Changes in body Lera

Leroy looked like Twenty-seven year girl in his thirty-six years .... She had tightened elastic chest full second size, which decorate the tiny tattoos - a rose. Elastic buttocks, long legs, beautiful eggs and at the same time a thin waist and a little seductive belly. She was not skinny, quick smart. Lera was a passionate woman who loves life and knows how to enjoy it.

Leroux has attracted active, extreme, travel and men.
In her eyes was the living flame of the evil one, so fascinating men. When she laughed, then denude her white teeth ... rovnenkie

Evening. October 30, 2009. Meet with a lover.
A cafe. Muffled light. Lera was beautiful as always in his black, tight dress. Slightly open arms, and shoes with thin heels - everything was perfect. Men passed by, plunged in the scent of her expensive perfume. Each of them dreamed to squeeze in their hands the shock of her bright, thick hair.
She sat alone, often looked at his watch. Time later, a friend did not come, but it is not particularly frustrating - she reveled in the enthusiastic views of men. House waited for her husband, but it also did not cause her anxiety. She knew that she would be enough to climb naked into bed and cuddle her divine body for him, that he forgave her her antics.
Sitting at the table, Lera little dreaming about the upcoming summer trip to the sea. She already saw herself bathing in the sun and seemed to have felt the hot sand. But then it was distracted by a man run down at a table.
- Are you waiting for someone? - His voice was a little rude, but she liked it.
- Not anymore, I'm going to leave.
- Then I only need to offer to bring you home.
She was not going to refuse. And when they were in the car, boldly put her hand on his knee. Her blue eyes sparkled. As the body shivers run. A couple of seconds and his hand was already on the inside of her thighs, to his delight she was wearing stockings and he was able to freely reach her little black and already wet at the time of panties ...

November 10, 2009. A trip to the marina and Dime.
Lera, you soon? - I heard a voice from the kitchen of her husband.
- Yes, I am.
She put on her silk robe gentle peach color. On the evening was planned trip to friends.
-Serge, I would like to come back early today.
- What's wrong?
- Just seems to me that we spend very little time with her son. In recent days, Sasha is very closed. I do not like this.
- I think everything is OK, get ready.
On the way, they were silent.
I met Marina guests, longtime girlfriend Lera, one of those women who are able to poison girlfriend happiness life. In his thirty-six years old, she looked at forty-five, old-fashioned blouse, supra scorched hair and extinct sight - all betrayed her as a woman who had lost the last hope to change something in his life meaningless. At the table he was seated husband Dmitry, the same surly. Seeing Leroux, he changed and became nervously rearrange her hair.
Sergei Lera and settled down at the table, started a friendly conversation. After the third glass, Marina greatly rejoice, and has become an eye on her friend's husband. That, in turn, has long represented, as she wriggles in his hands.
-Lera, probably would have been the summer. Finally we will be able to relax. You have not changed my mind? I'm sure it will be an unforgettable trip. Maybe take and Sasha?
- Yes, of course, I think he will agree.
- Recently picked up a hotel, we would like to close to the sea. How do you "Oreanda"? You seem to have spent your holidays?
- My sun, whatever you say. I'm still not going to go to the beach. Rooms for you.
The whole evening passed in a conversation about the benefits of recreation in the Crimea. Lera and Sergey went past midnight.

December 3, 2009. Talk Marina and Sasha.
Leroy came home from work late. She was the director of the popular car dealership Foris, sometimes lingered on photo shoots for the magazine.
Sergey met Marina at the entrance. Throwing each other passionate glances, they got to the apartment. Sasha still was not home at the time he did not have to come before seven.
Sasha returned earlier in the eyes immediately rushed to women's boots and a black coat with large buttons, it has long been suspected that the father has a mistress. Quietly undressed, walked up to his father's door, which was slightly ajar. He began to observe.
Marina bold movements undid his pants Sergei pants prispustila them, standing on his knees. Once you open your mouth, soft lips wrapped around the penis. Sasha's father could no longer restrain himself and abruptly shoved it completely solidified his cock in her mouth. Grabbing Marina for mop of platinum hair color, she became a member of the rhythmic movements to push through even deeper. He could not stop himself. Imperiously pulling by the hair, he removed himself from the Marina, pushed to the floor. Pulled her to the floor, he put it into the anus just three fingers.
- Do you like my bitch?
- . Yes, Serge, fuck me more # 8203;
He introduced his penis into her ass, Marina cried.
Sasha was excited. Continuing to observe them, he reached into his sweatpants, and presenting yourself in the place of his father, began to massage his penis. Afraid to be exposed, Sasha left the room. Soon the moans ceased.

