were drawn on both sides of the street. Each brightly burning room - it is only possible to navigate in the gloom of hard consistency. People were not. It was empty. Sun was almost overhead, the sky clouds floating liquid, they move slowly and indifferently one they need and the famous road - somewhere there - somewhere there - somewhere there ... - but this idea could not find her authorization. And again he went to per¸d, slowly moving the legs, to the beat of what the brain dangled some ethereal little thought, but tired of the same undecidability, he did not even try to cure it, pull it hard to outline mental fact ...
On beam the street he went to the main square, the center of which stood a single great building architecture round. There is a central control computer - the main town of the brain. One for all - one for all, one on everyone - absolutely vulgar rate of a rollicking dance whirled in his head.
He went to the building. I opened the door. I entered the room. Along the entire periphery ran a solid matte-gray panel. Here, too, it was empty, only a vague murmur betrayed occurring behind the operation panel.
- What do you want, man? - A voice of a dull rusty tone.
He looked around, trying to determine the place from which comes the voice, but I could not identify. We could not solve this riddle, he began to think why he came here, but I could not think of anything to answer. Something important pushed and brought him here, but ...
- Yes - once again he repeated the same rusty voice coming from somewhere unknown.
- A-25, tell me, why are we?
- What meaning do you put into this matter, man?
- Well ... well, that's why I ... people ... why ...
- Maybe you got a bad woman, a man? Cleopatra - T-3827. Brigitte Bardot - T-4135.
- No, no, she was quite ... I do not like - he started quickly, killing a rusty voice. - Because I'm a man ... my hands, legs ... why ... Look at me and muscles disappear?.
- You want to be strong, man? Good. I'll have to make you into the nutrient mixture was added adenomiltriofan. What is your number?
- My room - YUVM-937. But it is also not that ... why would I muscles, I still only dreaming ... dreaming so I eat, I sleep so balanced digest protein blend ... If only meat just once to try ...
- Peers Lukkula - T-1101.
- All in a dream. But why then the mind ... why should I be a man? ..
The voice did not answer immediately.
- You - the person. And I - the car. Can I answer you - why did you - a man? After all, progress is not I created. It's you people, all sought to create, to meet their needs, strive to make new pleasures. Books, radio, TV, golazory, magnosonory here today. And you should be happy, you can satisfy any need. Choose and go to sleep.
- I wish I could fly anywhere, on any planet ... to learn ...
- Venus - the T-3167. Magellanic Cloud - T-3189.
- Open a new law to become a scientist ... suffer ... look ...
- The theory of relativity - the T-5168. Null transpartirovka - T-4199. The laws of heredity - T-6699.
- But they are already open.
- Man, you can open another nobody open. It is available to you. Perpetuum Mobile - T-1768.
- Not ... not ... the truth ...
- Unless you can, man to distinguish truth from sleep?
- When I magnosne - no. But when I wake up ... I always think about it here and here went - too thought ...
- And what did you come up with, man?
- Nothing, A-25.
- Look T-8760.
- Oh, again, again, but I did want to. This is unbearable ... Can not you understand this, A-25?
- No, man. I believe that you should be happy. You are fed, shod and warm. You can do everything. To love and to kill, conquer planets and travel through time. You are great and powerful. Before you open everything. What else do you need, man? ...
He did not answer. He tried to find, at last, the main answer, but it is not all so blurred, unable to solidify, and swept down somewhere in the region of vague movements of thought is the main idea, which is relentlessly tormented him for so long. Now it has become unbearable torment.
- I do not want the A-25. I want to die.
- Death on the cross - T-1631. Death with a grenade under the tank tracks - T-1639 - flatly replied rusty voice.
- Ah, it's all a dream!
- You want to die in reality?
- Yes.
- In fact?
- Yes Yes.
- T-1639-P.
- Again, in the dream is again! Damn you, dreams! - A tearful voice he cried. - Damn you, A-25, Provisioner merzavyh these dreams.
- Do not forget, man!
- I'll kill you, vile poisoner!
- Ha ha ha
- Do not laugh, A-25!
- The man - slowly rumbled rusty voice. - What can you? After all, I - MACHINE! Split tranglyator - people will come - to insert another. Go to sleep better and see Brigitte Bardot - T-4135.
- Are you kidding ... you're kidding ... ah well ... ah well ... wait ... wait ... - delirious, he pushed out again, looking around at the same time, looking for something. He noticed a thick pipe lying near the entrance for some unknown reason. He ran up to her, grabbed her hands, she gave a heavy and hard-swinging, struck the first blow to the dull gray plane of the panels.
