He finds his son at the computer

Eugene came home from work very tired, she literally falls from the feet, now she wanted only one thing - to get to her bedroom and lay down to sleep. She knew that her eighteen year old son Anatoly was at home, and as always sat in my room for a computer. He did not look at his years, because he was small in stature and puny physique; and the face was a young boy of fifteen. As always, even at the door she shouted:

-Son, I'm home!

But the response from the Shred is not heard. Ever since her husband left her, she worked very hard. He had to raise his son on his feet, but did not receive alimony, and that's cool, like a squirrel in a wheel. Therefore, sacrificing her personal life, she never again found herself one. Although her team had a lot of men who flirted with her. But in return they always get a dry refusal. Eugene thought only about his son.

Every morning, she ran, maintaining your fitness. Her body looked like a girl of twenty, though last month it has already turned thirty-five. Even the guy at work told her that she looks like Amazon. Her long blond hair covered her tiny shoulders, and big blue eyes were really enchanting.
Every time admiring himself naked in the mirror, she remained happy with my figure. Sometimes Eugene bedtime, umostivshis in his bed, could afford a little masturbate to somehow remove the sexual tension. After all, it still remained a woman, and even worked as an ox.
Cook dinner, Jack called her son. But again, the response did not wait.

- But what he's asleep at his computer! - She was angry.

Climbing the stairs to the second floor and went to the bedroom Anatolia. Gradually he opened his door and looked into schelochku and nearly fainted. She even breath away when she saw that her son does.
On the monitor she saw naked women. Her favorite Tolia looked at pictures. Eugene was about to enter and make a huge scandal, but when I noticed that the right hand of her son is in his shorts, stopped, frozen in place.

- Oh my God!!! - Woman thought. If I will break him and start screaming, it is not clear how it will affect him.

Deciding to wait a bit, Eugene continued to watch anoniruyuschim son. She heard Tolia breathing heavily. On the screen appeared a middle-aged woman with a naked boy.
Anatoly closed his eyes, his head thrown back, and with a groan man finished. Eugene quietly closed the door, went down the stairs and waited. Ten minutes later Tolia went to the kitchen in other shorts.

- Sorry Mom, I've been a little busy.

- It's okay son - his mother said with a worried look on his face.

The next day, while at work, Eugenia did not go to the head of what he saw last night. All about what she could only think - it was her son playing with a computer before.

- But in fact it like adults aunts who have sex with teenagers! I watched as he carefully examined them in the monitor.

Suddenly Eugene most wanted sex, because it was so long ago, when she did it with her husband. They always sent his son to his grandmother for the weekend, and themselves as if at the Olympic Games set world records on sex. Now she was left alone with Anatoly.
As usual Eugene returned from work in the evening, but today she did not scream to her son that she was home. Quietly crept up the stairs and went quietly into the bedroom to Shred. He was sitting at the computer again, only this time his pants were pulled down to his knees, and his hand is not very big wanker trunk. The guy slowly twitched it up and down. His eyes stared into the monitor, there went a porn movie as a woman fucking threesome a youthful guy. Rubber huge baton entered fully into his anal hole, he groaned loudly and wagging his ass.
Eugene froze, staring, the son, is on the screen. Anatoly was going to end, it was too hot was the film.

- How does he like his father! - Thought to myself, Jack.

Her breathing quickened as she looked like a son head of the penis is fully opened, and out of her holes seemed huge white blob. It was so erotic scene that a woman stab between her legs, and her pussy just flowed.
She knew that for so long can not continue, we must do something. But her mind is not obeyed, the body wanted to caress. She remembered their Olympic sports on weekends with her husband. Eugene did not know what to do and continued to watch his son. A Anatoly did not even know that his mother is now behind him in some five paces. He just pulled again his penis and began to finish.
His own mother, unable to withstand such stress in your body, too, lowered her hand on the pussy and began to rub it. Panties completely soaked, was a real fire between his legs.
Shreds heard a rustling behind him, turning his head back to see his mother. He did not even have time to pull on his pants, she was next to him. The computer also stayed on.

- Do not my son, do not turn it off!

The guy just dropped his head down, burning with shame.

- It's okay son! Everything that you do now, it's natural. I'm not going to scold you.

Anatol was so pathetic, as if he were about to cry. His cock hung between all wet from sperm feet. His mother looked at him and smiled. And then I looked back at the screen, there is a woman threesome continued to fuck guy's ass.
Eugenia played blood.

- Come here, my son - she said, and pulled the guy's hand.

