Adventures of Wendy in the country Neverland. Part 3.

Adventures of Wendy in the country Neverland Part 3
From that day on the ship Wendy lives changed, and not for the worse. The first two days the chest with rags was her bed, and dinner - stale crackers with salted fish. Now, she slept in a dilapidated but charming seaside hammock and let not eaten their fill, but never been hungry. Particularly close to Hook pirates with the permission of the captain visited the prisoner.
Hungry for the female body sailors willingly brought only "lady" on the ship some trinkets, hoarded with another production, colorful cloth with merchant ships, sugar lumps and even real chocolate! Of course, pirates were alien to unselfishness, but Wendy did not resist, knowing that accomplices Hook will take all that will allow them to master, and James allowed them a lot, but you dare she resist - take power, evil, without gifts and rough kindness that they provided it.
So Fang liked to touch her. When this stocky, smelling the wind and rum man entered her cabin and sat down in a wide armchair, Wendy obediently sat on his lap, and a pirate, laughing approvingly, started stroking her small body, crushing big hands chapped white silk. She already knew - first stroking her Fang is with the neck to the knees, then begin, purring, kneading her breasts, panting stale in his neck, then his hand will move lower and lower, will begin to feel her legs,
Finally, the eagerly extend them ... Shirt creep up, almost hiding the big rough hands crawling up her thighs ... Finally, one of them will fall on the crotch and begins eagerly crush him like a soft little peach fruit, covered with a light fuzz, and breathing Wendy again knock and merge with severe wheezing Fang ...
Rogach loved watching her. Wendy almost glad when the door rang his heavy footsteps and mocking: "You let the ladies ..?" Rogach just sit on the chest and said, girl, what to do. Although Wendy almost learned by heart his preferences and habits, Rogach loved to talk to her myself. "Caress yourself, babe ... What's your small breasts! Come on, iron them, that I saw your nipples stand up! Now, between the legs. So, yeah ... Raise the hemline and push the knees! Now sit down and shove themselves between the finger biscuits. Yeah baby ... and drag-ka it back and forth, back and forth ... Good girl ... "Not immediately, but still Wendy stopped bashfully to study the floor during these merrymaking. Once she looked up and saw that Rogach not hesitate Fingering his humpbacked red horseradish, looking at how Wendy fingers stroking her naked pussy. Sometimes he would bring various objects and asked the girl stroked her pussy or pushing them between her legs - as far as he can. The sight Rogach groan, poured on a wooden floor, and this is also used to Wendy. During these games she could relax a little and dream about Peter - now she often dreamed of as a boy could kiss her and touch her between her legs ... Rogach not mind: he liked to watch as the girl covered languor, eyes clouds haze and podgibayutsya knees with excitement ... then he asked her to take off his shirt, get on your knees and keep stroking himself between her legs, showing his fingers wet with moisture.
The most unpretentious desire were Stallion. When the big man arose in the doorway, Wendy, gently removing hair behind his back, he knelt and opened her mouth. Stallion covered door, he approached the girl and untied his pants, and Wendy grabs the hand of his monstrous cock and carefully licked from the base to the head and back, walking the tongue on the excited flesh, licking the eggs and, clasping his lips trunk, slowly began to suck dick deeper, is a pirate with an impatient grunt did not grab her head and did his hips jerk forward, shoving weapon deeper into the warm moist mouth. After that, she could relax and obey his movements, feeling the tongue, as a member of the force is poured, filling his mouth as begins to pulsate and finally, trembling, salty seed fills her throat.
But at night, she hid the veil of hare skins, blond hair pinned up in the morning beautiful colorful crest of the turtle, and for dinner ate fish soup and a whole chocolate bar with nuts! Who would condemn her for it?
However, the pirates never go and see it at night, and Wendy was very frightened when the cabin door opened, and the pirates, someone threw on the floor beside her. That someone was a little lower than the growth of Wendy and furiously berated his captors (although Wendy this language was unfamiliar, intonation left no doubt). I snapped the bolt, and darkness engulfed the cabin, angry-sounding heavy breathing new victim. As the voice of Wendy realized that it, too, a girl, and, on reflection, to suggest that this native of the Indian tribe. "Tiger Lily?" - Wendy whispered, and something desperately and positively shouted from the darkness. As long as the Wendy's eyes became accustomed to the darkness, she distinctly different low skinny girl, which lay on the shoulders of black braids, and the whole clothing consisted of a small topic and funny skirts of feathers. Indian Princess softly, like a cat, crawled over to Wendy and anxiously stared at her a little slanting black eyes. "I'm Wendy! Wendy Darling! Peter Pan ... "- Wendy beginning, but Lily, without waiting, rushed to her neck and hugged, sobbed.
