My mother and I lived in a two-room apartment. With her father she divorced 30 years, now she is 37 years old. I finished the 11th grade, and I had time to go to college, and as I studied quite frankly not all that well, then of course you had to go to a paid department. My mother worked as a dermatologist, the schedule was changed: on even days had to work from morning to afternoon, the odd - from lunch until evening. Naturally, the doctor salaries would not be enough to pay for my studies, and we decided to take a room for rent. Donating decided my room, because It was smaller, and I'll sleep with my mother in the hall. "Five years suffer" - I thought.
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They appealed to the agency, and the next day we populate a young man, a student of the fifth course of the legal academy. He liked us at once. Well-groomed, polite, well dressed, smart. We sat in the kitchen and talked well. He was going to do after the end of an advocate, painted all the advantages of this job. He was a womanizer, because the result can be asked to visit the girls, what mom asked him to reply that it was not noisy.
The next night he brought some beauty with long black hair to the waist, uh, what, I took as much envy. She looked like a model from the cover. Most likely, the student, because I was very young. We sat in the hall and watched the telly with his mother, when he heard the groans of the tenant of the room. I looked at her mother and smiled mischievously. My mother did not express any emotion, but only continued to watch TV, and added sound, but the moans grew louder, sometimes you could hear the slapping, of course, that is about it.
For fun, I began to note the time. The clock was on the wall in front of me. I imagined how he roasts the girl, and the erection is not long in coming, I had to slide off the couch and sit on the floor so as not to give himself. Although I think my mother knew. She herself was not a man, in any case, she never gave me a reason to think differently. Twenty-five minutes, the sounds died down, but none of the rooms did not come out. Ten minutes sex again reigned in the next room, I spotted this on all the same sounds. It lasted forty minutes. I for this time several times to go to the toilet. Mom in the end decided to go into the shower.
He led the girls or every evening or every other day. This went on for a few weeks. I'm used to it and have not reacted so violently as the first time. I truly envied him and was thinking how well will lead the girls in the room, when he graduated from university and move out by this time. My mother, too, quietly endured it as mnep turned. But I just thought ...
Once we were released from classes early transfer couples the next day. Returning home, I walk in the room and again our tenant someone to fuck. Since my mother was not home, I went to the door and listened to the beating of the male crotch crotch girls-next davalki. My hand reached into her pants ... Yes! He whipped it well, but the girl did not make specific sounds, except in rare sudden muffled breaths. Sometimes swotting arose break in a few seconds and then fucking hard again. "Well done! Well done! Since it! "- I thought hard dick masturbate. Ready already finish, I quickly ran to the bathroom.
After removing the voltage in the toilet, I left and went to the kitchen, there was not heard. He sat there for twenty minutes, snacking and watching telly. He sat so that I could see was the front door of the apartment. I look forward to when I see svezheottrahannuyu studentochki. Suddenly he heard a click of the door lock (it opened the door of the tenant) and a moment in the kitchen appears mom ... "She was in the apartment. She was in his room ... He fucked her ... "- I opened my mouth, when I saw her. It surprised me, however, I did not expect that I will be back early. Despite the fact that she was dressed in a bathrobe, her appearance betrayed the fact that she had just been vyebli. She was exhausted, a little sweaty, but with a kind of twinkle in his eye ...
"Sasha, when you come from?" - She asked.
"Half an hour ago," - I said and looked at her.
She realized that I knew, but said nothing. I did not want to say anything to her, I was shocked. But as soon as remembered, as soon as I heard my mother fuck, I was very excited, and again went to the toilet. My mother at that time was in the bathroom. I masturbate furiously, predstalyaya as a young boy, older than me by 5 years in all, dryuchil my nurse, and could not finish. Finally I finished ...
Going into the room, I saw my mother in the same robe with a turban on his head, she was lying on the couch and watching telly. This evening we are not talking. Then everything went as usual, except for one: now she could safely when I come to him in the evening (as I understand, is when he can not remove virgins), and again heard the sounds of sex. Then, as quietly get out of his room, take a shower and go to bed. I did not say anything and did not want to. While roommate at a rapid pace processed my mom, I'm on the other side of the door jerked off like a wound. From the day when I caught my mother went to the third week.
I returned early from classes because of illness teach. Quietly opened the door, I entered the kitchen and saw the following picture. A neighbor with a deflated jeans back was to me and fucked with his elbows on the table, my mother. That's my mother, I learned on the slippers, and who it could be but it is. Finally, I saw how he porit mom ... I place on the table in his tracks. It was evident that he held her by the shoulders and pulled with a force on the penis. And from the mother only a faint moan and obryvchaty spanking, slapping, spanking ...
From such a picture and sounds I was covered with smoke in my pants and I quickly went into the room and began to think what to do. It was too much ... I walked quickly down the hall and ran out of the apartment, slamming the door. I do not know that there was more, but the arrival of my mother tried not to look me in the eye. To the neighbor she would not go, anyway, with me. A week later our tenant moved out.
The reasons for the move, I did not ask, but I guess that is probably his mother asked for me. She knew she had gone too far. However, I noticed that my mother sometimes became a stay at work longer than usual, or not at work. I began to think, instead of whether it meets the old tenant. But I did not follow. While he did not.
Instead, a week I populated student my age, an ordinary guy named Roma. The girls did not drive at night is not walking, sitting in a room bezvylazno. But because it happened another story, when his father came to pay a visit. This is another story.