Women's revenge or retaliation

Her seductive gait, high breasts and curvy ass would not let him breathe freely. Tall, slender, black-haired woman walking on the sidewalk gait Claudia Schiffer and the man turned around after her. And he was no exception. For several days, as the thirty-five man was guarding the woman next to a jewelry store near which she passed every day. He saw from afar the one on which so aching heart. Legs instantly became cotton, blood with a centrifugal acceleration ran through the veins, and the phallus ... The body was eager to fight. In men's minds revolved only one thought ... he would now get their portion of momentary happiness. Woman farther and farther removed from the men standing near the store. He stood paralyzed, watching the silhouette of a female who is about to be hidden around the bend. The man made a tentative one step, then another. Some inner force pushed him, and he jumped up and ran after her. He was literally on his dream shared by a few meters. The man stopped and hid behind a tree. He gave the woman an opportunity to go forward. And then she went into the forest park zone, where some two hundred meters was her house, where she lived with her daughter. The black-haired woman came up to the gates of the house, took out her purse keys. Men's strong hand gripped feminine wrist. The keys fell to the ground. She's evil, like a hungry tiger eyes looked at him. Thirty-five man pulled a woman behind him. She stumbled. Unlocked the door, the man pushed the woman into the corridor, immediately pinned to the wall. Phallus was little room in his small cage. The body was eager to fight. The man was breathing heavily.
- Let go! - She cried wildly.
He lifted the women's short skirt, and a hand touched female lace panties.
- Take your hands off! Monster!
Women's long nails dug into the man's neck. Wild pain shot through the body further strengthened the desire to possess this woman.
- All the same, you will be mine! - Puffing like a steam engine, he managed his temper.
The woman tried to resist. But man's desire was much stronger than the female force. He grabbed the woman by the hair and pushing in front of him, walked with her in the spacious hall. No sooner had the hostess come round the house like a man knocked her down, and she fell to the floor. Their forces were not equal.
She pounded the cage sparrow fluttered under his weight. It was short-lived male happiness. Women's teeth sank into the man's shoulder, and he cried out in pain. That was enough to break free from his chains. It is a few minutes lying on the floor, arms spread wide. Then he got up and grabbed one arm standing a meter away from his chair and spread his legs wide, slow down on him. Sperm beat in the head. She did not allow anything else to think about. Clasping his hands back, he made a prolonged and heavy howl. Woman lying on the floor with his eyes full of tears. her chest heaving.
- Bastard! Rapist! - These words came from the lips of women.
- You're the one to blame. Is that you seduced me ... You wanted it ... Here's the result.
She turned her head and looked at the wild-eyed man. Then barely got off the floor and going to the chair on which sat a man, grabbed his thick black hair. She did not have time to recover as was again in captivity. His military weapons are still lying to the battle. Man once again he knocked the woman to the ground and threw it on a leather sofa. He pulled at her blouse with multiple buttons, and they rained down on the floor. The woman tried to resist, then he hit her in the face.
- Today I receive everything ... Everything that belongs to me by right! - Swallowing, choking overstimulation, said the rapist.
- It will cost you dearly!
- Not more than life!
- I will avenge ourselves! In the ran!
- Wait and see...
He parted knees female feet, and immediately began to perform the phallus is what dreaming brain.
The woman trembled under the onslaught of the enemy.
Woman's wet body turned into a big ball of nerves. Her hair and breasts with every second more and more excited man. It is in these moments was like a furious beast of prey, which is hungry for food, tore apart their prey.
The man kissed the corners of the mouth of the female, causing it to weaken by the touch of his tongue. Men's hands were strong, but not made gentle. They brought the woman in a terrible state. She was beside herself with rage. The blood is still boiling in a male body. He was unable to sovladet with him. Intellectually, he understood that his behavior disgusting, but sperm ... She would not let him think ... It was torn out and stop the flow of its powerful man was simply not able to.
- Monster! - Cried the woman and ran her long fingernails on a man's cheek.
- Do not wake the devil in me! - He cried out, and gave groan.
Turn the victim from the back to the stomach, the man again tried to enter it and take possession of the female body. But this time he was a loser. The woman jerked the man's hair, and he howled in pain.
- Lie down and do not rock the boat!
n pinned her with his weight and began to get comfortable. Rapist unconsciously pressed the woman and one of the decisive action was his cherished portion of the male of happiness. tremors speed with every second increased. After completing its work, exhausted man fell to the floor.
- Drink ... Drink ... I want to drink some water ... ...
- Now! I ran away! - Tears trembling voice uttered female lips.
- Please, - he said plaintively.
She scrambled from the couch, her hair and went into the kitchen. She poured a glass of mineral water and took a step, stopped. Female eyes fell on the kettle.
- Now ... now I love you I will make the water of life ... You filled this day for the rest of life ... Will you know how to inappropriately use your machine!
She set the glass with trembling hands on the table and poured water into the kettle. Tears rolled from the woman's eyes. She was aware that what he was doing. Women's anger and revenge knew no bounds. She's trembling hands took the hot tea and entered the room. Man lying on the floor with his eyes closed and lips licking tongue. She crossed herself trembling hand, and by bringing the kettle to the main manhood, accomplished their feminine revenge. The man cried out in pain. His cry, turning into a woman brought howling in terror. Before she began to reach a sense of what she did.