- Human! Come to your senses!
But he did not remember anything, and continued in the intoxication of anger vomited uncontrollably strike after blow, running farther and farther along the arc of the compass. On each shot, he had heard all the same hateful rusty voice, repeating one - man! Come to your senses! - Human! Come to your senses! - Why it inflames stronger. Finally, the voice faded - That's where you're hiding, he thought with a vengeful grin and continued to strike, dokolachivaya what was left by a first pass ...
In complete exhaustion, he sat down in the middle of the room, stared at his handiwork.
From oblivion it brought the noise and the voices of the people who came from the street. He slowly climbed the spiral staircase to the ground under the dome, which had a balcony hanging over the area.
Kicked out of their cells discontinued dreams, people gathered near the building of the A-25 and without noisy enthusiasm when discussing the reason for the sudden mass magnosorirovaniya stop the normal flow of the process. They were all dressed alike and seemed on top here, everything was even the same height.
- People! - He cried, and all turned their heads up.
- People! - He repeated. - Look at the sky!
The crowd fell silent, looked up, hoping to see there is remarkable, but the sky is still so tirelessly and calmly floating clouds.
- And the sky - broke finally silence lone voice. - What is the sky, when I just saw the sky of Austerlitz.
- And the sky, - he repeated the other - when I'm admiring the sunset on Venus.
The crowd rustled all of a sudden, everyone told me where he was ...
- People! - He cried again. - Are we still going to live in a dream? After all, it is wrong to live like that!
- What does he want? - Screamed the voice below.
- People who do not live in a different way, remember how our ancestors lived, dreams that we eat?
- Do not listen to it, it enraged the machine, and not man, - cried the same voice. - He wants us to be hungry again, again began to fight for the titles and locations, so we began to compete with each other, and then to kill each other - it does not want. Do not listen to him!
- People, I pitched the A-25, you can not live like this! It should be different, in a human.
But the crowd did not listen to him, and a shrill voice continued to excite the crowd.
- Our ancestors were killing each other in wars - he wants to. Now we are all happy, we have everything, what could only dream of in the past. We can satisfy all, no pushing, no quarreling and competing with each other, just clicking. And without it again will begin strife, and perhaps war. He wants it, do not listen to him. He enraged the machine, it must be killed.
- And suddenly this man, how to kill a person? - I heard a lone voice doubter.
- No, no, I know this is probably not a person, it's automatic, and let's go ub¸mte it - frantically yelled all the same voice.
- People, I am not a machine, I'm the same as you, I'm a man - but he could not drown the noise of the crowd.
- It's automatic, automatic, because how can a man give up the happiness to have everything !? - Stirred the crowd's voice.
- I am a man, listen, listen to me ...
The crowd cried out in one voice - Automatic! Frenzied machine! - And I rushed into the building. Dense mass rushed to the balcony, and a hail of blows frail hands hit him. He covered his face with his hands, then fell and felt the crowd kicked his feet and danced on it, but still a lot of pain caused helplessly flailing in the brain like a bird, they can not find a way out of the cage, thought - How so ... in fact people. .. people ... then the pain began to move away to the side, a red veil became, thickening slides over the inner sight ... but suddenly ... very clear another thought flashed in the brain, as it were cutting through the veil -
And yet it is better than the T-1639-P
She lit up for a moment it disconnected from external forces intelligence brightest light became visible some impossible spatial and temporal distance, but the light still continued to grow and grow, slowly turning into the absolute blackness of nothingness ...
And he woke up. Long could not come to his senses, the body still sensed the blows sounded cries of the crowd, flashed the last phrase, slotted on a red background, the endless vistas. Finally, he regained consciousness. At the touch of the button pressed.
- A-25 listens - proakustirovala darkness.
- What a dream I'm watching?
- T-6666 on product V.Yurovitskogo "Dreams".
"What's a V.Yurovitsky?"He thought.
- Erase, - he said briefly.
- It will be done, he said the voice of the A-25, and he flicked a switch.
"Once you can do is to write"He thought, lying in the dark. "Nonsense". Gradually, however, the irritation was to fall suddenly from memory floated -
CLEOPATRA - T-3297. Brigitte Bardot - T-4135.
"Perhaps ... perhaps Cleopatra", He decided to touch type on the keyboard room and stretched out in bed ...
- You are my! Oh, the Great, Napoleon, the French leader! - Cleopatra exclaimed, throwing herself on his neck, and he felt on his lips the hot, passionate ...