Timur and his team I. Part 12. Sauna

This story is based on real events, although some changes have been made regarding the site of action, its participants and the duration of time. And, of course, for effect, made some literary correction.
Timur, accompanied by the girls, who have just entered the shower. At this time, the people there were little. They took the free stall and began to take a shower. Timur finished first and now wipes expecting his fellow traveler. Suddenly, he saw part of the elder sister of Thomas, Alex and takes his usual place in the center of dushevoy.- Who may be, the hymen fuck! - Leaving the booth, he said Tom, taking his sister's ruku.Vse turned on them, but volunteers, oddly enough, not bylo.- Let's go find you a guy - Tom pulled her sister to leave, she meekly followed her - I'll see you again, - said Tom Timur and Lara. And sister udalilis.- Well, how do you spot? - Lara asked her brother, taking him polotentse.- lot of impressions! And then there still budet.- That's right. Here like a sauna there, do you want? And they went to the sauna. The sauna was great, in the center of the tiled room was a round pool which splashed naked people. A stall located at the edges with a high temperature. They went into the booth, from which just came out a couple of young people. Because the pair did not realize who it was already nahodilsya.- Ljerka - suddenly he exclaimed Lara - Ilya, that's where you hid among the couple Timur saw two figures!. One belonged to Leray, and the second is to be understood, her husband, Ile.- That met, - said Lera - meet people, Timur, is Ilya, my muzh.Timur saw a young man of his age, who kissed his sister, handed him ruku.- Timur.- That means you're a - instead of answering said to Elijah, - see now though, for anyone being charged. I Lerka about you a lot rasskazyvala.- bathing? - I asked Timur.On slightly confused, met a guy whose wife he had not so long ago trahal.- Yes, it is time to cool down, - said Ilya.Oni with Leroy went to the door. Timur and Lara went after him. They all joined the couple in the pool. No sooner Timur plunge, as immediately felt that someone slipped his hand between the legs. It was floating in the pool young lady, with short, white hair. She slyly smiled at him then, diving under water, sucked his dick. Showed again at the surface, she smiled sweetly at him and, following her boyfriend jumped out of the pool, and wagging his booty, went back to saunu.- used to have? - Asked him Ilya.Ne waiting for an answer, he, too, dived into the water. Timur saw he swims up to Lara and clings to her crotch. Lera, after her husband, too, ducked, and a member of Timur was back in the women's rtu.- Welcome to the club - said Lera after they again climbed poverhnost.Timur decided to accept the rules of the game, and even thought it was not indignant against features. Moreover, they it completely ustraivali.- Malvina Who should appear, - said Ilya, - it has long been in the sauna sidit.- And what kind of Malvina? - Asked Timur.- Is there one person - Lera said. - Look! - Suddenly, quietly she said ona.Iz one of the stalls there was a fat girl. Although the word fat is not too fit. The girl was fat! This thick, which Timur had never seen. It weighed two hundred kilograms, at least, but it is a huge weight has no effect on its ability to move. Malvina, jerking his giant size, back, went to the pool. Going to the edge, and she giggled, his whole massive body collapsed into the water. The water came out of the edges, and Timur thought that space in the pool is left - all took Malvina.- Malvinochka, do Whale - shouted Lera.Malvina tossing in the pool, then lay down on his stomach on the edge of the pool, exposing his backside and, after a moment of She broke her vagina fountain. Not less than ten liters of water struck the Timur. Timur, flowing, watched as Malvina again puts his ass in the water, perhaps drawing water again. A new flurry of water hit Timur. Lera and Ilya laughed. Proud Malvina climbed to the floor and stood up on their feet again rushed to saunu.- Well? - I asked Lera.- Atas easy! - Commented Timur.- Have you been in an emergency room? - Asked Ilya.Otvetit Timur did not have time. He vibrated bracelet. He looked dumbfounded at nego.- Oh, my bracelet vibrates! - Lara said, as well as Timur, looking at ruku.- And I, - said Timur.- Then you should be in the hall, - said Ilya disappointed. - Privykayte.Timur and Lara hastily said goodbye to friends, rushed into the room.
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