The road home from work

The road home from work ... Something about this is such a peaceful, relaxing. Despite the relatively late hour, cars on the road has been quite a lot. Printing from the fatigue of their respective owners working day imprinted even on the machines themselves. The four-movement friends of humanity felt the thrust to the owners home, warmth, comfort. Refuel at the last fifty rubles, I was driving home, fully sharing the desire for an early "arrival at the base", All other traffic participants.
She stood at the edge of the sidewalk at the beginning of Novy Arbat, on the border of the light emitted by the lamp and the crown of the night, already engulfed by the time Moscow. Five hundred meters from my house. Since most of my attention was occupied by the road, and the speed was decent, I consider it really failed. However, even a cursory glance was enough to fully appreciate her body and clothes. They were so spectacular that at first I flashed the thought that this girl - one of those recently divorced order of the central streets of the city, especially with the advent of "night time". She was wearing a very short black dress with a neckline, black socks (or stockings, their features and plead). Tall, slender. But the extended right hand eloquently testified to the other intentions of a stranger. "As I was tired at work today!" - I thought all of a sudden - "And certainly it somewhere far away. On fig me all this necessary? I was almost home, and there - a warm bath, cozy bed in the morning back to work ...".
I braked, turning to the curb, though, as a rule, are not prone to inconsistent actions. Apparently, I did it too quickly, because the girl drew back from the road, as the devil from holy water, while turning his back to me, all kind words about how I scared her his unexpected appearance. I reached for the passenger door and opened it from the inside, side view pointing to several machines, to attach me, with the intention to pick up the girl's voice, when suddenly I refuse to take her thoughts.
"Bummer, citizens"- For some reason I maliciously hissed through clenched teeth.
- Voikovskaya! - Loudly said the girl, looking me in the salon.
- Let's go - I say.
- How much money? - She asked, slowly sit down.
- Yes, let's go, tree-stick! - I eagerly utter, making head complimentary gesture.
- So how much?
"E-mine"- I think - "I can not stand to be on the road with the door open, feeling the wolf's breath back "bomber"Standing in eager expectation for my car."
- Sit down, sit down, free. - Heck, neck, she had a deep, opening two hemispheres well-developed chest and the valley between them. Look, my barely broke away from this gorgeous spectacle and climbed a little higher on her face. It was quite comely, to the extent made up, and by and large friendly. The hair is dark brown, short hair that always liked me, with quite demanding taste relating to the appearance of girls. Unfortunately, my taste (along with bouts of laziness, not often, but still covering me) played a cruel joke with me - in the last six months I have been deprived of female attention and affection. And, taking into account the nature of my passion and blood temperature, six months - a terrible term.
- It does not happen! - Confidently declared the stranger.
- Even as it happens - at least, I said confidently.
Apparently, my confidence has made a definite impression on her.
She smiled, and finally climbed inside, closing the door behind him. I closed my eyes - usually the passengers with all the dope shied car door, closing it. And such attacks for the driver - still striking sup. Oddly, the door was closed it without terrible rumble - one that could place the me even a stranger. Go.
- I do not believe - she said smiling. Her voice was high, but not annoying. The first moments of communication was enough for me to understand what it is - quite cheerful and cheerful person, open-minded, they say. Either simpleton or not a Muscovite, for sure.
- Why? - I said, surprised at the answer - why not?
- Well, sometimes not, and all!
- How it does not happen, that's when ... ... we go directly already. - A logical response, is not it?
- Listen, then, I'm afraid - whether in jest, whether she said seriously.
- Well, zdaste-come! - Offended I said, glancing at his house, which we at that moment passed.
- No, not really afraid - she smiled - just strange all this. Gasoline went up something lately.
- So what? - Although I somehow knew "what". Half an hour ago
my last fifty dollars sailed straight into the jaws of sharks to our oil business. It was a week to paycheck. I Do not Know "what".
- Well, how then free to carry someone's the point?
- And that necessarily need meaning? - Almost a challenge, I said. - This is my house, by the way.