The woman put him on the bed, and she sat on his lap. Slowly, she pulled his pants and threw them on the floor. Head Anatoly clung to his mother's breast.

- And for a long time you do it, son?

The guy shrugged. Eugene kissed him again.

- Do not worry you so! Better tell me, why are you watching this movie?

- Because of you!

Eugene did not know what to say. This answer surprised her son by surprise.

- What do you mean, my boy?

- I love you mom and watch porn movies, thinking about you!

The woman in the head again formed pie. Again she could not digest the words of his son.

- So, all these pornographic scenes he represented to me? - She thought.

- Are you looking at these naked aunts, and introduced me to their site?

Shreds nodded. On the screen was already another scene. Female similar to Eugene, the guy sucked his dick. Zhenya pounding heart, she stared at the monitor. A hand automatically reached into his son in the groin area. She grabbed his limp trunk and began to caress it.

- Mama? ... Tolia whispered excitedly.

She looked down at him and smiled.

- Everything is OK, dear. Just your mother wants to join you tonight. We have fun a little bit together.

Man's eyes lit up and he smiled, when at that time he kissed her mother. His little cock was hardening into her hand. She looked at him and grinned.

- Oooh, Mommy !!! - Anatoly whispered uncomfortably and his ass on the bed, lifting the pelvis toward her mother's arms.

Her fingers lightly wrapped around his cock and slowly moved up and down, constantly exposing his little red prick. She's at the very pussy burned when she realized how much she's a sinner. After all, it was her son, the brain into thinking one thing and doing another hand. She herself is now personally masturbated his own child and another while watching porn movie. Eugene felt Anatoly body trembled as she pressed harder his cock in his hand.

- Oh, Mommy! I want to come!

- Do you think it will look sexy? - She asked.

- I think it would look really hot! - Said the guy.

Jack kissed her son on the mouth and nose. At this time, the on-screen boyfriend fucks herself in the ass own finger.

- You would not want to try as well as he? - Eugene asked the son.

Anatoly looked at the monitor, and the fingers of his mother slipped into his anus. He groaned and moved his feet to his mother it was easier to get to his hole. Eugene finger moistened with saliva and held them for ringlet sphincter. Very carefully, she pushed him into the wrinkled ass son and heard the groan. The second hand is stronger pressed his cock in his fist.
On the screen a woman fucking a guy who was sitting in her lap. Thick Strap entered deep into his ass, then again almost all it protruded outward.

- Ooohhh ... Mommy !!! - Shreds screamed and began to finish.

His sperm shot up and some massive drops blurted out on the floor. Mother continued to masturbate erupting cock stain my whole hand in his goo. The finger inserted in the ass son, slipped easily into her and almost completely absorbed into the wet hole. Back Anatoly moved with his mother's hand - up and down, up and down.

- Mom, I feel so well, do not stop, please!

Continuing to caress his balls and cock, Eugene deeper pushes his finger in the ass of his son. His dick began to come to life again.

- Would you like to see your mom naked? - Jack asked.

- Of course, Mom !!!

His cock was already fully stood up and was slippery with his own sperm.

- And I want to try to fuck you too threesome in the ass?

Shreds nodded and pulled his hand the rod several times. Jack kissed him passionately and patted on the head.

- Ooh ... my son !! - She exclaimed, her pussy flowed and completely wet through the thin fabric of her panties.

- Aahhh ... God !!! - Zhenya felt sharp pain in the abdomen, it covered strongest orgasm.

- Son, you helped my mom to finish !!!

Her two fingers have fully entered into the anus Anatolia and also forced his son to finish. Hot jet fired directly at her feet.

- You want me to stop you fucking son?

He kissed his mother and shook his head no !!!

- I love you, mommy! And I want to play with you a lifetime.

Fingers Eugenia sank so deep in his ass and squeezed it.

- Oh, boy !!! Do you like how your mom fucked? !!! I love you very much too!
A member of Shred stood up again.

- Let's go to bed - she said.

Jack took his penis in her mouth and began to suck. He almost completely disappeared in the arms of her luscious lips.

- Raise your legs son!

Eugene again slipped his fingers into the hole razdrochenuyu and quickly began to fuck his ass.
Suddenly, his body tensed like a string, and Jack felt in his mouth something hot and sticky. Anatoly once again came, but this time by filling his sperm my mother's mouth. She swallowed and swallowed it, savoring every drop of his seed.

That night they were sleeping together. And on weekends, they began to train with a strap. Eugene flourished again and became the happiest woman in the world.