Nina and Sveta

I was about to go to sleep, when suddenly rang tion mobile phone. I looked at the monitor - displayed number my friend Svetka. "Listening!", I answered. "Sasha, my dear, come to me!" There is an urgent matter, I can not do without your help!". "What, right now?" "Yes, my dear, come here, please! I'll explain on the spot what's what". "Okay, wait for me!". I hastily odnlsya and went into the apartment girlfriend, blessing, she lived in the 200 meters from my house. "What do they happen?"I mentally argued. He knew that Sveta is living separately from their parents, but now she is staying 8-year-old niece, daughter of her sister Nina starshe¸, left her for a time, until the girl's parents left for a vacation abroad.
"Perhaps a small something done? Once it saw seemed so calm, intelligent girl ..."I was perplexed. Iddya quick step, I called five minutes later the door of apartment Svetka. My friend almost immediately opened it. "Come on, Sasha, take off your clothes! I was very uncomfortable, that you disturbed, but I had no choice. You see, Nina me tonight preznalas coincidence that over 4 days which I have lived, have never Cocoa. Of course, I immediately wanted to do it a cleansing enema, but it is not what can not be. I tried in every way to persuade her in a good - does not agree to it! Nothing else to do but to call you to help you to poderzhalby it, while I'm her clysterize". "Good thing I called!", I answered, "Just so let's agree - you hold it, and I'm doing an enema. You see, I have male power, God forbid, I pressed under more than they should, break even in the child something!". I'm a little fib. In fact, Jan Nastola afraid to hurt a child, I just wanted to get pleasure from klizmovaniya girls. "Well, well, so be it, I do not care!", Sveta agreed. Then she went into the kitchen and came out with a balloon filled with an enema in hand. "Not to be too small?", I asked, "I think it is just somewhere volume 200 ml". "So who says that we can not let it 2-3 enema in a row?", Objected Sveta, "I'll take as a half-liter mug of water". "Well, that's another matter!", I agreed, "and a pot, too, need to take!". "We do not have a pot", Said Light, "Nina is already a big girl and goes to the toilet. But I'll take a basin for washing the floor". "You Bring a mug and an enema, and I - a bowl!"I proposed and she asks agree. Armaments for klizmovaniya, we went into the room Nina.
Girl sitting on the couch and watched TV. "Hey. Nina!", I said, "for you came to visit Aunt Enema! Cut down the TV set, then increase platitse up and pull the tights and panties down!". "No, I do not agree on an enema!", Roared Nina, jumped from divanai going to run out of the room, in November clutched her hand. Sveta meanwhile, turned off the TV, picked up girls dress and one fell swoop pulled niece tights with shorts to the knees. Then together we laid weeping, weeping girl on the sofa, turned her on her left side, her legs bent at the knees and pinned to the tummy. Light one hand holding Nina's knee, the other - for the body. I took a box of cream "Nivea"Plentifully smeared them enema tip and the index finger of my right hand. Then I threw the left hand is already parted buttocks girl and introduced her finger plastered srakochku. Nina twitched nervously. "Do not worry, Nina", I said, "I'm just checking why the hole is not produced from itself kaku. Well, it may issue, if there is still solid as a rock. But nothing now will admit to vodichku, wash out and how it goes out whistling". I dragged a finger, and put in his place the enema tip, and then with both hands squeezed "pear". Content enema poured into the intestine gurgling Nina. Without releasing the balloon, I dragged the tip of the enema and dipped in a mug with water to "pear" napolnilasby again. Himself at this time squeezed together Ninkiny buttocks. "Well, here's one enema successfully done!"I rezumiroval. "And how do we do in general?", Sveta said. "At least two, and sometimes three", I answered, "at your niece's constipation was seriously heavy, it had to be proklizmovat for a couple of days ago, if it can hvatiloby one enema". "So if only I knew", Lamented Sveta, "I just tonight became suspicious because the child is almost nothing to eat for dinner. I began to question it as "kegebeshnik" and barely received recognition". "Oh well, better late than never!"I remembered saying. Enema during this time was again filled with water. Once again, I drove it in the asshole and let the liquid Nienke Girl intestine. Then I put back "pear" in a mug with water. "Uncle, I have enough to do an enema! I already want to take a crap!" Nina ached. "Hold on, darling!"I replied, holding her tight buttocks "here's another one klizmochku do, then you will go to defecate. Everything will be fine, just need to be calm and not resisting!".
