Hello, my name is Lena. I am 29 years old. Brunette, very pretty, slim, long legs, round ass, a medium-sized breasts, do not lose their elasticity after childbirth. I married for 8 years, we have a growing son, Nikita, 4 years.
This summer I am with my son and mother, traveled to Moscow from Rostov to the wedding of her older sister. My husband could not go because only ill with jaundice, sat on a diet and recovering at home. At the wedding we walked fun ... I took a loan from the new husband's sister 4 thousand dollars. (We were going to do home repairs), it was all arranged in advance by telephone. All went well as it is impossible, but here on the way home ...
...The tickets we got into different compartments, two in one and one in the neighboring ... it was decided that the two of us will go in-law and son, as there "our" were both lower flanges. In the car was very hot and stuffy, it seems the air conditioning was broken or worked on its last legs, I have not regretted that had changed. I was wearing short shorts, pink shirt and sandals on bare feet. Most of the time I spent in the compartment with her son and mother, playing with the child, fed him and read him stories. At nine in the evening he has become a grandmother grandson lay sleeping, and moved into his compartment. Frankly, I was even glad that we were going in different compartments, as the communication-in-law, with whom we were not in the best relationship I am extremely tired and I wanted to just relax ...
My fellow travelers were three young guys were all 22, all strong, high in sweat pants and T-shirts. "Athletes" - I thought. The children introduced themselves - Edward, Alexander and Vlad. They got two bottles of cognac and artless snack and offered a drink with them, I agreed without any hesitation, because after a day of Maria Valentinovna (my mother in law), the cheerful company was just to the article. Throwing slippers I sat down on the bottom shelf in Turkish tucked her bare feet and joined the "feast". Time went fast and fun guys were joking and told interesting stories. Then we started to play "bones". I quickly got drunk and did not notice how the game was moved to the money, and on a lot.
I have not had time to come round as a lost almost all the money that had been with him.
Eddie with a grin recalculated bill proposed "I have to finish and go to bed". Only now he reached me the horror of what happened ... I have lost not only money but also borrowed from her sister. In my eyes filled with tears, I began to beg to pay the money, if only a part ... but Edward, he appears to have been "mainly" the company said ...
- No. Game - is a game. Lost - pay. While you certainly can not pay the money.
- But as? - I asked stupidly, though certainly guessed by lustful looks guys, what is at stake.
- How?? We fuck you to complete the program and counting - Edward said laughing.
My first thought was to run away out of the compartment, the conductor call, the police, but how? It has agreed to play herself, and she lost all will rise scandal, Maria Valentinovna certainly tell her husband everything, and may no one will know ... money on something else, probably not return ...
- I agree - I hissed through clenched teeth.
- That is great! - Edward was delighted - now and get started.
Guys quickly removed the table, lowered his pants and underpants and sat three on the bottom shelf in front of me.
- Come on, suck! - I ordered Vadik.
Sighing, I went down on my knees, leaned toward his crotch and put her lips to his half risen member. In my nose hit the sharp smell of sweat, but do nothing I could and continued to suck, is rapidly increasing in my mouth a member.
- And we what? Queues wait? - Edward asked - give, everything was sucked off!
Obeying, I began alternately swallowing their members, rather impressive size, and podrachivat their hands. For a time they enjoyed in silence. The silence was broken only by the rattle of wheels and smacking sounds emitted by my mouth. Then they started giving me directions and I unquestioningly performing them is licking the head, then sucked balls, swallowing the member to its very foundations, and their smelly, hard pubic hair tingled my lips, and tears rolled from his eyes. These bastards also released dubious compliments addressed to me like ... "excellent teat" or "a born whore". Some of them took off my shirt and began to knead my breasts. At the same time I heard "oh, what tits".
Then Edward stood behind me, abruptly pulled off my shorts with shorts, grabbed, pushed me along to a nearby shelf and sat on his dick, her back to him, while the other two stood in front of me and ordered to suck their members. So they fucked me for some time and then finished Sanya splashing my face with sperm. My mouth is now completely cleared by Vadik, but Edward continued to peck my vagina below.
Vadim grabbed my head and began to sweep stick on his penis, his balls slapped me heavily on the chin. He soon finished and sticky warm cum filled my mouth and throat. Vadik not pulled his cock out of my mouth before I swallowed all this stuff. At the same time it had finished and Edward. I fell back on the shelf next to the Edik breathing heavily and barely holding back tears. But then there was a soft knock on the door coupe ...
... - My mother - my son called from behind the door - you can not sleep? I want to take a crap, I'm scared to go alone, and my grandmother snoring and does not wake up.
I looked pleadingly at her rapists.
- Okay - said Edik, just quickly. We have not finished with you.
Wrapped in a sheet and with his feet in slippers, I went to her son. He put his arm around me and led him to the toilet. Squatting over the toilet Nikita asked me ...
- Mom, what's that on your face?
I looked in the mirror. On the cheek shone a large clot of sperm.
- It's just yogurt, my uncle treated in the compartment - a little sobs I said and began to scour the sperm edge sheets.
- You and the hair on his chin and a bit - told me son.
- Well, I pokakal? Wipes and quickly to sleep - for no apparent reason I called.
I took the son into the compartment and after standing for a while in the corridor returned to her.
- Well, as we have been waiting for! - Said Edik and rose to meet me. He was completely naked and his huge cock hanging as a club.
- Forward and with the song - Vlad said, rising to my right. He pushed me forward, tore off the sheet, closed the door on the latch, and abruptly put me on my knees in front of Edicom.
I went to work. For a while, I just sucked Edik and two others looked podrachivaya their dicks. But then Vadik, took off shl¸pki me, stood up and put the cancer, so I continued to suck, and my ass was at his disposal. They fuck me so, then reversed, then fucked me on chetvrenenkah. I was terribly bad, I was sick from lack of air, the smell of sweat and members penetrated very deeply. One was good that Sasha did not participate in this seksodrome. He just sat on the shelf and jerk off looking at us.
Then Eddie and Vlad brought me to my knees and lowered my ... in my mouth. I was unable to iron all of the glass and sperm on my chest. They did not care. They sat on the shelf and leaned against the wall with his eyes closed coupe.
I tried to get up groaning.
- Where?? Stand! - I heard Sasha's voice.
He abruptly jumped down from his shelves, put me cancer, so I put her hands on the shelf. And I thrust my cock directly into the anus.
Then there was only pain. Sasha hollowed with incredible force in my rectum. I could not help crying and one of the boys shoved in my mouth pillowcase.
It lasted unbearably long. It seemed to me that Sasha was just me will split into two halves. Then he pulled me from the power of the hair to him and put my mouth. I first tried the taste of feces, with those of his own, he was out on a limb. Then Sasha richly finished in my mouth, forcing all to swallow and lick that was spilled on the floor. I stayed out of the last forces. He forced me to lick his anus, the taste of shit again on cubes and language. Then he pushed me onto the floor.
- Now let me in her ass risers - Edward said rising from his seat.
Hearing this, I lost consciousness.