Crust a crust

Aza sat me down on his knees and began to kiss and caress me, panting pronouncing: "Krastersha my favorite, as I want you ...". Azin hands caressed my body, then he undid my robe and began to knead his chest, kissing my neck and down below. After five minutes I had no shirt or bra. Neck and neck were almost in his saliva.
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Finding that the underwear on me there, he pulled off my skirt and began to fondle my genitals language. I moaned softly "Ahh ... Aza ..."While it is actively masturbate his penis.
He pulled back my genitals, he undressed, leaving yourself a t-shirt.

Lie down on the bed, - I said - I know what I'm doing! Just relax.
Aza lay down, closed his eyes and whispered: "I am totally relaxed ...".
I began to suck his elastic, swollen with excitement member. I caressed him her pierced tongue licking a member of the trunk, head zashimala glands. My mouth caress his penis brought him such pleasure that he finished in my mouth. Sperm was little, and I spat this thing. She sat up a little, pressed me to his chest and looking back I said quietly: "Strictly for stealing, now everything will continue ...."

He laid me down and asked to dissolve legs. Its powerful member literally broke my narrow pussy, I felt so sick that I cringed and howled so that my Craster almost finished. To soften a bit the case, he lay down on me and kissed me on the lips and said that all would be well, you have a little patience. And he began. His cock enters and leaves from me, the pain was quickly replaced by a pleasant sensation, I closed my eyes, one hand caressing her breast, the other - the clitoris.
Azyu me all the same it was a pity a little. He tried as best he could, his body like mine, it was wet, it was breathing hard, endured struggles.
Cumming! - Panting he blurted. Very tearing his dick out of my hole, he put his dick in my mouth. I once swallowed this thing.

Aza hugged me and lay down on my chest. He's still breathing heavily, but the mug he had blessed. I stroked his head shaved and slightly pinched his shoulder.
- It was good to me ...
- Me too ... Ah, the warm embrace at the end ... Um ...