He was lying on a bed with a belly and burned the main manhood. The woman gave him a few shots and constantly smeared mutilated body parts of celandine solution. Men's eyes were full of tears. They stared into the void. He did not say a word. Only in the morning when the temperature, he slept a little, looking at the woman asked:
- Why did you do that? How do I go on?
- Not Noah ... For the wedding will heal!
- Which wedding?
- K gold ...
- Thank you, calmed ......
- Sam's all my fault ... It's good that not castrated ...
- Horseradish is not sweeter than turnips ...
- Who do I need this right now?
- This question is not for me ...
Woman sitting in the kitchen and smoked one cigarette after another. She did not even notice, like daughter entered.
- Mommy, what's wrong ?! You are ill? - She asked anxiously.
- No, Katya, no, my dear ... I was very tired at work ...
- Mom, I got the money ... Grandparents are going to go to the country ... My money ran out ... And ask them ...
- Of course, my gold, - the woman hugged her daughter. - How fast time flies ... You've become quite an adult ...
- Mom, I want to ask you - at a fraction of seconds, she paused, then looked at his mother and with his head down, quietly asked. - Masha said you were going out with her father. She said that she had seen Uncle Boris kissed you on the cheek. You're going to get married ?!
The woman smiled and stroked her daughter's hair.
- Katya and Boris for me the most expensive, most ... most ... How can I explain ...
- I do not need to explain anything ... just tell me: are you going to get married?
The woman smiled.
- Borka I went into the garden ... In the same group ... Then we were in the same class ... We sat at the same desk ... We even went to college together ... And then ... He and I met your father ... Borka like my brother ... He knows all my secrets, but I did ...
- Mom, but he has no wife ... Aunt Lena had died ... And we threw dad ... Maybe ...
The woman smiled and spread her hands:
- Boris is a very good man, a good father, an excellent surgeon ... The fact that she saw Mary - is quite another what she thought ...
- Mommy, dear ... let's just dad ... He was badly without us.
- I had already forgiven - the woman said after a long silence.
- Yes?! True?! Are you cheating me?!
The girl jumped for joy. The woman took the money from her purse and handed it to their daughters.
- That's grandparents will be happy when they find out that you made it up!
Two weeks passed.
The man hardly descended the stairs. A woman was sitting in the lobby and watched TV. He became a meter away from her and said quietly:
- I had a lot of women ... Why I chose you among the crowd ?! For me, the fact still remains a mystery ... Your seductive gait, appetizing ass ... A chest ?! You're just some delusion ... I always want you ... Day and night ... It's just some kind of horror ...
She raised her head and looked appraisingly at the man. Then he stood up from the couch and walked over to him. Raising men's shirt, she looked at the wound.
- Yes ... - with a heavy sigh, she said, drawling.
- I do not know what happened to me ... I never thought that I was capable of it ... She seduced me - a man's face contorted beyond recognition. - It is very good to dance striptease ... And I have presented how we make love with her. Two weeks later, my dream came true. Despite her youth, in this case it was a real ace ...
- By pumping out money or ?! - The woman looked at the man.
- A month later, she was tired of me ... But the way back was not, - man stopped, walked to the window and opened it.
Fresh air filled the room.
- It has been almost four months since I live in Svetlana E. ... Thank her that warmed ...
The room phone rang. The woman picked up the phone quickly.
- Yes, dear ... Yes, dear, - she said, and a smile lit up the woman's face. - As you say, honey ... No, it is not necessary to call me ... We meet near the cinema "Prometheus" ... As usual ... No ... Spend this evening in the restaurant! How much of this life!
The woman hung up and looked at the man. In those few seconds, he looked like a hit, a helpless animal. She went into the bedroom, opened the closet, and put a few dresses on the bed. Tears squeezed woman's throat. She tried to overcome itself. A woman wearing an emerald dress that clung to her figure, gold necklace and looked at herself in the mirror. These were the last gifts that her husband had brought from Paris.
She went to the bedroom ... legs give way ... Tears of crushed throat ... The woman slowly began to descend the stairs. She saw what plaintive eyes, he looked at her.
- You'll come home tonight? - He asked, leaning his hands on the table.
- I do not know - she replied briefly and briskly walked to the door.
She went out of the gate house and sobbed.
Bell worked well. She asked her friend to one several times a day called her, until a coveted result. She wandered around the city and thoughts were concentrated on only one man - the husband, whom she loved madly. She came home, went into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. The man was breathing heavily. She took his hand and held it to his lips.
- I bought yesterday Katya birthday gift. I want to make this gift to give you ... She was so happy when I told him that you're back.
- Our daughter will be twelve on Sunday. How time flies ...
She put her hand on the burned body. The man flinched. She smiled:
- Other times women do not joke ... Women's vengeance is always much more treacherous than men.
- I got it - he said softly, and smiled and looked at his wife.
Koblenz, Germany