"Hey, if she suddenly burst ulcer?"And he whispered in my ear Light. "Do not worry!", I answered, "half-liter enema - just normal for her children". "Well, as you know!"Girlfriend reluctantly agreed. After a minute I let Ninochka third and final enema. Then I put "pear" on the floor, and again squeezed together buttocks girls. Now, Nina, lie still for 5 minutes and did not think to get up early! Otherwise, I'll let you three more enema!"I threatened. "I can not stand! I obosrus here on the couch!", Whined plaintively girl. "Soak not obosreshsya!",I answered, "After all, I hold your buttocks clenched. And lest you suffer byloby easier, breathe slowly and deeply through your mouth!". Nina began to breathe, all the while sobbing. "Neplach, fool!"I began to calm the child, "you're already a big girl and should not raise such a fuss because of the fact that you do an enema! By the same, everything is behind us now suffer a little bit, and then over a basin and syadish pokakaesh. Do not cry, big kids do not do that!".
After 5 minutes let Svetka feet niece, helped her to rise from the couch and sit down over a basin. Just at that moment, I finally stopped to squeeze the buttocks of the child. Of the girls asshole, first poured a little water, then began to climb out a long, hard, black turd. I have seen the difficulties experienced Nina at her squeezing even after enemas and was about to start helping her fingers, but she suddenly fell out turd and ringing hit the bottom of the basin. Behind it again followed by a stream of water, carrying with them softer. smeared feces enema. Girl vydovila few servings of water with faeces, each time accompanied this process pukoy loud. The smell in the room became unbearable and I ordered Svetka open the window. Nasposledok of asshole Nina began to emerge almost chmstaya water. "Well Well, I think it's great we proklizmovali?"I asked Svetka. "Yes, much much better!"She agreed, and then said: "Nina, go to the bathroom, obmoy ass, I'll help you in this. And you, Sasha, pour the contents into the toilet basin and wash it, okay?" "Okay!"I waved my head. Poured the liquid from the basin in the toilet pot, I was horrified, as many solid poop sitting in the belly of the poor child. "And she has not wanted us to help her get rid of this crap. Well, fool!", I thought. Then I noticed that my penis is like a tower, and almost pulled out of his pants. We see the process klizmovaniya girls I was very aroused. I opened his pants, vytenul member and masturbate several times, ended. Then I flushed the barrel, washed the bowl and returned to the room. Sveta already put to bed exhausted Nina. "Go to the kitchen, Sasha, I'm coffee brewed!", she said. I poured myself a coffee and began to drink, soon to join me and the Light. "Oh, Sasha, I do not know how you odblagodarit. You're so good to me helped", She said.
"Nonsense! ...", I answered, "This process brought me pleasure!". "Wow - enjoy!", Light smiled, "therefore, you - a pedophile, is not it?" "Nothing like this!"I replied, "I just like to put an enema, for both children and adults. Here you also gladly postavilby". "And I do not need! Today I am very vysralas morning", Said a friend.
"Look, she asks!"I began to try to persuade her, "you're a long-promised to try his hand in the ass. Let's do it today. And before you wash out your ass enema!". "Oh, Sasha, is better the second time?" "So every time you otgovarivaeshsya. I am already tired of waiting. Choose - and you give me this ass, or you and I are no longer lovers!". "Well, why so soon? Okay, take me in the ass, if I want to! But why do an enema? Believe me, Alex, I do not have constipation!".
"I believe, but I still do not want to move his penis on feces. Therefore, you need to do an enema to bylaby guarantee clean your colon!". "Well, do me an enema, just how it should be!"Girlfriend reluctantly agreed and gave me the same spray that just used for Nina. "Are you laughing?"I was angry, "you're a grown woman, not a child. Come here mug douches!". "What kind of a mug? I do not have this!", She asks surprised. "You do not have hot water bottles with a hose, used to make an enema for adults?". "No, Sasha! I do not suffer from constipation and do not remember when I last time Mom did an enema, but I know that it was the same bulb". "Well, then go to me! I've got this thing is just there!"I ordered. "Well, just before that I warn Nina that go briefly". Light went into the bedroom and vepnulas out after a few seconds. "she is already sleeping. Now I get dressed and go to you".
After 15 minutes, I opened the door of his apartment and we Sveta went inside. As soon as she had undressed, and as I opened the closet door and picked out a mug Esmarch. "Oh, what a fright!"Girlfriend was terrified, "All you have filled it with water?
And then you will fill me in the stomach?". "All there!"I started to calm Woman, "but somewhere half will have. Do not be afraid, it will not hurt! You really never done an enema from a mug?". "By God, not once!". "Well, nothing, everything used to be necessary to start from the first time. Take off the skirt, pull the panties to her knees and lay down on the couch in the same position as lay Nina! And I'm going to the bathroom to fill the water enema". "Sash, and maybe it is not necessary, as well?" "Do not build yourself out of a small child, we've agreed to everything"I snapped and went to the bathroom and poured into a mug of about 1.5 liters of cold water.