Marina went into Sasha's room, sat down on the edge of the bed.
- I want to talk to you. What has happened now, should remain between us. You should know - we are your dad love each other for a long time.
Sasha was silent.
- I wish that you would I understand correctly, no one needs a quarrel, your mother and old friends, I love her very much.
- You hate her, and hates her dad. Still say that it is not. You're dreaming that she zdohlo and you and your father were together.
- No, Alex, you're so vain, I would not wish this never it. But I really can not live without your father. I'm ready ... all ....
Marina lowered her eyes slightly opened her legs and held her finger on his lips wet Sasha.
I can like something to help you? - Sasha asked, timidly stroking Marina knee. Say, you want to be my new mom (licked his lips), tell me ....
-Yes, I want that Sergei would leave your mother and left me. I've been dreaming about it, I also deserve happiness. But he had never been cast, if only ... ..
- What if? Agreed.
- If only she would not like a fat cow.
They laughed together.
- This is not a problem, I know what we'll do.
After half an hour out of the room Marina Sasha, with a satisfied smile on his face.

Leroy always dined at nine, easy low-fat cottage cheese with the addition of various fruits. Last time she made dinner son. She was pleasantly surprised with it changes taking place. - He became a frequent visitor to her room to talk about their problems with friends, shared plans.
Evenings like Sasha put her head on his chest to his mother, at such moments, he presented himself again and wanted to immerse the baby in her mouth on her nipples, feel free to touch her breasts elastic standing.
Returning to her, he fell on the bed face down and tried to drown out the moans escaping from his chest. How he wanted her, how I wish!
When Valeria was not at home, he climbed to the ledge with her belongings, got her stockings and corsets, enjoying their scent. Sasha knew that she would never give him. He hated himself and her. He was willing to do anything to stop this nightmare.
As they agreed with Marina, he added Leray in food dietary supplements that slow down metabolism and cause complete. His head spinning different, ridiculous thinks ... .- it was the wildest dreams ... - when Leroux will leave his father, when she sees in him a man, and will belong to him ... every evening, holding his teeth pillow, shuddering seized passion. But in any case, he will now be able to enjoy the love of the marina, and the prospect was very tempting for him.

January 20, 2010.
Lera stood naked in the mirror. Wincing a little spout flawless form. In recent years, she gained four kilograms, and did not like it. She was already looking for the nearest gym. Remeasure their skirts and understand that the most fitting not sit on it properly.
She picked up a centimeter. Chest 90, waist 65, hips 95 ...... on the scale is 55 kg-a month ago! Now her finger stopped at a markup of 95 cm in the chest, 72 waist and hips in 100 ... and already 63 kg. Lera furrowed brows. She did not like myself like this. Slightly rounded face, plumper hands, but most of all confused belly and ass, which did not have such a pronounced form as before, but significantly increased, merged with the feet.
Diet and Sports, as well as a lover should do the trick, and soon I will be in great shape - she thought.