She looked first at home, then at me even more aware of
comedy and even some idiocy of what is happening.
- Listen, why all this?
- Well, you wanted a ride, despite the fact that drove home, about anything that does not even dreamed of.
- Tale of some sort.
- Why fairy tale? Do I look like the sorcerer? Surprisingly it was, if I had someone took charge. And you wonder why something?
- I.e?
- In the mirror we have long looked for the last time? - Hard, of course, komplimentik, but she smiled, his whole manner implying that my "heavyweight" I came to her liking.
- Anyway ... Miracles do not happen.
It's nice to feel her surprise, in the shower, I was well aware of it.
Further conversation was conducted in a provocatively-naughty and very good-natured manner, with pronounced humorous intonations. I love this conversation.
- Who told you such nonsense?
- I do not remember, but I know - that's for sure.
- Then, let this evening will make you reconsider your view on the impossibility of miracles.
- Stunned. I have as far to go! - She did not stop smiling.
- The most offensive, that the reason this was considered strange if someone someone decided to ride for free. We conclude on this. - I said firmly.
- Okay! - Even more playfully she agreed.
- With so late from work? - I asked.
- Yeah, I stayed here.
- Where are you going next work? - In his head flashed images: office, desk, dial, "I look for us, please"
- In library.
"Those guys"
- ...Holy Mother, in the Lenin Library, what ?!
- Yes. In the dining room. I'm a cook.
"Well, it's still all right"- I thought. The fact that neither the views nor the (apparently) content, fellow traveler does not fit the stereotype of the librarian. Well, the stereotype of a cook I was not so stable.
- And to what the hours of work in the dining room Leninke?
- Well, actually six, but today with the authorities here have decided to drink a beer.
- Holy thing with the boss something.
- Well, like this!
- A boss is not hurting, paying regularly?
- The authorities have a normal, young Armenians ...
- Lenin Library bosses? !!!
- No, dining room.
"Thank God". I can not say that I do not like Armenians (very respect), but agree that it would be a sufficient reason for a surprise. I turned on the tape recorder, which was put on pause when stopped to "pick up" fellow traveler.
- Wow, even the music! - She laughed - and you can smoke?
- Necessary. - I said, glancing at his pack and opened the ashtray.
Usually after such a question, what do? - Properly light up. So, it is not lighted. "Damn it" - I thought he did not even end up not moving away from some of unreality. Or am I too sensitive? "Taaaak, OK"
- And still, - she said softly, - whether it is impossible to stop somewhere, I would imagine beer bought. Beer would be desirable, there are no forces.
- No problem, we'll see a tent - stop. "So, where do we have to be the closest?"
- Tell me, what is your favorite dish? - I suddenly asked - I mean cooking?
- You know - "Madhouse, I'm with her on you, it is with me - on the contrary". - I hate to cook. I have a dream - beautiful long nails. So, while I'm here, this dream - is not feasible.
- And that's the self-adhesive ... ... can not wear?
- So it's bad for the nails - she said in an instructive tone - and then I want to have her long. - Emphasis on "their".
- No nails in happiness - I spoke thoughtfully, - so still, what about food?
- Believe, pasta. Prepare them so as not to stick together, not dumped. That is - high. Oh, and that this is Belarus?
- Yes, why?
- Something somehow we quickly before it arrived.
- Normally we arrived - I replied, still flattered her involuntary (most likely) compliment my driving skills.
- No, I have a lot of time and so went, so we much longer before it gets.
- Well, I'm in the middle of live, all the same - their homes. Sin does not know.
- Really. And what about the nails you in vain. For women, this is important.
- I can imagine.
- No, I'm serious.
- I believe.
I took a pack of cigarettes and handed it to her.
- Thank you, I have my own, - she said.
"I wonder what?" - I thought. But she was going to light up even. Madhouse.
- I, by the way, Lucy called. - Suddenly, she said, and looked at me. Lateral vision I have developed normally, so I read the question in her facial expressions.
