I was the twelfth year

Long winter evenings. Sit "hang out" at your favorite geyskoy site and remember how it was with me the first time ... There were summer school holidays. Me and my friend Valera was at the time the twelfth year. We lived with him in the neighboring houses, were in the same class, and free time to spend together almost always. By Valera ran frequently to visit his cousin Gene to get worn on different topics and teach us "malyavok" wits. He was already 15 years old and, of course, he told us first about sex. It is already hard fucked with the girls and willingly shared with us about his adventures. He said that we would have time to become men. Once, Gene came to visit Valera when we have it at home doing new model kite. At home we were alone. Genk, unable to enter the apartment, began to speak passionately about what he has today, "riser" that his girlfriend had left him and now no one to "relieve pressure". And then govorit.- Guys, and here I want to masturbate with you, and that one is somehow not interesting - How's that? - We asked one his voice And you what else about it do not know anything? I thought that you already vzroslye.Posle these words Gena took off his shirt, then light knit shorts and stayed in some batches. Of course, we saw that he was really a "riser" that the head of the penis swollen climbed out of the heats, showing us all its beauty. And I must say that a member from Genki has a decent size it was 15 years old: 17h5, no less. I and Valera were spellbound and watched with interest what will happen next. Genk, as if nothing had happened, pulled melting to his knees, took his unit in the right hand and clasped it with all five fingers, and began intensively to drive back and forth, then, exposing, the closing head of the penis. - Well minnows such sport has not seen? And he continued his action for some time. Silently, without a word, looking at us with some posolovevshimi and sparkling eyes. Then suddenly he caved in back, as if pushing his cock forward, tensed, trembled, and from the opening of the head of his penis began to be fired whitish liquid color. A grunt from Genk continued to masturbate his "buddy" until he no longer shoot and began to fall slightly. Carefully squeeze out his penis every last drop, Gene finally said: - This is what is called a "jerk." Now we know -? That's great! - Valera said, bewildered. - And we have too so can get - of course - replied brat.Posle he got dressed, went to the bathroom, took a rag and wiped the floor with their tracks, as he put it, "delight" .- If you want to try? - I asked Gena.- And it does not hurt? - I ask I. 'You what? It's ochchchen ochchchen and nice - and he's just as it did when he finished, made a contented face and rolled up his huge blue glaza.Valera began to get his pisyun of cowards, but the door at this time of the call. It came out of the store Valerina mama.Genka quickly goodbye, ran away on business. And I Valera after all seen it was not up to the kite. And we went for a walk with him in dvor.Cherez two houses from our yard was building. Builders have erected three floors, and we boys loved to run to play on weekends, when there were no builders. It was a hot summer Sunday. The courtyard was deserted. I suggested Valera to hide from the sun and prying eyes on a construction site. We quickly domchalis there and climbed to the third floor in the room, which the builders have adapted for their rest, erecting shop there from the boards. Valery and I say: - Come and we podrochimsya.A he replied: - Let's poebemsya.Chto it is, we already know the stories Genki.- And how can fuck a guy with a guy? In our country there is no pussy! - Said I. 'I have heard that men can to fuck each other in the ass, - he said. Razdevaysya.My stripped naked. We look at each other - pisyuny stick. Valera went on the bench, stomach vniz.- Now - he says - to climb to the top and metya insert your pisyun me popku.Ya perched on top of him and began to poke its sticking segment of its hole. But the segment did not want to climb. Then I realized that it would be good to grease it with something. And I came up with a simple idea - to grease it with his saliva. That's exactly what I did. He spat on his palm, rubbed pisyuna tip and again began trying priniknut inside his friend. And I started to turn. Pisyun first reluctantly and then suddenly fell into Valerkinu ass, from what he twitched slightly and cried out neozhidannosti.- hurt? - I ask I. Few. And now there's fuck-me syuda.Ya slowly began to drive his segment. As my body began to pour incomprehensible and not feel I still have a pleasant sweet languor. A member of my burning pleasure. And the deeper and sharper, I pushed him, the better I felt. Valera under me just loud nozzles. Suddenly my body pierced by lightning, I trembled, my heart pounding breathing quickened and I felt out of my pisyuna something pops up. I abruptly pulled him out Valerina ass and saw that he shoots him in the back of a liquid, similar to the one that shot Genkin member. Then, suddenly, everything stopped, and my penis began to gradually become soft and reduced in size. I embraced weakness, and I fell exhausted on his back to his friend, his buttocks pressed against his cock. To my delight there was no limit. So that's why Gena said it "ochchchen, ochchchen nice" !!! - Hey, what was that? You finished? It's really nice? - Asked Valera.- how! - Hardly said I. And I was also very nice in the ass. Let's change mestami.- Give breath snachala.S though these words, I sluggishly got off Valera and sat on the bench. He, too, he stood up, sat down next to me and we embraced, began to kiss each other on the lips. They were simple children's kisses. We did not know how to kiss passionately, but it was very nice, and we were happy. After a short rest, I plopped down on the bench, back, bent his knees, and spread them in storony.- Wahler, fuck off me in this position, - I whispered. - Only pisyun saliva to moisten snachala.Valera poslyunyavil palm, then rubbed his saliva pisyun and began to master my hole. He also, like me, did not work at first, and then I suddenly felt that he penetrates me. I felt a little hurt. And when he started to drive back and forth, I felt that it makes me very pleased. I told him: - Come on, push harder, but do not pull out your pisyun from me until the end of sovsem.A Valera did not think to pull out. I looked at his face and did not recognize his friend. So I'm pleased and happy he had never seen. He just ... did his job ... My cock again stood stake. I myself baldel pleasure ... Suddenly I felt a pleasant warmth in my ass and realized that it was me in his warm liquid flowed. But he continued to fuck me. And I felt that my dick shoots again, I'm trembling all over and ready to die from happiness ... A few moments passed, and Valera, sniffing loudly, fell on my stomach. We hugged each other in silence, I grabbed his waist with his feet, and he - my shoulders, hands ... So we started with them muzhchinami.S author can be contacted at [email protected]