When I returned to the room light was already taking off her skirt and hung it on the back seat. At the moment, she just thrust her fingers over blue rubber pants. Seeing me, she blushed for some reason, then a sharp movement in one fell swoop let them down to his knees. My eyes appeared her white, round ass, which stood out against a background of brown legs and thighs. "Good for you, Sveta!", I said, "Now lie down on the sofa and tighten the legs to the tummy!". Polruga complied with the order: lay down on the sofa, turned on his left side and pulled almost knee to the chin. Buttocks girl widened, and I was perfectly visible hole through which she comes Kaka. I gripped the cup between her legs, again smeared cream right index finger and the tip of the enema. Then I introduced the Light finger in asshole and wiped it on the inner walls of the anus girlfriend. In a few more seconds, I instead put his finger into the anal hole girls enema tip, opened the tap on the hose and lifted the mug to a height of about a meter above the sofa on which lay the Light. Water gurgled through the hose and rushed into the intestine "patient". "Oh!", Light moaned. "What hurts?", I asked. "The water is cold!", she answered. "so it is necessary, cold water will wash better gut!"I explained "you relax and breathe deeply, evenly through your mouth!".Podruga Obediently began to breathe a mouth, and I picked up the cup for another 20 centimeters higher. The girl began to shake the knee, it was quite obvious that it is difficult to take a current through the hose quickly into the intestine cool water. "Think about something pleasant, Sveta! Postorayus forget for a few minutes, where you nahodishsya and what is happening to you!"I advised her. "I can not, Sasha! I was bursting with so much!", Polruga almost cried, "you probably deliberately hurting me!". "Well, what nonsense!"I replied, "I make you an enema according to the rules of this procedure. Of course, the feeling you have now is not pleasant, but it is necessary to suffer a little bit and everything will be over soon. Then you can go to the potty and prokakatsya!". "Yes, just as you said, and Nienke! Ah, now I understand why she, poor thing, so cried and resisted. Well, she was the constipation, and so torment me why?". "Do not exaggerate, she asks, do you painfully, as you imagine it to me! Here somewhere half the water you have in the abdomen. Yet many will admit - and an enema will be done!" "Oh, God, just half! I can not stand, I managed it, lying on the couch!"Girlfriend whined. "Take a deep breath through your mouth! Then the water will enter deeper into the intestine and spasms cease!"I insisted on her. Sveta made a very deep breath, hold your breath for a moment and then exhaled. In her stomach growled something, she ROMKA hiccupped and said: "Fu seems to feel better!". "Well, I told you that it would be!", I answered. More somewhere prshla minutes in silence, then I opened my mouth warmers and made sure that it is empty. I turned off the tap, dragged the tip of the priests, and said to her friend: "Now, she asks, lie still for 5 minutes and does not rise without my permission!".
"Okay I will not"She muttered resignedly. I carried the enema in the bathroom, washed and wiped it, then put the item back in the closet. Then I took a plastic bucket and carried him to the couch, on which still lay Light. "Rises, girlfriend, couch and sit on the bucket!"I ordered. "Oh, Sasha, why, I'm moglaby run to the toilet!"The girl replied. "And I want to see the result of an enema!"I snapped back. "Well, if so ..."Girlfriend slowly straighten your legs, I got up from the sofa and sat down on a bucket. The contents of her intestines noisy escape. Judging by the sound and odors, filled the room, along with water and left a lot of gas and poop. I stepped aside and gave Svetke vysratsya quietly. When the last of the women priests nothing more came out, she got up with a bucket m said that will go to vavnnuyu obmyvatsya. I, in turn, carried the bucket to the toilet and poured it into the bowl soederzhanie. As expected, in the water it swam quite a few dark brown poop, blurry enema water. "Yes, enema she was not much less necessary than Nienke", I thought. Zaiem I put the bucket on maesto and returned to the room. After a few seconds to get back and Light. "Well, that, girlfriend, start anal sex?"I asked her. "Right now?" "But what we wait any longer!". I ordered the girl to undress completely - except for panties and remove her blouse and bra - and lie down on the sofa in toyzhe position in which it is only just taking an enema. Then I opened his pants, pulled out his penis, which again stood as a mast, it abundantly smeared cream and slowly, carefully podruzil the anal hole girls. "Well, honey, what do you feel right now?", I asked. "It seems that I do an enema with a very large tip", she answered. "Relax with a enema, and everything will be okay!". I started to move a member of the pope Svetke back and forth, all increase the pace of movement. Somewhere in a minute I stepped orgasm and I finished with a shout, spewing his sperm into the intestine girls.
After that, we some time quietly lie down on the bed, then Sveta got up, dressed and went to his home. I recommend goodbye herself at home make a little ... klizmochku with balonchikom to wash the sperm itself from the rectum. But he soon fell asleep like a log.