Standing before the mirror, Lera began clutching his chest increased over the past time, her nipples became hard, Lera fell to the floor. I groped the clitoris, and began to caress his finger, sometimes diving hole. In her long, painted nails with red lacquer, glistening water droplets. She smeared her entire crotch and ass, introducing her finger. Minutes, and her body tensed, she arched her back like a panther, preparing to jump. From her pussy splattered small trickle of Lera and relaxed, stretched out on the floor.
It was necessary to gather. Lera put a short silk skirt. Under her stockings, which pulled the soft thighs bulge is now on top of the lace gum. The high brown boots barely buttoned. Lera walked in front of a mirror. Her breasts swayed slightly, and bulging ass trembled with each step.
Entered husband. With a quick movement, he sat on the table Leroux. Sturdy, painfully squeezed in the hands of her large breasts, began to pull at her light brown nipples. Leray was hurt, she tried to remove his hand. He squeezed his chest even more. Leroux Turning his back, bent her apart rastolstevshie buttocks, put his big cock in her little wet pussy. He grabbed for the soft side, and every time he was very sharply pressed on her, her thick buttocks rolled back, then back, then forward.
Turn around, he pulled her by the arm. Within seconds his cock was between her swollen breasts. Clutching their strong hands, he continued to slide between them a member. Lera gave way to tears, smeared his face black mascara. A minute later, he rubbed her trembling lips with sperm.

2nd of March. Lera tolstel at an alarming rate. With each passing day becoming overweight and more. But it is her figure is not like a pear, still loomed waist, with its already sagging breasts and pope.- It was more like an hourglass.

Morning. Lera walked his hands over his stomach.
- Am I full and at night ...
She reached for the candy, lying on a small table next to the bed. It began to change channels on the television. One was as luck gymnasts, skinny, slender girl, with what seemed - then looked at her reproachfully from the TV screen, on the other diet pills. Lera turned off the TV.
- I will start with a massage.
And she began to knead small folds in the stomach, reached the backside and "hare ears", which became knead forcefully. Massage oil lubricated hands, she massaged her thighs vigorous movements, sometimes slapping them, pulling on the skin, roll the crease in his hands.

Including discs with gymnastics, Lera was the turn to raise his legs, with each stroke became harder to breathe.
- All. Today, quite. She began to pick clothes again. Glad, as a child of each thing, and looking forward to what she will soon lose weight, then again be able to wear it.

March 20, 2010. Enema.
Standing at the cabinet, Lera was ready to scream. Latex skirt, short jeans shorts - it was not enough. Lera was in despair, shook with sobs. Sasha stood at the door, he was filled with joy, he did not expect that the results will be shown so quickly. Lera began shouting throwing things, shiny burgundy blouse crackled in her hands, she grabbed the scissors and cut up her little lace thong, which were cut into her hips and left red streaks on the skin.
Another day was spent in the fight against weight. Trying to comply with for the fifth diet, it is frustrated by the evening. Appetite was not controlled, the smells wafting from the kitchen seemed to be beckoning her, and she ran to the kitchen, imposed at the plate chops, and ate them eagerly. Then he took out the bought in advance Sasha creamy cake and licking the cream first, enjoyed it.

Realizing that he could not cope with the desire that - or eat, Leroy decides to enema. The most difficult to do - flashed in his mind, and previously worked as a pharmacist Marina. Lera quickly dialed her number, and half an hour later was already at her house. Marina gladly picked up the idea.
- Are you afraid? - Marina said with a smile.
- I'm afraid - Lera said - and embarrassing.
- Calm down - it is a painless procedure. Just do as I tell you. And if you feel nervous, it will only be more difficult and take more time. Well, let's go ...
Marina said her friend, so she undressed and went to bed, she went for the enema. Brushing the tip of the oil, and typing in the very capacity of the boiled water into the room. Leroy looked at her with frightened eyes. Marina roughly parted buttocks Lera and put an enema tip. Lera little scream. Marina began stroking with one hand slowly swelling belly could be heard as he purred. She continued stroking, clockwise, a little pushing. Lera was crouching, her breasts hung down and swayed at the slightest movement, bumping against each other and uttering faint cotton. The stomach continued to grow, Leroy began to worry, it is already beginning to frighten the size of the pop belly. Lera twitched from what began to look even more ridiculous, a hand grabbed all bursting belly.
Marina cheered.
- You're like the Cows - It is not to laugh. - Preload better legs, she thrust her into her anus plug.
After sitting so for about three minutes, Lera felt that now burst into tears in the stomach grumbled, unbearably wanted to use the toilet.
- I do not Burenka. She was ready to scream already. Lera ran to the bathroom. Marina continued to laugh loudly ...
Lera, embarrassed, erupted stool with three liters of water introduced into it.