- Me - Murat.
sentence "Very nice" we simultaneously uttered. Fu-oo-oo, it's good, in fact, that she first introduced herself. I hate to refer to a strange girl with some idiotic question type "Devshki, and what is your name?". From this question, uttered in the street or in any public places, and reeks of banal vulgarity. And in general, I love when I represent.
- A-ah, Lucy - is, as I understand, from the diminutive Lyudmila? - I asked a question, which is banal to come up was difficult.
- Yeah, but that's not like when I am called Lyudmila. That's when I'm thirty, then I'll Lyudmila, as well - Lucy. I do not want to grow up.
- Similarly, - I supported the companion, as he held the same view. - Up to eighteen I wanted to grow up, and now - how to cut.
- Same with me. I'm looking at our chefs who forty - horror. I was there for a long time can not work. Because self-pity .Ty would see their feet, they are swollen, swollen veins ... There are in fact at all times be necessary.
- Thank God that is not seen. Not very appetizing, probably spectacle.
"Nails something really garbage, but the legs ..." - And I thought, that not
He wanting glanced at Lyusin knees. Her legs were zingy. In full measure, not skinny, slender and long. And, of course, black stockings (or all the same tights?), They gave more harmony.
- So after all - I decided to change the subject - I apologize, pay a lot of something in the dining room of the Lenin Library, if not a secret, of course?
- One hundred and thirty rubles a day.
- Yeah, I'm somewhere in the same way.
- And the prices?
- What are you so inquire, - she asked playfully, - a spy or something?
- Not looking for a job - including in the game, I said - a joke. Just, you know, I kind of graduate student thesis writing. So, it is quite possible you will soon announced. The department everyone says - Leninka, Leninka, and I have never been there.
- Come on, everything will be there ... - Lucy said thoughtfully and respectfully looked at me.
"Interesting"- I thought all of a sudden - "how many graduate students she knows?" Judging by her concerned look, I - first.
- Vaughn, shop, now we will rebuild - we were driving in the left lane.
- Oh, and maybe it is not necessary? - Frightened she faltered
- I.e? - I was surprised.
- So many works because of one bottle of beer. Machine as a circle.
- Come on, what could be there.
- Oh, thanks.
- It's my pleasure.
We stopped.
- I bag with the package you leave?
- To me, they do not interfere.
She gets out of the car with all the elegance of the women with long, shapely legs. First, short legs taken out to the outside, put on the asphalt, and already out of the car for the rest of them is removed. Damn attractive his ineffable grace of movement. Again, carefully closing the door, it is easy gait, without turning around, went to the store.
"Well, young lady"- I thought, when the shop door closed behind her - " I'm with you, as they say, go ahead. Come on, a bag left. Bury - I do not. Where is the trust? Am I so fascinated you? ... Or just nothing of value in her bag there? Oh, Lucy, Lucy ..."
I killed the engine, lit a cigarette and began to consider the billboard on the other side of the road. At night, the light yellow streetlights and private illumination, these panels look very different than during the day. Lyapotaaaa!
She returned five minutes later. As I understand it, without a moment's surprised to the fact that I'm still here, and do not rush home already, looking pretty on the bag with the sachet, grinning and humming something triumphant.
- All now exactly - kicks! - She said, smiling - Do you love beer?
- Hmm, but how to say. Already weaned. All the while behind the wheel, you know.
- I see. And I - I adore. Generally, only drink beer or vodka. Most natural products. And there are all sorts of liquors ... there's garbage, in short.
Just then I noticed that the hand she smokes a cigarette. she lit
it is most likely coming from the store, so that the brand of cigarettes could not find me. Nails with short, neat, painted some dark varnish - in the dark color is not particularly differences.
- But I love tequila - I confessed.
- Do not weak - surprised Lucy.
- In the sense of?
- Yes-ah, you know, it's not a cheap pleasure.
- Well, I do not every day, then it consumes. Once or twice a year.
- I see. But anyway...
- I enjoy the process of alcohol consumption rather than the effect it produces, - I said. - Generally speaking, the state of love "tipsy". "tipsy"So to speak. And, to be honest, alcohol is not compatible with the two classes, which for me are the most beloved one - driving a car, and lovemaking.
