Kostik or folds on pantyhose

For some time now Denis liked walking on the city alone. In fact, he was a sociable young man, loved the noisy company with her friends and guys night party, had many friends. To him constantly stuck pretty girls, but he did not find them all that special and exciting. At this age, as often happens, especially the pampered attention. Most thought so that Denis "pretentious" and "snickering." But it was not so, there lived another man hunter loner who among the masses of peer not found or until he found something that is not yet conscious, but it is extremely necessary. He liked pretty girls, he could for a long time, silently watching a beautiful couple on the street. Several times he got acquainted with the girl on the street, was dating, courting beautiful, carefully hiding his affair from the usual friends, sought to quickly close and abruptly disappeared from her life. Most often, their "hunt" the guy started in mass celebrations, have been looking for your favorite "attractive face", and like a real detective long led his object, sometimes leaving his car and shifting her to another transport figured staircase, and finally trying to get acquainted. Bored Denis started quickly, kept, and sometimes not, lost time and a small desire to have sex, preferably with sadiskim bias, and no return address. For loyal friends and friends he remained glazed intelligent guy, in which the pronunciation of words of three letters was not the topic, sometimes excessively cheerful and witty, but often grim and even zlym.Odnazhdy, the object of his hunt Denis chose the visit of a traveling exhibition of rare paintings early Middle Ages. There were several reasons. He loved all the beautiful, medieval castles and dungeons, unusual clothing is not at all, where men wore longer feminine, and women are shown in a rather explicit poses, hairstyles, "like not all." He was particularly struck up punishment scenes, casemates with the prisoners in chains. In such views often go local instead of visitors, who mainly visit the permanent exhibitions. At the exhibition the audience specific, ladies, is not even middle-aged, very few explicit contingent of experts and a lot of school groups. Dennis quickly tired of it all, as with medieval erotica he clearly had no luck, and he was already headed for the exit. At that time, it attracted the attention of a teenage girl is very thin with a pale but pretty face, and seemed to not issue figure. Much of it was awkward. Hairstyle from long hair, was made, kak-to awkwardly, but most importantly, it was very short dark skirt, from which it is clearly increased, the same shade sweater and black tights thick as the girls that were too big and it even We have folds at the knees. The feet are very open sandals with laces. The girl is clearly embarrassed by his appearance and solitude and tried to divert his attention to view the gallery. Denis stared at the wrinkled stockings covered tonkovat and long, with a slightly protruding into the cups, the girl's legs and realized that "something" his capture. The very appearance raised questions, especially magnetically attracted face and long legs adolescent, hardly fit into the clothes of the young stranger. On the one hand open forms leg want to protect from prying eyes, as if required or desired to be "cover", but at the same time would cause the effect, rather euphoric, but whom? and even in such unusual meste.Molodoy man he proceeded to the top view and perched at a certain distance from the object of desire of a sudden. It came a small group with a guide, and the stranger quietly joined them. Lecture on the topic presented paintings was very instructive, but judging by - everything works worried acceding Denis, as if at the same time that he could not answer the question, what is it with him. Until now he had to deal with quite a respectable young ladies who dressed with style and if they had been very short, it is a very tasteful, and dressed so very rarely, preferring pants or jeans, and a mini leaving on a seed so jammed as he. In general, the longer he delayed girlfriend is amateur show her beautiful legs. Any deviation from the standard of his beautiful legs covered with exciting tights "with imagination" was allowed to cool him so much that he lost all interest in the "subject". But the case is quite the opposite - even pantyhose school is not called, feet clearly with a slight flaw, skirt as if from a rag doll, and her hair !? Perhaps this is a beggar who has run away from the castles of the Middle Ages, or of the present modernity, where the gloomy and dark are now abound. When viewing Denis tried to stay closer to the girl, as if trying to draw attention to himself. It seems to work, and she was not in a hurry to run from picture to picture. Sometimes the guy felt a light touch, the young person and the current passed through his body. The people in the hall were quite a few. Suddenly, out of the stupor brought his cell phone call, but not his, and her. She stepped aside and took the machine. Denis often changed the tube, trying to keep up with their peers and in general a fashion, on mobile phones, as other decorations, like the earrings in the ear or signet on his finger is not seduced, but this unit, with all its normal abundance zashkalival.Vo First, he shone the incredible rainbow of colors, in which there were, as it were, and sapphires, garnets, emeralds, shimmering and alternating turns. The girl was quite a deep voice, and the words did not make it out. Talking on the phone is delayed, the stranger departed. Going after a while around the corner, Dennis, not finding the girl, he pulled in wardrobe. Here he only realized that he had been robbed for the first time, there was no cell phone and numbered, to which was supposed to get his jacket and shoulder bag in which were the keys to the car. The wallet was in his pocket and the other remained intact. Nothing, not figuring out Denis pulled outside to the car. The fact that the machine code is required, and this time decided zavodki. To get to the car, it was necessary to run through the park. The car was on the ground, but subconsciously Denis realized that alerted the thief left the car just a second - the other. Since the line of sight was not fussy, Guy pulled to nearby bushes where faced with a "girl from the museum." Denis at the section did not attend, but a few "useful tricks" knew well, from his stranded environment. One of the most common and unpleasant he used in "situations" automatically, without even thinking. Receive load, and the boy in the female was sitting a few moments in the car Denis, carefully swallowing oxygen, or something that would have to repay the pain in the groin, and lifted her skirt, holding on to all the ... more crouched into a ball, pulling his feet under him and he looked as downtrodden and so ... - touching welcome. Since the keys and cell phone were found, anger at Deniska has disappeared, but the thirst for revenge was to take place. In general, it's much easier, he took the teenage boy in tights and a dress, though, seems to last dressing needed, probably for theft and distraction. But once caught, pay - law spravedlivosti.Denis started the car and drove off without saying a word. We drove in silence for a long time. The boy seemed to be reconciled with the fact that there will be, and even settled down and threw impressively covered with pantyhose legs on each other, which emphasized a desire to atone for the lad, in a certain way and asked to go to a deserted place. Making love with Denis did not have the guys, but the situation in a certain way and pushed him further, he realized that so long sought for themselves. We drove for about an hour from the city and, finally, the perfect spot. On the shore of a deserted lake, lying on the shore grass, Kostya long caressed ... naked slender figure Denis. The latter is not asked to take by mouth, not like Kostya fuck in the ass, it is the factory, that his caresses haired boy dressed girl. The first time he pulled quite literally at the touch of an experienced teenager worth Coste barely take in hand a member of Dennis. It was something like a powerful impulse coming from the cam has not grown. For the second time already needed a suction that teen nice arranged, perched on the chest partner, back to his head, so that the legs of both come into contact with both sides through the rough stuff thick tights, Kostya is its flexible figure perfectly reached for Denis members and all It rubbed and throbbed, causing a strong erotic energy. At the end of Dennis asked to undress Coste, his clothes put on. Since tights were large in size, they are easily hugged his legs and ass guy and, in contrast to the Bone, Denis looked pretty good, but the skirt did not fit at all. The absence of the skirt does not reduce the temperature and even has added convenience. Lowered pantyhose, Denis told Kostya settle back and start working "unconventional." No one hitherto did not let down, and then oh, how it wanted, and even forced, but exactly the opposite, how long have not touched the girl of marriageable age, ready to even pay extra for my torn down, that the expectation of a new feeling dizzy the mind, and Denis, lying on his stomach waiting .Kostik shouted that now runs for the lubricant that was natural, and ran to the car. After 10 seconds, there was a noise intravascular engine, Opel and carried away, more than wealth, honor, shame expectation - he carried away the unknown novelty and Kostya.