I called Veronica, offered to walk along the boutiques. Quickly leaping into his Lexus Lera drove on the highway. Coming into showrooms, it is trying on almost every thing, and would not go away without buying. She wanted more new blouses with a plunging neckline. In one cabin, she bought a black shirt, tight-fitting corset it is not worse, picked up her long necklace of pearls. I bought a dark blue jeans with a low waist, tightly constricting her rounded buttocks, but now they sat on it anyway, mingling in the thighs and priests. She had to buy a replacement almost every his old stuff, but larger. Bras second size has dug into her side, while she was buttoning them on the last loop. Panties also dug into the skin, it replaced them with new thong with sequined shorts - shorts bought in various colors, it seemed that they no longer hide other flaws have clearly seen in the more recently elastic ass. In another Leroy cabin clothes pick up a burgundy strapless, tight rubber band fixed it on her chest. Dropping down the undulating folds dress Leray gave a little romantic touch.
In the car Lera sent a text message to her lover.
"Hey, Tiger. I miss…. I wish you long and tenderly licked every crease on the lips of my pussy .... We'll see you today?"
An hour later, the answer came:
"Joy, understand, you changed a bit lately, do not you think that ... .in short, a couple of kg Reset - I'm yours."
Lera shook hands. Phone fell in the leather seat # 8203.;

A month passed.
Lera, finishing work, made an appointment with Veronica and Marina, at seven they had settled in her living room. After drinking a glass of martini on, they began to talk animatedly.
Lera as your success in weight-loss? You're on a diet? - Veronica asked.
- Yes, I'm trying, but the girls, I always want to eat. By the way I'll get from the kitchen to us sweets.
- Occupy more whiskey, me - today is sad. Marina down the ends of the lips and grimaced.
- Yes now.
- Wait, I have something - that is, for you. Marina reached into the bag. - Look, how lovely!
She took a huge cow costume.
- This is for you, go and try on.
- No, girl, I do not want. Lera wrinkled her brow.
- Please, for my sake, and I am so very sad, do not worry.
- Girls, I'm not. No.
Veronica also picked up: - Lera, come on. It will be fun. Just laugh.
- You're just weak. So tell me. Marina turned away.
- No, I'm not weak, it's just stupid. Okay, let's here. Lera went into the bath.
Based on the sink, she slipped her feet into the suit trousers. Began to pull it further, chest pulled out through a special cut-outs. Suit sat back to back, barely converging on the abdomen.
Leroy came into the hall.
Veronica and Marina began to laugh.
- Girls, that's enough. I think I look more than foolish. Lera has regretted that agreed.
- Now you have a real cow. Marinin began to laugh even louder. - No, of something missing.
She ran to the kitchen, quickly opened a carton of milk and went to Leray.
- Please sip, well one.
Leroy shook her head.
Came Veronica.
Come on. Remember, you lose a bet me like that? Since you favor. - She reminded.
- Not now.
- Now, the dispute is a dispute. You owe me. Veronica crossed her arms over her chest.
Leroy took a sip. The second, third, fourth.
- More, more, more - in unison shouted Marina Veronica.
Leroy continued to drink.
After drinking probably already with three glasses, Lera clutching his stomach.
- All girls, I can not anymore.
- Now we'll help you. Marina took the bag, and Veronica was holding his chin Lera. They began to pour into it yet. The milk in a thin stream trickled down his neck and between her breasts Lera. On stomach suit began to stretch slowly. Lera has hardly made every mouthful.
It took another ten sips. Feeling that begins nauseated, she pushed the package.
- A little more, baby. Marina pressured blubber belly Lera, who has appeared non-positive. - A little more and you lopnesh.
They began to laugh even louder, filling the remaining milk.
Lera felt cramps in my stomach. Breaking from importunate friends, I lay down on the sofa.
- Veronica, including air conditioning. Leroy focused on inhaled cold air, trying to resist the attack of vomiting.

