As I describe in the office

I slept on the job. "Damn! You should not have drunk so yesterday! ". I slipped out of bed, assessing the situation: not that breakfast even do not have time to make up. My panties and stockings lying on the floor as pulled off last night, and collapsed on the bed. "Damn, I have not washed her panties again." In the bathroom for two weeks was a pile of dirty laundry, and every night I could not find time to wash at least some shorts to wear in the morning clean. I had to pull back on those that wore a week. Thongs were cheap, the size of the smaller and strove to get rolled up into a tight solid gum that dick make out where back - where before. Wearing shorts and the same well-worn pantyhose, I rushed to the bathroom to wash hastily. I wanted to write, but time is running out, I sprinkled a little under the arms and between the legs deodorant, wore a skirt, thick badlon to not bother with a bra, grabbed her purse, slipped her feet into unpeeled ( "again, damn!") Shoes and ran to the minibus.

With shuttle luck - arrived quickly almost empty. Ahead of me ducking climbed high leggy bitch in a short skirt that I was right in front of her ass in white panties, covered with transparent tights. We sat opposite each other, and this slut did not even put her purse on her lap, taking advantage of the absence of travel near the men relaxed, legs slightly apart for easy cornering and closed his eyes to take a nap. Her face was visible, which also went to bed in the morning. I sat sideways, to my mind all the time is not bristling beneath her skirt, from under which could see her panties, and only then realized how much I want to write. Fortunately my work is near, there is a toilet on the first floor directly behind the Watch, I'll come - just pee, then we will go up to our office on the 3rd floor. Having nothing to do, I imagined how'll go to the toilet, DELAY skirt, be careful not to catch the nail lowered pantyhose, then take off the panties, sit down and relaxed, feeling like out of me, bringing with nothing, no comparable in feeling pleasure, pour the golden stream ...

By law, meanness, bus this morning dragged incredibly slowly, standing idle in traffic jams. When I climbed on my stop, I was already bursting with the desire to pee immediately. Before the office, I was just thinking about it and feeling just a bloated abdomen and panties under the characteristic tingling - a harbinger of what my body's capabilities to the limit. "Hold on, my dear, hold on" - persuaded myself. I entered the building, passed the checkpoint, wrapped in the right corridor and found itself in a locked door "to repair the toilet." "! Fucking" this I did not expect, I was thrown into a fever, instinctively clenched legs, a bomb went off in my head: "I have just described." Right here, in the hallway, and I will have to quit the job and go home in the wet panties and pantyhose. There was even a toilet on our floor, I rushed to the elevator.

Near the elevator doors were two unfamiliar office swirls, clearly from the first floor. "Do you know where they have there a toilet? And I will soon describe. " "I know, I myself have much to write I want to now show you." I froze, too, these bitches were in our bathroom to pee, and in fact we have there are only two cabins. Lift was not, and I decided on a desperate move to get to my floor the stairs faster than competitors. Gathering his last strength, I stomped up already in the middle of the way I caught up with a wild desire to lift up her skirt, pulled off his stockings and panties right there in the stairwell, sit down, push the legs and write, write, write right here. As in the fog, I got to the toilet, the two bitches were not in the hall. "Had time!". I went into the room, her skirt lifted up on the move, so as not to waste time and wrapped directly into the first open booth. "Damn !, damn !, damn!" I nearly buried her stomach in the face that same bitch that was in the elevator. She was sitting on the toilet with your pants up to your knees white panties and skirt battened down, between the spaced legs was visible smoothly shaved pussy.

I was not there to apologize and good manners, knowing what awaits me, I rushed into the second booth, there is of course, sitting legs apart second knot. I huddled in a corner, begging myself to endure another minute and then in the silence distinctly heard this sound: a strong elastic jet hit the water like a small waterfall into the lake. Sometimes "fucked", and sometimes "full of fucked up." My body could not stand, and I began to write directly into her panties. Of course, my tiny little panties and tights can not withstand much moisture and warm golden waterfall poured down my legs. I began to cry. There was the sound of water. Both knots out of the booths at the same time and stared at me. I imagine my view at the moment: the face distorted, skirt Zadran, clenched legs and pantyhose spreads down on a dark wet spot.

Since then I have established myself one rule: once wanted to pee - just to do it, no matter where on the street, at the entrance, in water, in a park on a bench anywhere. You can always find a secluded place to sit down quickly to push the panties and pee, I now only wear stockings, no tights, and if someone from passers-by and see how I write - that's his problem. Better to piss someone in his eyes than his pants.