Another friend

My name is Maxim, I'm 19 years old. I want to tell you a story that happened to me almost a year ago.
Vesna..Vecher as always held boring, it was somewhere in the second half of the night, and I had nothing to do lying down and watching TV.
Suddenly the cell phone rang ... It's called the girl friend of mine - Ira (she is older than me for a year). With Ira and her boyfriend Dima, I tied a very good friendly relationship. I answered...
- Hello Irishka.
- Hey. How are you?
- Yes, slowly, and you what are you doing at this hour?
- I came to the girlfriend, and now we drink champagne at the bar .... only now getting late and I do not know how to get home ... Can I come to you?
- And where are you?
- On .... .
- So it's 15 minutes away from me, no problem, come ...
- And parents do not say anything?
- No. I'm waiting for you.
After about an hour I met her at the house, we went to me. The parents were sleeping, so we just quietly slipped into my room. I brought her a little snack included a movie and we sat down to watch it. More precisely lay down, as I have in the room, from the seats was only one bed (it was decent, we went to different blankets, she took off her outer garments, not getting out of bed, embarrassed me). Somewhere in half an hour she asked me ...
- Could you massage my feet, and then my legs hurt terribly ...
- Oh sure...
She stuck her legs out from under the blanket, lay down on my stomach, and I began to give her a massage ... By the time I was quite excited, because not often come at night beautiful girl and ask them to do massage of legs =)
Ira lay with his eyes closed, and obviously enjoyed. I offered to massage her back, and she agreed to my surprise. I took off her blanket, and opened my eyes, tanned, slim body my girlfriend. To make it more convenient to massage, she took off her bra (while she covered her breasts on the sides of his hands, so I do not have anything in sight. I started to massage the back, casually dropping in panties and spending on them. My cock just torn from the cowards, the benefit of it it was not visible.
This went on for about 15-20 minutes, it was the most relaxed, and then I could not stand it, I slowly lowered her panties, exposing her ass and started kissing her buttocks. She started me to say something and tried to get up, but I did not stop, I turned her on her back, finally took off her panties, and covered with kisses, her neatly shaved pubis. I sank lower and lower, she was all wet, because it just flowed with excitement, all that happens is strongly excited her. I stared at her mokrenkie sponge, and began to thrust it into the hole his tongue, while not forgetting to caress the clitoris. She began to moan.
- I want you ...
I understood this as a signal to continue the action. I put a pillow under her ass, her legs slung over his shoulders, his hands at this time caressing the breast, which is ideally placed in the palm, and the hard nipples, gently tickled my hands. I touched the head of her labia, gently pressed, and despite the fact that it was quite a narrow hole, my cock went in with no problems, so it abundantly pussy was wet with excitement. I began to slowly move a member, at the same time experiencing an incredible bliss of her narrow pussy, which was set up as if for me =). Her moans intensified, and I, not to wake their parents, had to close her mouth with his hand. I moved faster and faster, oblivious, I removed his hand from her mouth, there was a loud long moan, I felt the muscles of her pussy, tensing orgasm, gripped my dick, and I can not hold back, finished right in Irishku. I leaned over to kiss her, and she responded to my kiss, our tongues caressed each other. Within 5 minutes we were again merged with it in a single unit, and rose to the heights of bliss. Tonight I have satisfied her (and she, in turn, me =)) not less than six times.
In the morning, I went to hold her to the subway, and when he left, she told me ...
"Just do not say anything Dime! ..."