Floor Exercise enema

This summer I have lived my niece Tanya. In the absence of her parents, I had to look after her. Tanya engaged in artistic gymnastics in the sports section, and preparing for some kind of performance. I always liked to watch her perform different exercises at home; it is slim and flexible body caused great excitement in me. I have often thought, as it were, under the pretext to touch her private parts, and soon introduced such excuse me. Tanya once asked me how would it improve your athletic performance. I did not find anything more intelligent than advise her to spend "purification of the body"Without going into details. Later, I came up with the idea to put Tanya several enemas, and I began to prepare her surprise secretly bought the mug douches, petroleum jelly and a few special tips, which could not only put an enema, but also bring a lot of erotic sensations.
That morning, my niece was going somewhere. I suddenly asked her:
- Do you still want to improve your fitness?
- Yes, - I answered the girl, pausing at the door - but now I'm going with her friends to the beach.
- It does not take a lot of time, I can clean you right now, and then you go for a swim. I've read in a book that is - the last peep in the gym. I put you a few enemas, and you will feel better. Grow thin without diets and you will fly over the platform.
- No need an enema! - Scared Tanya - I put a candle and I poop!
- I am a doctor and I know better what you need! The truly clean your intestines can only enema! It seems that you yourself asked me to. Then your friends will die of envy looking at you. Let's go to the bathroom.
The last words apparently have effect. Girl resignedly trudged behind me. In the bathroom, everything was prepared: solution-filled mug hanging on a hook. I spread out on the floor of a beach towel. Tanya slowly pulled off her T-shirt, shorts and took off staying in one swimsuit standing in the middle of the bathroom. I smeared Vaseline tip.
- Take off your swimsuit and lay down on his side. - I told her niece.
Tanya trembling fingers pulled swimsuit, hang it on the edge of the bath and went to bed, as I asked. My heart is pounding because I had never seen my niece naked.
- Bend your legs at the knees .- I said.
Girl slightly tucked my feet, I spread her buttocks and saw a tiny ring of the anus, which is abundantly smeared with Vaseline. High patient lifting his buttocks, I put a tip to the anus. Tanya shifted slightly forward right leg and a long tip disappeared into her ass. I wiggled them a bit from side to side to tickle the testes through the intestines, and then took her by the knees and buttocks and gently turned back. Girl lying, lifting his legs bent and her baby nipples began to harden, giving great excitement. I ran a hand over his stomach, touching the pubic hair and opened the tap.
- Oh, it's cold! - Cried the girl, when the solution flowed into her gut.
- Do not worry, relax !, - I said, and began to massage the belly Thani, moving between the navel and cherished by clicking. Special appendage tip I casually touched the genital lips nieces and their little rubbed and moved the tip back and forth. Soon Tanya visibly relaxed and began to open and close the legs, and her fingers tightened on the towel. As soon as the solution enters the young gymnast, her belly noticeably rounded, and I looked without looking like my niece writhing on the floor with a red rubber hose, disappearing in the ass. Soon, Tanya let out a faint moan:
- Uncle, I just can not stand!
I closed the tap and looked at the bag. There remained about a third of the prepared solution.
- At first it will be difficult. The rest will go down easier - I said. - Breathe deeply through your mouth and I will continue.
Tanya breathed noisily mouth, and I again opened the tap. When the cup is almost empty, I stopped the flow, the girl turned to the right side, and gently pulled the tip of her ass. At the same time from the anus splattered stream solution. Admiring the young athlete lying with swollen belly, I squeezed her buttocks with one hand, and the other began to massage the abdomen. This went on for five minutes. Then I let her get rid of the resulting enema. Tanya, passing the solution, and jumped on the toilet with loud bunches pushed out the contents of the intestine. The bathroom filled with a heavy smell, and I had to open the window. Tanya, meanwhile, threw a portion of bowel movements after another, stronger stooping every time.
- Fantastic! - She said, standing with unitaza.- incredible relief. I am ready to fly! You will still put me an enema?
- Of course! - I said .- clysterize such an attractive girl was a real pleasure! I hope that your sports achievements surpass all expectations.
Tanya, without waiting for me, lay down on a towel for a new enema. That I did not expect. I did not want my niece noticed how excited I am. In her eyes I should be wiser uncle who reluctantly divorced from their cases to do with her boring and monotonous procedure. I poured a cup of water from the tap, trying to make it cool, dissolved in it a handful of salt and a cup hung in its place. For a second I decided to take an enema tip longer. Lubricate it with copious amounts of Vaseline, I sat next to Tanya and carefully smeared her anus, deepening finger inside. With difficulty refraining from having to bend down and kiss the damp crevice niece, I gently introduced the lubricated tip, trying to keep it pressed against the vagina and the uterus through the intestinal wall. Second enema Tanya took softly at first, but then again started to moan loudly, holding the thigh to the abdomen - she obviously enjoyed filling. She managed to take almost half a liter. For the third enema, I put her on all fours and looked with delight as her belly swells. After three enemas girl released into the toilet almost pure water, and I decided to stop "purification".
Tanya washed up, got dressed and ran skipping along the beach, along the way something animatedly chattering nowhere grafted friends.