They went into the shower. Veronica continued to consider a friend. Previously, she could spend hours looking at the graceful form of a rose tattoo on his chest Lera. But now, she was struck by how deformed flower, stretched vertically, and a little Rose would be like a closed bud. At heart, Veronica was happy with the changes taking place Leroy.
And even asked her to measure for comparison.
100 breast - waist 80 - 130 hip ... see if its growth is 170 cm ....
Veronica could not help but smile. From flat tummy Lera was gone, and now takes his place folds of fat, which could, if desired, to count and even her labia look thicker. Calf looked fleshy and heavily. From the sweeping emotion, Veronica began to kiss girlfriend. Joy flooded her.
- What is she now a huge ass. I thought Veronica - like hanging tits. Now she will not be able to participate in the photo shoot, it is necessary, how can so quickly get fat!
- Lera, can I take some of your things, you still have in them does not fit?
- No, I'm losing weight, you'll see.
- I do not want to upset you, but I'm afraid you have not manage itself. You never thought about liposuction?
- Enough. It's my business.

There was a trip to the Crimea. Lera tried to gather his thoughts. The last time she did not have much strength and desire - or go. Instead of holiday fun, she knew she would receive two weeks of intense oppressive days. Veronica and Marina were extremely glad, continuously tried to distract her, promising a good walk. Lera cooking bags. I bought two swimsuits, although was not certain that decide to go to the beach. I began to try them. A turquoise sea star from the side seemed ready to snap at the seams, the other cups were small, and so much tied up breasts that she got out a little bit, plunged bust. The slightest tilt forward and breasts were ready to fall out of it. Leroy jumped in place, imagining playing tennis on the beach, jumped on her body every fold, chest jumped up, trying to chin, the folds of the skin reminiscent of incoming and outgoing waves on the water.

On the table was an envelope, slowly she opened it - it was the pictures from the last photo session. Spread them on the table, Lera ran her fingers over them in her memory flashed flash cameras, satisfied smile men caress her lover took turns hiking in the salons. She lowered her wet lashes.
Lera got on the scales. The arrow stopped on the 75 kg. What is even more than last week.
Leroy looked at her legs and stomach. Cellulite thighs, creases on the sides, knees and even seemed to her wrinkled. She slowly with kakoy- the obsessive neatness, began to tear the photos.
Lera began to touch his full warm body. His chubby fingers reached for the soft side. He ran his hand between white thighs, which tightly meshed together. He took his chest, and was amazed at how she did not fit in her hands. With some curiosity, even, Leroy groped his new body.

July 2010. Crimea.
Hotel "Oreanda" located not far from the seafront of Yalta, 20 meters from the shore. Veronica found Marina, when she slipped Leray crushed tablet.
What are you doing? - Veronica's hand tugged Marina.
- None of your business.
- Now it is mine.
Veronica reached for packaging.
-You did it so. # 8203;
- You did not tell her. Marina opened her robe Veronica held her hand between her legs. Another hand began stroking her swollen nipples hardened. Veronica moaned.

On the beach they waited for Lera. She had already changed into a booth, took off her light her short orange dress, and, wrapped in shawls, she came out. Located on a blanket under an umbrella, she madly wanted to go into the water, but it had to go fifteen steps that she seemed an insurmountable distance. She thought that it will all be watching and laughing. As luck would have it, the right company men settled on it. She was cursing herself for being put on such a bikini, what these Glitter thong - ridiculous, she felt silly.
Untied loincloth, Leroy released from sarongs and went to the water. She tried not to look around. Past seven years, the boy ran.
Burenka - she heard, but she was not sure it was run through the boy cried out, maybe it was her imagination. Around the children could be heard laughter, she turned her head, she felt as if laughing at her, but it was their harmless games.
- Burenka - again heard her Lera plunged into the water.
On the shore it was met with Veronica Marina. Now they can easily feel close to rastolstevshie Leroy.