- Well, that - despite how much to drink, - said Lucy, - if you go through, then - what there is love. But if in moderation - even more desirable. - And he laughed.
- Glass of red wine in front of it - does not count - I corrected.
"Strange conversations we went"- I thought.
- You know - all of a sudden she said - and here I am afraid of cars. To go to them, that is. Especially at high speeds. I have a friend, so he drives like a madman. All cuts, squeezes in all the cracks, horror.
"Yes"- I thought with irony - "Would you, Lucy, swept with me when I'm late for work"
- I love my car. And take her love. Not now, now many cars the road, away from any pleasure. But on the night Moscow, three in the morning - this is fun. In summer, you go on the road you meet the dawn ...
With regret I have noted that we have already entered the bridge - right behind him was the subway station being "Voikovskaya". Interesting I had a fellow traveler, it was a pity to leave.
- If you can, I'm under the bridge, to the right, to the platform "Leningrad" - Pleading tone she said.
And she added coquettishly:
- Now, I - hussy, is not it?
- What might be questions where you say, go there.
I noticed that she stares at me.
- Listen, - she said thoughtfully, - and you're always so: good?
- Not only when not at work.
She laughed, but the sight of me not averted. Side vision - a great thing. We turned under the bridge and approached the platform.
- Now all the time right before the end, and to the left.
- Second Voykovsky?
- Exactly. Wow...
About Second Voykovsky lane I said at random. Simply the only name I knew from the local area. Just I know that this lane around here is. Shrewdness I do. From the word "skunk". We go further.
- Where do you work? - She asked, continuing interrupted by adjusting the direction of drive, the conversation.
I told her about the job, about the negotiations with Western partners, online, about all this crap, do not forget to spice it all tired tone and mention about trips abroad. All as always, in general.
- Language know? - She asked knowingly.
- Uh-huh.
- Cool. - Her voice became even more respect. Nice to hell, to impress the girls, especially pretty.
We drove up to the yellow two-story house with a metal fence around the perimeter. Lucy carefully peered into the dark windows of the house.
- Damn, in reptiles, closed today ahead of time - disappointed, she said, having finished studying lifeless windows, secure the curly bars.
- And what is it? - I asked, nodding at the house.
- A cafe. I'm going to sit in a cafe after work.
- You're with someone here to meet agreed?
- No, in general, I just I come here often.
- Ah, the familiar company often going?
- Yeah. And how much time something now?
- Half past ten.
- Bummer. Well, okay, what can I do something, let's go home, near here.
- Go.
Her house was in thirty meters away from the cafe. I stopped the car and turned off the engine. Enlistment snapped, looking up, tsentrzamok doors. Lucy looked at me. His eyes gleamed in the darkness, his face was a kind smile.
- Thank you. And good luck.
She picked up her bag and purse, standing at her feet, opened the door and went outside. I took the key, intending to start. And suddenly, she bent down to my cabin (the door she had not yet closed), and the light of his extraordinary charming smile, said:
- You know, you should lead in life. You're a cool guy and very kind. So you must lead.
I already zonked from all bloat tonight, he said:
- And so lucky any longer.
- Happily, Murat, may meet again. Thanks again.
- Be sure to meet - I confidently replied, looking into her eyes.
- Till.
The door closed. Roared the engine. Driving off, I noticed in the rearview mirror as Lucy waved after me hand.
Yes, that's how it ended. You're just elated, overwhelmed me until I got to the house. The mood, which usually happens after a chat with a beautiful girl, turned his favorable attention to you. And maybe they played a role laudatory words she addressed to me. For some reason I thought that said they were completely sincere, and not because I did not take her money. Yes, still have the desire to write this story down on paper, I do not know why. I thought a lot and then, all I did the right thing ... and so there must be a final that evening, and could it be somehow different. And quite unexpectedly realized that it was all right, everything is as it should have happened. Proizoydi something else, a sense from this meeting could be very different, and it is not known yet, it is better. Tell me, you fool, boy, do not miss this opportunity? May be...