If girls are speaking the same language, they would have chatted until dawn, but that night they just slept, embracing tightly, and all the next day trying to reach an understanding by drawing signs in the dust. Wendy realized that Lily was kidnapped during the hunt and brought here on the ship. But even without knowing each other's Twitter, the girls were happy sudden meeting. Another nice change was that since the advent of Tiger Lily, the pirates no longer go and see Wendy and all the time she spent with a new girlfriend.
Sleeping girl decided together, adding all rags and skins on the floor, arranging a cozy nest - Lily was a master in this case. However, it was so comfortable! They smiled and said something to each other, both looking for familiar words, and only in a dream Wendy was left alone. In one of her dreams and I visited Peter Pan laughing and daring. They stood at the stern of the ship, and Peter tenderly kissed her lips, and his hand rhythmically stroked her mound between his legs ...
Wendy did not realize that the dream began stroking herself. When she woke up, her hand already crawled under shirt and sleepily wandered between the swollen folds. Froze, scared girl listened to the breathing girlfriend - if she noticed it ?! But Lily was breathing slowly and sleepily, and Wendy, emboldened, put her finger deeper. Now, in the darkness of a summer night, her little cunt suddenly demanded affection, which for several days had been deprived. Wendy, gently spread her legs and began to stroke his narrow crack finger rubbing clitoris swelling and protruding wiping moisture. She almost cried out in surprise when a hand Indian princess lay on top of her hand. Hiding it was too late. While Wendy was in disarray, thin swarthy fingers Tiger Lily quickly got into her already wet slit and began deftly caressing the girl, squeezing the clitoris, then describing circles around him, pinching the crease ... Princess definitely knew a good judge. Swarthy
young beauty, while continuing to caress Wendy put her sweaty embarrassment and fear on her pussy palm - the same smooth and beautiful, but a bit elongated and swarthy, and spread her legs. Wendy could not refuse a friend. Although it was a novelty for her, but Lily gave her such bliss that Wendy also wanted to please her.
Gently stroking her pussy, Wendy climbed fingers between velvet sponge and began to touch and stroke princess crack, trying to repeat her movements, and very soon in the dark panting girls interspersed with barely audible squelch two wet Pisek and muffled groan young lovers passionately caressing each other between the legs. And now ... chubby lips aboriginal merged with Wendy's pink lips and their tongues began a more inept, but entrancing dance.
The first orgasm covered Wendy suddenly and strongly. Tongue Tiger Lily just played with her lips and rubbed her hand for a very sensitive spot near klitorkom when Wendy suddenly clutched his feet and shivered. Tiger Lily accelerated movement and pressed her mouth to his lips, Wendy, and she screamed, feeling the sweet shrinks the whole body in the throes of pleasure. A minute later and she finished her friend, Wendy clenched hand hips and clinging to her fingers a little hard clitoris.
For a while the girls lay side by side, panting. Like a slumber through Wendy I saw the native like graceful shadow, rose and flowed smoothly down somewhere, and, sitting between his legs, slowly ran her tongue over the sensitive, inflamed caresses groove. Nimble tongue penetrated Tiger Lily girl between sponges and gently began to lick her pussy burning, tickling skillfully strained clitoris, from what Wendy went crazy and started to moan sweetly ...
Writhing under the expert tongue of his girlfriend and legs wide apart, and gave her love, Wendy did not notice that someone came into the cabin, and only cry Lily made her open her eyes and slightly raised. For Lily stood with his back James Hook dropped down his pants and gently pushed her thighs in the ass. Wendy's eyes widened, fearing for his girlfriend, but Tiger Lily continued walking tongue into her pussy ready for discharge, but now also start to moan in time with shock
Captain. Relax, Wendy, he leaned back and closed her eyes again. Her tight folds were burning under the caresses of an Indian princess, and she subtly moved his hips, trying to substitute his lustful clit beneath her tongue.
Apparently, the hook shoved princess stronger, Tiger Lily almost dug in pussy Wendy potrahivaya her tongue in time with the movements of a pirate, and Wendy, feeling girlfriend, screaming, bursting into her body as breathing heavily in the darkness of the captain, slapping thighs of ass naked girls, she became violently finish, generously watering them with Lily bed ... Soon shook in orgasm herself Lily cried the captain, and all was quiet. Exhausted by continuous enjoyment Wendy sobbed and fell asleep.
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