They settled down and began to enjoy a cooling drink. Approached by two men. Lera embarrassed, became a little nervous and tried to lie down, so that would have been slightly visible folds on the stomach. Men eagerly told how to reach by car to the Crimea. Leroy did not hear them, they just did not pay attention to it, more than dealing with Veronica and Marina. Leroy said that it was time to the hotel. When she moved away a little from the company, I heard laughter. Realizing that it is laughing at her, she quickened her pace. When she walked, one haunch touched the other, chest to the beat of step swayed - her whole body began to play in the dance.

Marina caught up with her.
-Lera, wait. Slavik offered up to him. Come on, I think it will be great.
- I'm not in the mood.
- Come on, that sit in one room.
-Marina, I want you to me now to do an enema. It is important for me, please. And then let's go.
- Okay, you get up and get ready. I soon.

Lera was on all fours with a full stomach of water. Veronica opened the door, went to the room of their new acquaintances. Marina continued to hold an enema with water. Slavik went to Leray. He liked the way she looked at him afraid.
- Marina, stop, pull it already. Lera tried to escape from the hose.
- Not all. Do not be embarrassed. Slavik said that when it, too, worked in medicine.
He began to feel chest hanging Lera. His fingers sank into them. He began jerking her nipples.
- This udder - licking his lips, said Slava.
He sent the hand to her stomach Lera.
- Now I will caress. Slavik began to unbutton his pants, Veronica came and began to help him in this.
- Lend me your hole, my dear. He pulled the tip of the anus Lera and became a member of the paste, the water sprouted, but his fat cock was the perfect replacement gag. Leroy wanted to use the toilet. She tried to push back the glory of his own.
Wait, I have to go out - she pleaded.
- You're just a little - a little, so it is necessary, you need to be patient.
Glory began to massage the belly Lera, squeeze it in your hands. Lera moaned.
- Please stop I need the toilet.
- Soon. And now even intensified it go.
-I also want - they heard the voice of Valera, Glory other.
- No no no. Lera crying. Her lips trembled.
When Slava pulled out his penis, Valera took his place. Lera was trembling, she started shivering. Valera became poshlepyvat shaking her buttocks. A little water is leaking.
Thank stood in front of her face, and holding Leroux's chin began to push his penis into her mouth. They could hear her mutter water in a large flabby stomach. Lera could no longer tolerate. It seemed that she just burst right now. She wanted to scream, but all of her mouth and took a thick hard cock Glory.
Valera stopped.
- Girls, enough already snuggle. It seems our Burenka sduvaetsya.- he shouted.
While Marina Leroux poured into water. Fame and Valera alternately thrust into her mouth member.
The stomach continued to be filled, it seems this is the fourth went liter. The skin on my stomach was stretched more and more, a little stomach began to bulge. Marina Leroux patted his stomach, there was a thud.
- All. It seems enough. Marina put the plug.
Valerie Leroux laid on its side. She wrapped her arms around her belly non-positive. On the other hand pressed to her Stas. Propihnul deeper plug, he parted labia Lera and entered it. Each push of his abdominal Lera squelched water.
Marina and Veronica at this time licking a member of Valera. In turn swallowed his head. Then he took a member of the Marina fully and Veronica drove gently tongue on his testicles.
Stas skewer Leroux stronger and more rhythmic. Gritting her big breasts to the pain, he finished.
By the time Valera already smeared semen on persons Marina and Veronica.


Walking up to the room, put on a little makeup of the village Lera. Inflicted foundation, gave a clear outline of the eyebrows, a black pencil adds expressive eyes, which no longer looked so huge, even her lips seemed thinner on her plumper face, cheekbones stood out not so. Lera threw the mirror to the side. Her eyes fell on the largest piece. For twenty minutes she continued, almost without blinking, to look at him.
Sasha stood in the doorway. He had never seen her mother so pale. Lera, silently looked away, frightening emptiness filled her eyes.
-Mom, all right?
- You bring water?
Lera was silent. Even under the color of peach lipstick I could see that her lips pale as ever.
He approached her from behind and began to stroke the long, wavy hair. He bent and tried to catch the scent of her body. No looking, no matter what it was, on the - still desirable. He pulled her to him. In the silence you could hear the sound of her heart. Sasha held her tighter. Warm tears Lera dripped on his hands, washing away rough furrow its foundation to the face.