Ah school, how it was good

That Saturday, ancestors left to visit friends for the weekend. I woke up, ate, walked up the stairs to smoke and think about the party. There was a neighbor girl, or rather she came sometimes on weekends to help her grandmother. We talked with her, and Tanya told me that my grandmother went to the clinic and left her a note which asked her to wait a bit.
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Then someone from the neighbors came to the elevator, and I hid downstairs. There on the floor sported a small puddle. A neighbor said hello to Tanya and went to him. I got up and told Tanya about the puddle. She blushed and admitted that very much wants to write, but in winter the street, and she wanted a little bit. I invited her to come, and Tanya agreed. She took off her jacket, and I saw her wet pants. My cock immediately stood up, Tanya noticed it and blushed even more. I walked over and touched her sputum, I always like it when a girl wants to write or write. I kissed her, and she hugged me tightly. We walked into the room, Tanya sat in the chair and asked whether she could pee. I took out a member, and she is my wanker and write directly in trousers and a chair.
I nakonchal Tanya and little peed on her blouse. We undressed, hung up to dry things, and climbed into bed. I started licking her, Tanya moaned and let out a small trickle on my face. She came, and began to suck my cock. So I nakonchal her mouth. We have for a long time and were chatting. Tanya said that she likes to write it on the brink of orgasm when he wants to pee in the elevator, in the hallway, in the bed that she first pee in the chair. Then she got on her knees and outwork started writing in small portions, and then sat on my dick, and we have sex.
And he slammed the door neighbors, Tanya washed, taken with clothes battery. Here it is already in the jacket and ready to go, but he said he wants more, and that will go in the evening. But this did not happen, call, he said that penalized for a deuce. We have often met in the hallways, in the elevators, and everywhere Tanya wrote, and I finished it ...
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